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Wednesday October 15th 2014

October 15th 2014 12:51 pm
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Greetings to all!!
Well I do believe that I have won Keester one of those bird feather whirly gig things they had a contest for on Catster/Modern Cat recently!! I got the email today and sent back the information.
I cant wait to get it as I know Keester will be entertained with it as much as we will watching her play with it!!
I am so thrilled!! Or who knows I may even keep it back to have something to put in her stocking for Christmas!!
What would you do?? Give it to her now or save it for her for Christmas??
Have a great day!!


Monday October 13th 2014

October 13th 2014 11:13 am
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So sorry we have been slow about adding new Diary stuffs but it has been very busy as it usually seems to be any more. Keesters human sis-fur is going in December to have weight loss surgery (the sleeve) and so I am having to rush here and there and every where helping her get things in order and all. I have often times met myself in the middle and Keester cant figure out which one is which some times. LOL!!
Thank you all for the gifts for her on here and for the kind words and comments and for inquiring about her sore mouth. It has completely healed up once I got rid of those plastic bowls and changed her out to solid glass ones instead. A little harder to keep the food and water in them but she has gotten use to the idea of having new "dinner ware" and so it has become no problem. I was hoping she would win the Modern Cat thing but well, not a chance on that. :( Maybe one day we will luck up and win something from them. I was at one time winning all kinds of jewelry and stuff but my luck seem to have ran out on all of that.
I am preparing Christmas lists and some things on Keesters list are new food and water bowls especially for kitties for her of course, something really pretty and convenient, catnip toys and one of those things they advertise on TV that has the mouse thing under that piece of cloth that is battery operated, a scratching post. She wont eat treats which I wish she would and wet cat food. She has eaten dry ever since I have had her and I know that is not healthy that much. That was what she was on at the shelter when I adopted her. WISH I knew what to do to get her to eat some moist. Oh well at least she IS eating. MOL!!
Well, you all have a GREAT DAY!!!!


Sunday October 5th 2014

October 5th 2014 2:25 pm
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Well we are FINALLY able to send out gifts to one and to all!! YAY!! After all of this time waiting and we finally managed to do so today. Didnt want any of you to think we were ignoring you. Maybe they have the glitch fixed now.
Boy was it ever COLD here this morning. Keester sure did enjoy the heat when we turned the heater on to knock out the chill. And a big frost out there too. Which tells me that it is going to be another rough winter. Starting out this early being cold is not good. Glad we managed to get the water line covered up, which is just about two feet exposed on top of the ground from the water spigot to the water connection under the trailer. That is the only way my brother in law could do the water lines a few years ago when we installed county water. All of it is waist deep except from the spigot to where it goes under the trailer. It was because of the way the spring water was running from the opposite direction and he T-d if off and put cut off valves so we could opt to use either one, and putting two feet of it on top of the ground was his only choice. So we have to keep insulated boxes built to put on top of that. The one we did have was a make shift one but it at least held up for 3 years and we had to build a better one this year. Luckily we got that done back in the Summer and painted it really well and insulated it and wrapped it in thick heavy plastic. Then we covered it with dirt too. So it should last WAY longer than a couple of years.
Well, enough of all of that lets talk about KEESTER!! SO----her sore places on her mouth has officially healed and we thinks maybe the old plastic food and water towers were to blame after all. After switching to the all glass bowls, every thing has healed nicely and no more sores. Hoping Santa Claws will bring her some regular KITTY style bowls for Christmas. And she LOVES the heat from the monitor oil heater when it is on. She was a bit skittish this morning at first but then she soon figured out what it was and so she laid her butt right down in front of it as she usually does through the winter. She doesnt care much for the gas fireplace too much as she doesnt care much for the flames from the logs. We only use it though when it gets really cold. as it drains the gas and really heats up the trailer. We dont like it really warm or hot. She also likes to lay on top of the monitor heater and something she cant do with the gas fireplace because it has stuffs sitting on top of it. And I would get very ill if my hurricane lamp got broken. Along with my what-nots and curios.
Well, this is the month for trick or treaters too but we dont have that any more since they started having these stupid and dumb Halloween on The Square things out in town for the kids and all. Oh well, they were thinking of the kids and childrens safety and all but what is wrong with still going house to house and especially and only to houses you know who lives??!! ANd whatever happened to peoples imagination and conjuring up their own Halloween costumes and all from stuff around the house and all?? Now you just go to WalMart and buy a costume already made. Not Good!! Too Commercial, just like Christmas!!
Oh well, enough for now...HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!


