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Mikey's Meows

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Oh, it was AWFUL!

November 14th 2015 2:17 pm
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Honestly, today should've been Friday the 13th, the way it started out. Mom was all over the place! First after she fed us she started up the bread maker. Then she was up & down the stairs with clothes for the washer. Then she was mixing up food in the kitchen, making something called "cookies" Well great, I thought, it's about time for my second breakfast and she's in the food room. So I followed her and she told me to (gasp) get out of the way, I just ate an hour ago! Well what does THAT have to do with anything? She was in the FOOD ROOM!

Well after a few trips in & out she figured it was time for us to eat but then she kept on going back & forth, doing some vacuuming, taking a batch of cookies out of the oven, putting a new batch in, then vacuuming some more, so of course every time she went in the kitchen I thought it was maybe lunch time now so I would be right behind her. And then in front of her. She told me (shudder) that she was doing something that didn't involve cats and I wasn't going to eat again till she's DONE!

I ask you is that any way to talk to one's little baby boy? She was really grouchy every time she had to step over me or Evie or Mojo (or all of us at once!), accusing us of trying to kill her. Why, I didn't know what to make of it all, I thought she got taken over by one of those evil Halloween gremlins or something! My Mommy is usually very nice to me (whimper).

But all is well now. She finished off everything, cleaned up all her dishes and now she's sitting down with the computer, a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and some hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick in it and watching football, and Evie is on her lap. I think the gremlins might be gone and life might be back to normal.

Except for my bruised ego that is (sniffle).


One week after hurting myself

May 7th 2015 2:50 pm
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I am feeling good and back to eating my usual amount, in fact the last couple of days Mom let me have more than my usual amount because she said I needed to get built back up. I tried for the second breakfast again this morning, but she wasn't falling for it. Darn, I knew it couldn't last.

But it's worth it because one week to the day after hurting myself I feel 100% myself again. Mom went out and when she came back I came down the stairs to meet her for the first time in a week, chirping "did you bring me anything?" And I rolled on the floor playing with a catnip mousey and chirped for Mojo to rassle with me. Mojo wasn't sure about that, I WAS acting kind of scary to the poor little thing for a few days when everything above my neck hurt and I just wanted to be left alone. But we rassled a bit and licked one another just like we used to before. It sure is great to feel good again!


I had a very flukey accident yesterday

May 1st 2015 12:57 pm
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First of all, I’m going to be fine. What happened is that Mom went downstairs just for a minute, to help Dad with something. She had barely gotten there when she heard a noise from upstairs like the cat tree fell over. So she ran to see what was going on, and found me at the bottom of the stairs with my open breakaway collar beside me on the floor. I turned & raced up the stairs while she followed to see what in the world we kitties had done. Well, nothing was out of place. But Mojo & Evie were very nervous and I was under the bed. I seemed okay but nervous but I was licking my lips a lot under there. About 15 minutes later I ventured out into the living room but I was acting scared and sneezing/coughing blood every few minutes. That got Mom on the phone to the vet, pronto!

After a thorough all-over inspection, it was a couple of “open wides” that plainly showed where the blood was coming from. I have an injury to the roof of my mouth, a perfectly straight line over an inch long! Here’s what we think happened: I was on the cat tree washing myself and got my collar stuck in my jaw, with the heart-shaped name tag inside my mouth. Then while trying to loosen it, I slipped off the cat tree and possibly down the stairs too, driving the edge of my name tag into the roof of my mouth. That’s about the only scenario that explains the injury AND the collar being popped open.

The vet gave me some Clavamox to take twice a day to make sure it doesn’t get infected, and said to keep me on soft food and keep a close eye that the bleeding doesn’t pick up again & otherwise, he wants to see me in a week. I feel a lot better today, I’ve been napping a lot but I'm not drooling blood anymore and have felt well enough to clean up all the mess I made on my fur yesterday.


The goings on around here this week

March 6th 2015 6:33 pm
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you would not BELIEVE!! On Tuesday there were humans in and out, in and out, doorbell and phone ringing all the time and it was all about something the humans call "taxes". It seems that Dad "does" them, whatever that means. So in the middle of all that, a couple of guys came in a truck and they started making a whole bunch of noise outside! Little sis Mojo ran under the bed like a shot and I went to comfort and console her (at least that's MY story, mol).

