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We're a stepfamily!!

July 16th 2014 3:31 pm
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For the past 5 years my family has been on Cat Channel, which is owned by I5 Publishing. We checked out Catster back in December 2013 when Cat Channel announced they would be closing in March. Then Catster announced THEY would be closing, too. Then Catster announced they would not be closing after all, and CC extended their closure endefinitely. Confused yet?

My family decided we would stay with CC and wait for their next announcement, and with Catster until we knew what they were planning. Now with this latest announcement that Catster's long awaited new partner is none other than CC's parent company I5 Publishing, it seems that the two things we've been waiting to hear about have become one.

It looks like the friends we've loved on CC and the friends we've come to love on Catster have just become a stepfamily! And of course that means growing pains, hissing, ruffled fur and occasional hollers of "Mom likes you best!" In a perfect world they would keep both sites as they are, but probably that won't be happening. Hopefully they'll be to take the best features of both and merge them into something that we can all feel at home with.

Overall, we're very happy about the turn things have taken. Group hugs for all our blended family!


Today is my birthday!

July 5th 2014 5:54 pm
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It’s sure hard to believe it was 7 years ago today that my fursibs and I made our entrance into the world!

Not long ago Mom & Dad were talking to the friend whose house I was born in, and Mom asked if they happened to have any pictures of me as a baby with my litter. He said he’s sure there are some, but he’d have to ask his now-ex. I am not holding my breath for him to remember. But the question got him started and he told us about that night 7 years ago. His then-wife was away visiting family and he was home with all three kids. The kids were all in bed and he was watching TV when my fur mom Mocha let him know that her first litter was on the way.

There were five of us, but one was stillborn. Our friend remembers frantically phoning around to anyone he knew who might be able to help him revive my fur sib, but it was not to be. Everything else went smoothly and there were soon four of us: A black & white boy who they decided to keep and named Dipstick, two calico girls who went to forever homes, and of course me. Our friend says he will never forget that night!

Today I am celebrating in grand style, making the rounds of napping spots as is the privilege of Kings. My darling Lady Dolly made me a wonderful birthday cake and I want to make sure everyone gets a piece.

My great birthday cake

She also gave me two lovely cards,

A card from lovely Lady Dolly

Another card from lovely Lady Dolly

is my Lady a keeper or what?

I am such a lucky tom and I thank my Catster furriends for celebrating my special day with me. Everyone gets one of these great waffle fruit treats that my friend Angel Gracie made, too.


Angel Gracie gave me a spa day to share with my darling bride, too. Like I said, I am a lucky tom!


We won Gold!

February 21st 2014 8:25 pm
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A group of us kitties have been making the most of the last days of Cat Channel by participating in the Olympics. We formed curling teams and would you believe all three kitty teams won medals?

Team Mike represented Canada and consisted of myself and friends Timothy, Uncle Buddy Budd and Vika. We faced off this morning against our buddies on Team Steve, representing Great Britain and consisting of Steve, Mimi, Gretchen and Bonnie. And especially satisfying, our sisters on Team Mallow had to be content with Bronze. What a great Olympic run we all had!


Q. Lady Dolly and K. Mike are thrilled to announce

February 19th 2014 9:12 am
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(¯`v´¯) Princess Molly Rose
(_»@«_) born 17 Dec 2013 on Pinto Island
.(_..^._)•. ,,.•´¯`•. ,,.­•´¯`•. ,,.•´¯`•.
`•.,,.•´¯` •.,,.•´¯`•. ,,.•´¯`•. ,,(¯`v´¯),
Proud Godfather: K. Pushkin
Doting Godmothers: Angel Q. Gracie and Q. Cherish


Wedding of K. Mike and Lady Dolly, Sept 6, 2012 -- The vows

February 19th 2014 9:09 am
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Lady Dolly and K. Mike ...
...look at Q. Cherish with faces that glow with love and joy. When asked, they indicate they have prepared their vows to one another. Mike begins to speak:
Mike says to Dolly,
Iremember when you first came to see me while I was running for King. Iadmired your family, you were a sweet kid, and I enjoyed our visits. Soon, you were paying me some very flattering attention. I’d never had that before, but since I knew that you’d spent time in sophisticated European circles I thought it was just a harmless flirtation.