Thursday October 2nd 2014

October 2nd 2014 11:09 am
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To all of our Catster buddies and pals...
Keester and I are not ignoring any of you for any reason what so ever. We STILL cant get to send out any gifts because the page says to wait for it to load. We have gone about our business and waited as long as an hour and come back and it is still as it was!! We dont know when or if this will ever be fixed but please know that we truly appreciate all of your gifts and warm thoughts for Keester. We just hope for the day we can return the favor to all of you back. We have tried Chrome, I E and every other thing possible but neither and none helps. We truly do apologize and hope you all understand!!!!


Sunday September 28th 2014

September 28th 2014 1:55 pm
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Today is her actual birthday. I adopted her from our local shelter though 6 months later.
I am SO GLAD she was born in to the world, and that I found her and she found me and together we make for one beautiful song!!! Dont know what the name of it would be unless it would be called "CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE!!"
Thank you all for the gifts and warm wishes for her today on her Catster Page.
Love and hugs to you all!!
Have a GREAT DAY!!!


Wednesday September 24th 2014

September 24th 2014 10:27 am
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Hello to every paw-dy out there today. What an absolutely amazing and gorgeous day here today. Cool, but no clouds in the sky to be seen any where around and the sun is showing is brightness in a big way. Nothing like the Fall atmosphere. Keester has been relaxing in the sun and warmth through the big bay window in the den and if there was room I would surely join her too. She feels so good and warm when I rub her fur.
I love the bay window but just wish it wasnt so big.
I was trying to get to the gift shop to send out gifts but I cant get the page to co-operate properly. It wont load correctly. :(
SO---being that is said we want you all to know we love you all and are sending our gifts to you all here right now with a virtual hug and smoochies.
Have a great day!!!


Tuesday September 16th 2014

September 16th 2014 9:38 am
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Hello to all!!! Well what a nice day today here. Partly cloudy and not too hot and not too cool, and a great breeze. Windows are open, wax melt thing going, it is a wonderful afternoon.
Keester is doing well and her lip and mouth is healing nicely now too after changing out her old plastic food and water tower she has had for years. Funny she has never taken an allergy to them this bad until now. So she now has lovely solid glass bowls that I got for Christmas several years ago, well, saucers actually, that are etched with lovely roses. They will do until I can either win her some from Modern Cat, or can arrange to buy some better. Maybe Santa Claws will bring her some for Christmas. I also managed to get those clods of fur off of her that have been there for awhile too. I managed to cut them off while she wasnt paying attention. I kept distance really well from her skin. I almost could trim her nails with a clipper too as I often take my own fingernails and act like I am clipping them when she is in my lap or laying on my chest on the couch and she never twitches or any thing.
I have been looking at some of those automatic litter boxes too. Littermaids??!! I think they would come in handy for her too when I am away for the weekend at my daughters. Hubby deosnt like to clean out the litterbox like I do. So, after about 3 or 4 days at my daughters, well, when I come back home that is usually the FIRST thing I have to do. I have looked on EBAY and have found some reasonable but yet some are like 2 and $300.00!! YIKERS!! I dont have that kind of $$$. I dont even have ANY money because I havent worked since 2007 because of health issues, and cant seem to get a darn thing out of that unless I just croak over!! I have news for my doctor though come my check up the last of April.
Well, I sure do hope you all are having a nice day and take care and our love to you all.
OH---THANKS ALL SO MUCH for the gifts and kind words you have sent Keester too!!!