When we got hungry and ventured out, we saw the most amazing sight that feline eyes ever did behold ... there was a HUMAN up in the willow tree in the front yard, the one we like to watch birds in. He was standing up there like only squirrels and birds and Mallow are supposed to do and he had a thing in his paws that was going RRRRR RRRRR!! And branches were dropping all over the grass!! I tell you, I blinked my eyes and looked again. And he was still there! And our tree was gone!

Well mostly anyway, the branches are still all over the yard! It turned out there was too much tree for the humans to haul away in the truck they had, so they were gonna come back yesterday with a trailer. Well, they didn't make it and all the branches are still there.

Then even more entertainment, this morning the great big giant black squirrel (no, not little sis Mojo, a REAL squirrel that's about half the size of her, I exaggerate not) came back around. Mojo was watching him with great big saucer eyes while that squirrel ran ALL over the branches that are all over the front yard, wondering what in the wide world happened and gathering up his peanuts so he could stash them somewhere else.

The tree was a bad place to hide them anyway, the blue jay was onto him and the Moj and I have been watching him those nuts all winter!


Two weeks without insulin!

October 30th 2014 12:40 pm
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That’s right, I haven’t needed any insulin since the morning of October 16th and I am pretty stoked about that. Mom still checks me morning and night but soon she’s going to drop down to just mornings, since that’s when my numbers have been highest. I hear that if I can keep these good numbers up for 8 – 12 weeks (pretty much through the rest of the year) then I will have been able to regenerate any cells that might have been damaged by glucose. I’ll be good as new except my system probably will not be able to tolerate kibble ever again. Mom’s not going to test that out, believe me!

They say that with home testing, weight loss and changes in diet we diabetic kitties have a remission rate of over 60%. We didn’t know the odds were that good going into this adventure, and I feel kind of sad because I’m sure there are kitties out there who get this diagnosis and their people say “I can’t handle all the needles” and send them to the shelter … or even the Bridge (shudder). I am one happy kitty today!


Another week, another dosage reduction!

October 15th 2014 1:03 pm
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Great news! From the night of Tuesday Oct 7th to the night of Tuesday Oct 14th I only needed insulin 5 times. That includes a whole 3 days without needing it at all! The first time I did need it again, morning of the 14th, Mom played it safe and dropped down to 2 units rather than risk possibly sending me too low by afternoon, since it sure looks like my body is kicking in and doing some regulating on its own. She took me to the vet that afternoon to get me weighed, pick up more test strips and just run the week’s numbers past him.

Well, the vet said Mom did right dropping me down to 2 units and he took some blood from my actual vein to double check her readings against his. He got pretty much the same (normal) reading Mom had just gotten from my ear, and he says I can stay at 2 units unless my afternoon numbers start to go too high. Last night I didn't need my shot again, but this morning I did. The vet also said if I go through another stretch of not needing my shots like the one I just went through, it’s okay to drop down to 1 unit the next time I do need one and see how I handle that.

I sure was not happy to see that needle coming out again on Tuesday morning, I would sure love to get so I never need to see one again!


I might have some good news.

October 10th 2014 2:39 pm
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After 3 weeks on the higher dose of 4 units of insulin, I started to get some afternoon readings that were a bit too low, so Mom started checking me before giving my morning & evening shots. It’s a good thing she did, because on Wednesday my morning reading was in the normal range for the first time! Mom didn’t give me any insulin and when she talked to the vet he said that was the right call. He said to keep checking me at night and morning and if it’s in the normal range, no insulin. If the first too-high reading is not sky-high, drop back to the 3 units I was getting to start with.

So Wednesday night and yesterday morning I did fine on 3 units. I felt pretty sick & draggy for some reason yesterday and didn’t want to eat much, Mom was just starting to get worried about me when I started to perk back up and get my appetite back. And last night, no insulin needed again! This morning I got my 3 units. Since this is right about the time the steroid shot that I got for my kitty zits before we realized I am diabetic ~ the steroid diabetics aren’t supposed to get because it messes with the blood sugar ~ is leaving my system, we’re hoping that this is all a positive thing. Paws crossed!