Then, one day you handed me your heart. Suddenly you had never seemed so young! I was beginning to have feelings for you, too, and needed time to deal with it all. You very graciously waited and never failed to let me know that you were there for me. Since then, we’ve shared many happy times and come through some very sad ones. I’ve watched you grow in strength and maturity, and I love and respect you more than I had ever thought possible. That brings us here:

My sweet Lady, I promise that I will stand with you as your faithful partner in good times and in bad. I will love you unconditionally, support you in your goals, honour and respect you, and cherish you, forever.
Dolly is so obviously touched ...
... by his words and she begins to speak:
I first met you when you were running for King. It wasn't the title that drew me to you, Mikey; it was your loving and caring blogs about moms. You were so considerate and thoughtful to all CC kitties. Then when you became King you were there for all the kitties in your kingdom always showing love and concern for all. I fell in love with you during your campaign and more and more each and every day after that while waiting for you as you struggled with your feelings for me. The wait was well worth it, sweetheart.

As we stand beside the ocean tide, mayour love always be as constant and unchanging as these never-ending
waves that pour beneath our feet, flowing endlessly from the depths of the sea.

Your love came softly upon my heart, just as the foam comes softly upon the sand, and just as there will never be a morning without the ocean’s flow, so there will never be a day without my love for you. I pledge myself to you this day Our love will be as unchanging and dependable as the tide; as these waters nourish the earthand sustain life, may my constant devotion nourish and sustain you until the end of time
"The vows these two have made to one another ..,
... will be honored by God, and will bind them throughout their earthy lives. The love they have given to one another will last far beyond, throughout eternity. The rings they will now exchange represent the
unending circle of love.”

Mike takes Dolly’s dainty paw in his and with the other paw he slips a beautiful heart shaped white gold and diamond ring onto her finger as he declares his eternal love for her. Dolly then shyly takes Mike’s paw in hers and puts a band of white gold with diamonds on his finger, keeping her eyes on his face nearly the
entire time, and promising to love him forever.

“Lady Dolly and King Mike, as you have promised to love and honor one another for all your lives, and have exchanged rings declaring unending commitment to each other, I hereby declare that you are husband and wife. Mike, you may kiss your bride.”

King Mike lifts Lady Dolly’s veil, and looks adoringly into her eyes. He leans forward to kiss her, and she wraps her paws around his neck and loses herself in his kiss. The guestsapplaud, stopping from time to time to wipe tears of happiness from their eyes.

Queen Cherish introduces the newlywed couple to the audience and the two of them walk back down the aisle, Dolly holding adoringly to her husband’s arm, Mike smiling down at her.
As the bride & groom walk back down the aisle
there is a glittering swirl and there above them are six Angels, coming to honour this union of their two families. One by one, each luminous being passes over Lady Dolly and K. Mike, releasing a flurry of Angel
dust and passing on these words of blessing:

(Angel Smokey)
Under this wondrous canopy of nature, beside the ocean wide and deep;
(Angel Rani)
We honor earth and ask that this marriage be abundant and fruitful; growing stronger through the seasons;
(Angel Jezebel)
We honor wind and ask that they be lifted up to soar through life, safe and calm as in their fathers' arms;
(Angel Lily Rose)
We honor fire and ask that their union be warm and glowing with love in their hearts;
(Angel Pierre)
We honor water to cleanse and soothe this union that it may never thirst for love;
(Angel Sir Leo)
We hope for them harmony and happiness as they grow forever together.
Then with a whisper of wings and a promise not to giggle anymore (well, maybe!), the Angels take their leave, returning to their home at the Rainbow Bridge.

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