Tuesday Septemebr 8th 2014

September 9th 2014 4:23 pm
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Well, Keester has developed yet another sore on her lower chin. After asking several kitty friends and all about it, I thought it might be the plastic in her food and water tower and developed an allergy. Kind of strange though after being here and eating out of them for nearly 7 years and not having an issue. But I was thinking maybe it IS. So I took them away (for the time being) and have replaced them with solid glass dishes. Some clear ones with rose etching that I got for Christmas years ago and were just sitting in the cabinet. She does eat and drink from them but I can tell she doesnt like them very well. She cries and goes over to her food bag and will chew on it and take her paw and claw at it. I do feel sorry for her and just awhile ago started to put the plastic ones back but made myself not. I keep telling her and myself it is for your own good and your mouth. Maybe after it heals I will try putting them back up for her but for now I have to keep telling her and myself..."It is for your own good and for your mouth!!"
Have a great day all!!


Monday September 8th 2014

September 8th 2014 6:31 am
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Keester and I really hope that all of you are doing well and having a good time here on Catster and in the real world out there as well.
Things have been going okay I guess for us as of lately. Keester has developed another sore on her lower lip or mouth and I have to watch that. I dont know what could be causing it. I wouldnt think it is changing cat food because she has always eaten either 9 lives or Kit n Kaboodle. She wont eat moist food at all. No matter how I try she turns her nose up at it and walks off. It is just a waste. I guess because she ate dry all of her life even while she was in the shelter before I got her.
We are still having issues on Catster here and are unable to FRIEND new friends. It keeps coming up that there is a problem sending the request. I am terribly sorry for that issue. So we usually have to send a message and ask for the other pussy cats to send us a friend request instead.
Oh well, that is Catster for ya. Always something wrong.
Well hope you all have a great day!!


Tuesday September 2nd 2014

September 2nd 2014 11:41 am
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Thank you all for the sweet gifts you have sent to Keester lately, and for all of the generous comments too. We may not get around to personally thanking each and every one of you for them, so this is letting you all know we say THANK YOU!!
Well it is hard to believe that Summer is over. :( BOO!! HISS! It isnt long enough!! Got outside today while had the chance and got our new water line box built as the other one we had well, it wasnt built out of good stuff to begin with so it kind of disintegrated during the summer. So THIS one should last as long as we are here. About two feet of water line sits on top of the ground from our outside spigot to the connection under the trailer. It was the only way it could be done because of the way the ground was there and all. So we have to keep a weatherized insulated box on top of it. As cold as it was last year and all and below zero temps too, it never froze not once. But we have a better built one this year.
Any way Keester sat at the window and watched us the whole time. I KNOW she would love being out there with us but just no chance of that. She is just not like any of the other cats I have owned which went in and out as they pleased. They seemed to know their territory and boundary. I just dont think Keester would. So she stays inside as much as possible, unless she takes a wild hair in her butt and darts out when we open the doors. Some day I am going to screen in the back deck and cover it so she can enjoy the outside but not be outside.
Any way, a lizard got in the house yesterday and of course she spotted it and chased it, knocking off its tail. I have no clue though as to where its remainder has gone. Last time I saw it was under the little bed in here in the den. Maybe by now it has either died or found its way on out.
I really need to try to get Keester to eat some wet food and not so much dry. That was what she ate while being at the shelter and so it is all she has ever known is dry food. I know it is nt good for her all the time and can cause blockage and all but what can I do??? She wont even get any where near HUMAN food either. I have never owned a cat with attitude and etc. like hers. But I LOVE HER!! And will take any thing she dishes out, and will accept just whatever!!
Have a GREAT DAY!!

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