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Aurora Borealis

Birthday Presents Ugh & Good

November 11th 2014 3:54 am
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Today is my birthday but the first birthday present Mom has to give me is one I don't want...flea drops! Mom uses Advantage II flea drops on us because they're still effective, unlike Frontline which no longer works. I don't like flea drops because I don't like the way they smell and I certainly don't like the way they taste. They're very bitter tasting. Mom says they probably taste bitter so we won't wash them off before they dry. Mom says I HAVE to have my flea drops because I get really bad flea allergy and she said I'd be naked if I didn't get my flea drops to protect me from the fleas! Unfortunately she's right about my allergies although I don't like to admit it.

I keep hiding from Mom and derive some smug satisfaction knowing I'm the only cat in the house she hasn't been able to catch and put the flea drops on yet. However I'm sure I won't win the "war." You see, if necessary Mom will cheat by bribing us into the room she keeps our food in, and if I go in there she'll shut the door so I can't get out and then she'll put the flea drops on me.

I am supposed to get a better birthday present from Mom than flea drops but it does come with some strings attached. Mom said that as soon as she does catch me and give me my flea drops, she then will give me a really nice tasty treat for a GOOD birthday present.


Thank Yous, A Suggestion, And Good News

November 17th 2013 2:45 am
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I want to thank the Catster Diary Person for giving me the biggest honor of my life so far, Diary of the Day. I now know how Jag, Dova, and Angel Micah felt when they got their DOTDs and how Moo felt when Moo got his DDP. I also want to thank everyone for your pictures, stars, rosettes, comments, pawmails, and for your caring about me and my diary. However, being a mother, I think I'm more proud of my kittens accomplishments (and at such young ages too!) than I am of my own.

Those who make pictures for us deserve some sort of honor for doing it. We are awed by these selfless thoughtful caring kitties who devote their time and effort every day to create beautiful pictures to showcase our Catster awards and honors, our birthdays, our gotcha day anniversaries, and our Rainbow Bridge Anniversary Remembrance Days. We also are awed by the caring shown by those who take the time to write pawmails and congratulate everyone who wins awards and honors. Perhaps Catster could create a special Badge to award to these kitties and give them some deserved recognition.

In addition to my DOTD, I had another reason to celebrate yesterday. The sore on my neck has now healed and I no longer have to have antibiotics. Now I'm just waiting to see what comes next in my new life, and I'm hoping its as good as yesterday was!



November 13th 2013 3:06 am
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Here I am two years old now. My life has changed so much in the past two months! It's hard to believe now that I've been here only two months now. Two months ago I was a tired young mother busily raising four sharp clawed little kittens while at the same time we had no future. Our owner was all set to call animal control first thing Monday morning to come euthanize me, my kittens, and Classy because she couldn't take us to the rental house she was moving to and she couldn't find anybody else who was willing to take us. This was Saturday September 14. We thought we were doomed. We kitties were helpless, there was nothing we could do about our fate.

That was the day our prayers were answered and our lives changed forever as we escaped certain death. Who would have ever thought that somebody coming to give two SNAKES a home would take us too? The snakes came with their own terrariums etc, and there were only two of them. There were six of us and all we came with was a cracked litter pan and a load of fleas!

I was crushed when little Micah died in his sleep but thankful that at least he got to live a week in our new forever home instead of having his little life snuffed out by a needle for human convenience.

I was worried when our new Mom decreed that Classy and I (and Lucy Liu who was already here) were all going to go be spayed. I have to admit that Mom keeps her promises. She promised Classy when Classy aborted two fetuses, that Classy would never have to go through that ever again and she kept her promise to Classy. Classy and I were both scared when we had to go for our spay surgeries. Lucy Liu wasn't scared at all though. She said she had had so many car rides to see vets that she was used to it. Everything went well for our spays and we healed just fine just like Mom said we'd do.

Lately I have had to have antibiotics because of having a puncture wound in my neck from a single tooth, that got infected and started to abscess. Now the abscess has totally receded and the wound itself is almost healed and I only have to have a couple days more antibiotics to make sure the infection doesn't try to come back. The puncture wound was my fault really. I let myself get too nervous of some of the other cats and when in my fear, I lashed out first, I got bit in return. Mom said it's the first time in years she's had a cat get bit by one of the other cats. The last time was many years ago when a neutered male decided to try to breed a spayed female and got bit on the ear for his unwanted efforts.

So here I am two years old now. My kittens are growing up very quickly. They don't pay me much attention at all anymore, they're too busy roughhousing with each other. I'm spayed and have regained condition (when I first came here I was skinny from raising the kittens). We only see a few diehard fleas now and then. And its so nice to live indoors where its safe and comfortable and where there's always plenty to eat.

I'm two years old but in the last two months I feel like I've been through two lifetimes of changes!


Kitten Burnout

October 30th 2013 3:35 am
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Why can't these kittens take a hint and stop bugging me? Before I went to get spayed I had these kittens taught to LISTEN to me. But now they keep bugging me and even though I tell them off and smack them, they keep coming back and bugging me again. They don't NEED me anymore. My milk is pretty much dried up now and they don't NEED to nurse anymore anyhow. They can chomp dry food just as well as us adult kitties can.

I'm tired. Raising those kittens was hard work. Then just as I was starting to have another heat cycle, I was spayed. I just want to lay around on the bed, have some peace and quiet, and take it easy. I guess maybe you could say I'm suffering from kitten burnout.


Hi, I'm Aurora, Cat of Many Colors

October 26th 2013 5:12 pm
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Hi I'm Aurora Borealis, the Cat of Many Colors but Mom just calls me Aurora. I was named because of my colorful coat and interesting markings. I decided I had to start a diary to keep up with Classy who just started her diary.

Classy got out of kitty jail today but actually I was the first of us three who got spayed to get out of jail. I got out of jail two days ago. Mom needed that crate for a newcomer who will go to live in the Feral Room. The newcomer is a longhaired dilute calico and is afraid of everything. Her former owner tried hard but couldn't get her socialized enough to make a good companion. Anyway, because I was healing very fast and because Mom needed crate space for the newcomer, I got to be first of us three newly spayed kitties to get out of kitty jail.

I love being loose in the house. I already have overcome my fears and I've explored the whole house now. I spend most of my time in the front room though, where the food is. There, I like to perch up on top of a chest of drawers and watch everyone come and go. The chest of drawers is in a corner sort of out of the way and its a place I can go where the kittens haven't learned to find me yet!

Since I've been spayed, I haven't really wanted the kittens to bother me much. They still want to nurse but right now I don't want their sharp little claws coming anywhere close to my belly yet. Besides, they really don't NEED to nurse. They eat dry cat food just fine. I know they like to nurse for comfort but if that's what they want, they're just going to have to wait awhile.

Now the cat named Lucy Liu is the only one of us three who got spayed who is still in kitty jail. She still has her sloppy stool problem although since she's managing to get it in the litter pan all the time, Mom may let her out of kitty jail and see if she can be clean in the house and not have any accidents.

That's my first diary entry. I hope you liked it.

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