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mrrrrraaa-ow! When's dinner?

Rainbow bridge

October 26th 2007 3:25 pm
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It is with great sadness that I write this post. My beautiful black kitty Jet died today of complications from kidney failure.

He hadn't been eating much, and completely stopped eating for about a week. I kept him hydrated with subcutaneous fluids. He was a 10 lb cat that weighed under 5.5 lbs.

Finally he just laid down on the floor and started to cry. I took him to the vet the next day, and after an overnight stay, he died in their hospital while I was filling out the euthanasia form. The vet was nice enough to call me so I had time to see and visit him before he passed.

I will keep his ashes on my mantle next to Lucky's.


Yucky dogs!

July 18th 2006 7:38 pm
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My mom has two dogs now. I am very grumpy. Mom says it's because my meds aren't properly regulated yet. All I know is, the big dog keeps bumping me with his nose and I have no patience for that. I meow at him with a grumpy face on. Then mom makes him go away. I've even uploaded some photographic evidence of what I must endure. Doesn't mom know that dogs are smelly, unruly, and unclean? Icky.


Another DOG???

January 30th 2006 6:45 am
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I can't believe it, my mom got another dog. Just when I thought I was going to get all the attention.

I'm not afraid of dogs. In fact, I usually don't care about them unless they are taking all of mom's attention, then I have to sidle in and get my fair share too. Mom says it's a good thing she only has two furbabies, since she only has two hands.

I have decided that I don't like my cat food. I'm really skinny, so mom started feeding me kitten food. I usually give it to the dog when mom's not looking, so she thinks I'm eating it. I still eat my Iams kibbles, though. And of course, my 4 pill pockets every day!! Those Pill Pockets are soooo delicious, and dog Emma doesn't get ANY (though she sure wants some!) Mom says they're too expensive. Hee hee.

Mom bought me a kitty drinking fountain a week or two ago. It looks like an inverted bowl with water running down the sides. At first, I was like, Mom thinks I'm gonna drink out of THIS? But now that I've figured out the water is cold, filtered, and constantly running, and I don't have to beg the humans to turn the water tap on, I actually kind of like it. Although the dog's water dish still has a certain appeal.

So I'm used to Emma now... she generally stays away from me. She won't pass me on the stairs.. hehe... One time, I was playing "imaginary mouse" on a kitchen chair, and she walked up to see what I was doing.... so I poked my foot out between the bars on the back of the chair, and got her in the face!!! (claws in of course), mom thought it was so funny! The dog didn't even react. My old dog used to play with me, but I guess I've got to train this one.

Well, gotta go nap. Toodles for now.


Today is Wednesday.

October 12th 2005 12:18 pm
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I think. It's been a while since my big sister the dog has been gone. Now I get the "lion's share" of the attention.

Unfortunately I've been sick lately too. The last couple months I've had pesky fleas, and I do NOT like the baths my mom keeps giving me. I meOWL loudly whenever she puts me in the water. Then the next day she sprays me with foul-smelling spray which I hate even more than the baths. And I still have fleas.

Also I haven't been feeling well... been eating like crazy and filling my litter box much faster than usual, and losing weight. My mom was too busy with the sick dog to notice much. Then my eyes started to run. Finally, after the dog was gone and mom paid attention to me, she took me to the vet.

I was such a good boy. My mommy explained to me that morning everything that was going to happen, that we were going in the car to the vet and they were going to poke me with a needle and take out some blood. Because I knew what was going on, I didn't cry in the car (much), and mommy didn't even need to clip my nails because I didn't try to scratch the vet or her assistant while they took my blood. I just laid there and let them hold me and growled every once in a while, so they knew that I was really the one in control.

When we got home my mom told me how proud she was of me and gave me some of my FAVOURITE canned food.

We got the results back and I am hyperthyroid. So my mom is going to try to give me pills every day. We'll just see about that.

In the mean time, my mom bought me a flea comb which she uses to pick fleas off me. I kind of like it and I let her comb me with it for about 5 minutes a night. I'm a lot less itchy now. Thanks, mom!