Feeling good these days!

October 6th 2014 7:02 pm
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My afternoon glucose levels are in the target range, I've gained back a pound and a half since I was so sick a month ago and without 3 - 4 extra pounds on me I have been feeling more energetic than I have in a long time.

So today I went downstairs to do my rounds and was feeling so good that I jumped up on Big Bro Will’s dresser to look around. Then I remembered how in my younger days I used to jump from there onto his big wardrobe cabinet, so I did it. Oh, I was so proud of my slimmed down self until I realized …… Will has a big computer monitor on his dresser and it didn’t leave a whole lot of room for jumping back down. Just as I was thinking about this dilemma I heard Mom coming down the stairs, calling me for my afternoon blood test. I chirped for her, but she kept going and looked in the back room where Dad’s office is.

Well, of course I wasn’t there! Then I heard Mom coming back down the hall, telling me I wasn't going to duck out on my blood test that easily. Well, I wasn’t trying to duck out, I mean, I get to EAT after that blood test and that makes it worthwhile. So I chirped again. By this time Mojo had come down to help find me too. Finally, after I chirped yet again Mojo saw me and a couple of seconds later so did Mom. I showed her that I was trying to get down, and I chirped again.

Mom got the hint that time and she got a stool, stood on it and lifted me down. I was a little nervous being lifted while I was way up there so close to the ceiling, but Mom DOES lift me off the TV cabinet sometimes so I trusted her. She called me a big goof and says it’s nice to see me feeling more energetic. She says no way is she going to let me get above 18 lbs again because the more active I am, the more it helps with my blood sugar too. My little sis Mojo is more than willing to help with that end of things, mol.


Well I tell you I am NOT writing a favourable Yelp review

September 17th 2014 12:24 pm
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of that day spa they run at the vets! They’re obsessed with poking innocent kitties in the ear! Why, I tried to politely tell them I don’t want my ears pierced thank you, but finally I had to threaten to lay the smack down if they tried it one more time! Was I ever glad when my Mom came to bust me out of there and take me HOME! I hear that they’ve increased my insulin dosage, for a while at least. I also hear that Mom now has one of those ear poking things. I have a bad feeling about this.

I am still too skinny at 15.8 and need to get a couple more pounds back. They figure 18 would be just about right on me, and I'm willing to do my part! I was never a wet food guy, but since all this happened they have made me a convert. And Mom's been putting chunks of beef or chicken on top of my dry for grazing, so I get more protein from it. Why she even cooked me some burger patties last night & put them in the freezer. Dad is jealous, mol.


So here I am, cooling my heels

September 16th 2014 12:49 pm
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in my “luxury suite” at the Country Grove Vet Clinic. I have to stay here all day for my Blood Glucose Curve, but so far the news is good in that I weighed in at 15.8. That’s almost a whole pound gained back since last Monday morning and that makes Mom really, really happy. But it is so BOR-ing in here! Wait, I spoke too soon, what’s that? Oh no, it’s Angel Mallow! And Angel Gracie! Oh no … they’ve come for me (faint!).

Angel Mallow dumps a load of Angel dust on Mikey and tells him he’s a big orange goof. More kitties appear, there’s Gin Gin and Zippy and Mojo and Molly Rose, the Hairballz … why the whole gang is here! They all have pillows stuffed down the seats of their pants and little Molly Rose is front & centre with Christmas reindeer bells strapped around her little hips. They’ve sneaked in to serenade Mikey and celebrate his turning that weight loss around. Angel Gracie sets down a boom box and they all start shaking their booties to her special version of Sir Mix-a-Lot:

“Oh my Dog, Zippy,
look at his butt - It is so big!
He looks like one of those rap kitties’ boyfriends
Who understands those rap kitties??
I mean his butt - It's just so big
I can't believe it's so round
It's out there
I mean, so cute

I like big butts and I cannot lie
You other brothers can't deny
Mikey’s butt is just so big
Fuzzy and orange....can you dig?”

Suddenly this day got a whole lot better (chuckle). Why, the vet ladies are rolling on the floor laughing. Hey, maybe THEY will pay US for this one!

Thanks, everyone, for the prayers and moral support! – Mike & family

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