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Food For Thought (Food? Did someone say FOOD?)

I'll reluctantly play along...

April 21st 2005 9:11 pm
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Ok. Here's the deal: Mom has been nagging me to say a few words to ya'll for days now. Setha has made several diary entries already and I haven't made any. That makes sense though, since she's a real chatterbox and I'm a man of few words. I save my meows for important things, like asking for food or attention (sometimes actually CLIMBING up Mom's leg just isn't enough so a loud meow has to be added to make my point!). Mom pointed out though that once upon a time I was pretty talkative too. She even told some story about how I use to walk the perimeter of every room of the house actually HOWLING before going to bed at night. I don't remember that. I do, however, remember when I use to greet her at the door meowing nonstop when she came home from work telling her all about how I spent my day while we were apart. *sigh* Yeah, we use to have some great conversations. But really, that was when I was young and silly. I'm too cool for those antics now! Back then I did all kinds of silly stuff like *gasp* SING IN THE SHOWER! Whew! You have no idea how grateful I am Mom never caught that on video! How embarrassing! Setha and I both use to play in the tub after Mom or Pop got out of the shower. Setha use to like to stand in the tub at the sloping back end and put her front paws up on the top rim and let them slide down the slippery, wet surface. It was kinda like a water slide for only her front half! How silly! I wasn't that crazy. I only liked to sing to myself. Have you ever tried it? The acoustics are great! Just don't tell anyone I told you I said, I'm too cool for that silly kitten stuff now!
*yawn* Well, that's more than I've said in a long time. Mom should be satisfied with that. Now I'm gonna get back to my napping! Catcha later!

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