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The Daily Life of a Cat Named Yuki :3


August 18th 2013 3:35 pm
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Dear Catster Buddies, I LOVE YOU!
I was gone for a while and BAM! - my diary was picked for the day! Oh my, this is such an honor! Thank you, meow.
PS: I don't have time to accept friend requests but I love you all (:


My Encounter With...Him (#2)

August 1st 2013 8:10 am
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One day, I was waddling around the apartment and I saw a peculiar creature staring at me from behind the glass of the terrace. It smelled very delicious and my keen hunter skills instantly clicked on. What I didn't know at the time was that this creature was in fact a rabbit. I had no idea that any other animal occupied this territory. Every time I crept close, my owners would restrain me and take me away. I promise you, I will get to that rabbit one day, so my fellow cats, wish me luck! :3


The Day I Arrived Home (#1)

July 31st 2013 3:09 am
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Well, it's been ages since I've told this story, two months to be exact. My toys wouldn't really listen though so I hope you guys do!
It all started on the 22nd of May 2013, when a girl and her mother crossed my territory. My breeder woke me from my nap which I will never forgive her for and took be out of the room, away from my brother. I saw two humans. They both seemed very happy and they also seemed familiar but I couldn't tell what they were doing in MY house. The breeder put me into a cage and handed me to the humans. I was very confused at this point. Were THESE people taking me to the vet?! Oh no! I later found out that was definitely NOT the case.
The girl held my cage close while she and her mother walked up and down some streets. Looking out my cage, I saw dozens of street cats lying on a rickety old bench or on the floor. That was odd. I wasn't used to looking at cats outside of an apartment. It wasn't a long time until they walked me into another building. I was EVEN MORE confused now. It looked nothing like the vet! Well, that was a relief but now we were going into another territory and I became scared.
After about 10 minutes, this girl which I later found out was to be my best friend, showed me to this giant of a man, her father. He smiled and I was taken else where. Suddenly, my cage door was opened and I entered a room. It was very scary and I was hesitant to get out but sitting in a cage isn't very fun so I still decided to exit the container. What I saw before my eyes made me forget about my old home. There were toys everywhere! There was a bed which I managed to jump on and then I discovered my litter box! After about half an hour, some guests came to visit me. It was yet another girl and a little boy. I couldn't wait until they left. I was hungry and tired.
Finally, the end of the day arrived and I went to sleep beside my best friend. Nothing scared me anymore but little did I know that there were more parts of the house to explore!
That concludes diary edition #1~! I hope you enjoyed reading and see you in the next edition :)

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