Me! Diary of the Day!

September 12th 2005 11:46 am
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Prrrrraaow! My extra purry ways are paying off! Thanks for choosing my diary for diary of the day. In other news, I convinced my mommy that I have a sore tooth. OK, the vet looked in my mouth while I was swearing and hissing at her, and said that although she couldn't see anything wrong, I might have a sore tooth.

So my mommy bought me some Tender Vittles. I ate a couple packages over 3 days then I decided I don't like Tender Vittles. Now I eat my Iams kibbles without complaining! But my mom gives me canned food like the dog gets!!! Only mine is for cats. It's yummy, and when my mom pops open a can, I start meowing like crazy. Can't she hurry up? Doesn't she know how HUNGRY I am?

My Uncle Carlo found a mouse in the garage. He freaked out because it went on his car. Then he wanted mom to put ME in the garage to get it! But I only catch mice if they try to come in the house. I wouldn't like the garage very much. So I got out of that job, but just let that mouse *try* to come into my house!!! I'll teach it a thing or two. Or, maybe, I'll just take a nap in the front closet among the shoes again .... *yawn*


end of summer...

September 2nd 2005 4:57 pm
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I've had an excellent summer so far. My mom bought me a house that has old-style window ledges, and I can stretch out just perfectly in the window. I like to watch the goings-on outside.

Yesterday my mom's sister came over. I showed her where my treats were kept, and she found them but she only gave me one!! What's with THAT? I informed her in clear language that I was supposed to get at least TEN, but she didn't believe me.

I have decided that the dog's food is better than my food. I even lost a few ounces and am now skinny. Mom won't give me enough dog food, that's what. I don't like kibbles. Mom says that I have to eat kibbles because I have bad teeth and worse breath. So I must find a way to convince her.......


Birthday boy!

August 9th 2005 12:04 pm
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Yesterday it was my birthday! A lot of Catster cats stopped by to say hello. Thank you!

I got my FAVOURITE food (well, one of my favourites), cat food from a can just like the dog gets! And Uncle Carlo played laser tag with me too. I got extra hugs and cuddles and I was an extra lovey boy. Now I just have to convince my mom to give me that delicious canned food every day... oops, did I just reveal my birthday wish?


I'm such a good kitty

July 14th 2005 2:23 pm
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I help my mom by catching all the house flies and moths that find their way in to the house. I pounce on them and then eat them!

And I lie on the floor nearby and wait patiently while the dog is being fed because she's messy and when her dinner time is over... I get to wash the dishes (and the floor). I always wait my turn.

But last week I was a bad kitty. I was in the dining room, and my mom was at the kitchen sink. Across the kitchen, I saw the neighbor's cat looking into our house through the screen door. I creeped behind my mom, then by the time she saw the other cat, it was too late. I was off like a rocket, THROUGH the screen, and onto the other cat. The other cat ran away and I chased it. I got into 4 fights that evening before my mom could find me. She had to squirt me with water to get me to come out of the bushes! What a big man I am.

Ever since then, my mom keeps the side door closed. ;)


Hello Catster!

April 27th 2005 8:27 pm
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Being a cat and all, I am currently busy grooming. Therefore, I'm having my mom (aka secretary) type this. First of all, thanks to all the friendly cats who have taken the first step in saying hi!

My mom bought a new house, and we just moved in February. We used to move a lot when my mom was in University. This will be my seventh home. I am really good about moving, I get used to my new home in about 24-36 hours. I just have to make absolutely certain there are no cats hiding anywhere, and know for sure there won't be any coming in. Then, once I figure out where my dinner bowl is, I'm set.

This time my mom bought me a new cat tree. I've never had a cat tree before. I've always had a scratching post. At first I didn't pay too much attention to it, because the whole house was new and I thought the cat tree went with all that. But my mom played with me on it and now I know it's mine. I sleep on the floor in the basement, leaning up against it (but never actually ON it), so now my mom knows I've "adopted" it. Maybe one day I'll let my mom take a photo of me with it.

Well, I've gotta run... mom's gonna get me a snack! (she just doesn't know it yet).


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