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A day at my house!

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Where are you Burbank?

March 25th 2009 8:48 pm
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I miss my big sister, Burbank. She has been gone since Friday morning. All this time I kinda thought she was hiding, but we've been having our meals without her, and I end up napping alone lately. Today I started howling and searching upstairs, then downstairs, and into the garage and no Burbank. Mom started watching me and realized I was searching for Burb. She got really sad when she saw me go under the coffee table in the corner, she knows that's where Burb used to sleep to hide from us when she wasn't feeling good. I laid there so that I could at least sleep in her corner, but she didn't come to join me. Mom said that I'm a big sister now and that Pearl and I have to watch out for Dylan. I miss you Burby!

Love - Lily


My doggie cousin

February 21st 2007 7:33 pm
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Mom found out today that our doggie cousin made his trip across Rainbow Bridge. His name is King and he was very sick. His family took care of him and made him comfortable, but it was his time to be with the angels. Goodbye King, we will meet up someday. Please keep my brother Ashes and little sister Bella company. Especially Bella, she is tiny.

Love - Lily


I'm so lucky!

June 19th 2006 12:01 am
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My birthday was just a few days ago, and I got alot of birthday wishes and greetings, treats, catmails and even rosettes! Mom reminded me to write to everyone and thank them all, and I did of course. She even made me a list so that I wouldn't forget anyone. Here it is: Drusilla, Rasta, Obie, Socks, Starr, Cairo, Kapono, Misty, and Logan. I love my friends, all of them, and I love Catster!

Mom is starting to turn lights off, I guess it's bedtime.

Ciao & Goodnight - Lily


I am sooo excited!

June 16th 2006 12:51 am
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Today is my birthday! I'm two years old! Did I say I was excited? I'm all grown up now, and I'm dancing on air. Now I have to wait till everyone wakes up to treat me special, to wait on me, give me treats and catnip, and lots of attention, just treat me like a queen all day long and up to midnight. Wait, I don't like treats, but I'll settle for tiny bits of my favorite human foods, and believe it or not - some Petromalt even though I don't need it. Geez, somebody wake up's my birthdaaay! I'll just have to go wake these humans up...

Ciao - Lily



June 15th 2006 10:52 am
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There's lots of bubbles floating around today in my house. The teenager musta took pity on me, and she brought out a bottle of catnip bubbles just for me. Burb and Pearl don't like them, they go hide, but not me, I love to see them float down. One popped on my nose! If they fall on me I don't really like the wet feeling, but they taste like catnip. So when I'm done I clean myself up and take a nap.

I'm feeling pretty exhausted, so I'll go get some beauty sleep upstairs on the rocker. That's where I get my best "alone time". Silly humans, they call it the guest room, but it really belongs to me. And by the way, that's my tree outside the window too!

Ciao - Lily


I'm Bored

June 14th 2006 11:20 pm
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What a boring day, in fact, it's been a boring week. Either no one is home or they're just running around doing stuff that I can't do or help with. The teenager graduated today and there was a little excitement, but then everyone left again.

I get fed, a pat on the head, or a neck scratch and that's it. I'm giving myself a pity party. So I thought I'd write an entry since I haven't written in awhile. But now I'm having brain fog. Ack. I guess I'll just turn in for the night. It's going to be a long summer...

Ciao - Lily



May 19th 2006 10:05 am
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I have a twin! Her name is Drusilla. It seems like we're both so much alike. We're both gray, adorable, crazy, headstrong, very out-going personality, we're the same age, I could go on and on, including the fact that even our baby pictures look awesomely alike!

I'm very bossy. Mama says I should have been a Marine, cuz I boss Burb and Pearl around constantly, and things have to be just the way I want them here. Imagine me, Drill Instructor Lily. But that doesn't sound like me, Mama should have named me Buster. She's always saying that to Dad, like "listen here, Buster", and that makes him quiver. Apparently his mama used to say that to him when he was a kid. See...he used to get into trouble just like me.

Here's an idea...Drusilla (The 4-Paw General), I'll be Buster, The Gato Drill Instructor! Watch out comes Dru and Buster!

Ciao - Lily


Wind Wind Wind

January 23rd 2006 10:11 am
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I don't like the wind anymore. It's fun to look out the windows and watch leaves dancing and Ma's plants waving at me, but when it's dark I can't see anything. It's loud and scary when it hits the house. The house alarm was set off somehow when we were asleep and everyone came running of out their rooms. Good thing Ma knew what to do cuz that noise hurt my ears. Now Ma told sister they may go 70mph. I'm not sure what that means exactly but it doesn't sound like I'm gonna like it.

I'm so tired this morning, I didn't play. Who wants to play when they're grumpy. I take after Dad. When he needs sleep he's a grump. I'm a grump today too. I'm gonna go meemees now.

Ciao - Lily


Mom's a Meanie!

January 19th 2006 12:31 pm
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I was just laying there minding my own business not bugging anyone, ya, I know that doesn't happen very often. So here I am on the rug in Dad's office leaning against the wall and whoosh, I felt something slide under me. I jumped four feet straight up in the air and landed on my feet. Then it happened again, and again. It kept moving under the rug and I kept jumping straight up like leap frog. After the fifth time I ran in the garage cuz I swear that thing was after me.

When I did come in I wouldn't sleep for two hours. Sister got me and wrapped me in a blankie where I always feel safe. But I still didn't close my eyes. Eventually I gained my courage and ventured back in the office and found that it was just a cord Mom was pulling on, and nothing was after me.

That was really mean Ma. You thought it was funny, but I'm scarred for life. Look at her, she's still laughing. Now that I think about it, I did look pretty funny.

Ciao - Lily



January 15th 2006 7:25 pm
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I can talk! I've been told I can say "no". Mama says I learned it because I've been told no so many times. I use it especially when I'm picked up, I start expression myself by saying "nooo". It doesn't work, they still hold me. But at least they understand me. I think they do it on purpose just to hear me talk. Oh well, I'll let them get their thrills.

Ciao - Lily

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