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I'm "Baaaaaaack"!!!!

June 4th 2013 1:59 pm
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Dear fur-iends and their parents wh've been helping to comfort mommy during my difficult time....thank you for caring for her and for me while I was busy with other stuff on my mind....I just never realized that Mommy was worried and sad, but I was wondering why that water fountain on her face wouldn't shut off!!!
We have good news!!!!
Yesterday my old foster mommy, who Zi lived with for 6 months after I was rescued from the hoarders with hungry dogs (who were eating the poor , scared , hungry kitties (we were very hungry too and I only weighed about 4-5 lbs and I was 2 yrs old when they found me outside. Because I snuk out to find a safer place to birth my kittens so we'd all be safer from those poor hungry dogs!!?too!!!)... The foster mommy gave my mommy a whole background...more than before ...about me and my past! You see My foster mommy came over yesterday to check me out to see if I needed to see the vet. She's got lots of farm animals and cats inside too and 3 nice dogs... She fosters lots of us kitties who need a longer term transitional home . My old parents had to go to jail! My foster mom or my ex-foster mommy told my mommy that she thinks I was neglected and not fed but not beaten??? She thinks and hopes so! She thinks the raccoon incident (see below story) really scared me because at my old ex parents house when they weren't feeding their dogs, the dogs were eating us kitties and our babies!!! It was horrible and although I was normally an indoor kitty since birth, I had to get out and do smart that I snuk out when that "magic" door opened! I went to find a safe place so my babies would be safe and me be safe do I could care for then also!
I had my kittens & they don't know how many I actually had...I can't count or Zi would tell you!?? But when they found me I was starving and skinny from making sure my two kitties could eat still from my milk! A neighbor packed us up and took us BACK to the hoarrders house!!! They saw the conditions and called the authorities right away! They come and took me and my babies to the humane society where they put us at foster mommy's home all together for 6 mos for me to get better and care for them. They let me keep them until all was settled and until I was adopted ! They were at the foster mommy's home when my mommy got me and now I've heard they were adopted out together!!! Yay!!!
Sooo the authorities told my foster mommy that when they arrived there were many many cats and several large dogs and all were very hungry ! The dogs ate some oif my furriends (it wasn't all their fault because it was instinct as they were hungry too!)... It traumatized me very badly to see that when I had babies and I can't tell them if I had anymore than the 2 kittens?
Soooo ice as doing well and had gotten more used to good food (Natural balance dry and wet). I was feeling very affectionate to my new mommy! Ivwas finally free of my kitties and I could finally act like a kitty myself, because I know I'm loved and safe! Then everything was going good and all in one day : I got a new toy with too much catnip in it and my system doesn't like it much! Then mommy and I heard a gun go off and we ran together to the window , which mommy had just opened up the house that was the 1st nice day! mommy put chairs and things all under each window do I could look outside ! We looked out and saw some policemen, 2 of them... They'd shot s raccoon! They injured it and it wasn't attacking or doing anything but in a "sitting pretty" pose....but it was crying in pain and we both heard it! Mommy cried and ice as all upset bcz the cops were then beating the raccoon with a big , long baton or pole!!! Poor lil thing! Mommy videoed almost all of it as they then fired another shot after poking...& hitting this poor wild creature !!! It got scooped into a black plastic garbage bag and they left. -with it!! Mommy called two humane society's and the sheriff dept and wrote t bthe ASPCA and even the TV news!!! That was 2 weeks or so ago and bones called or written mommy back.
But, mommy told my old foster mommy this story and we think : opening the windows for the first time after winter and the new bad catnip toy and me seeing the abusing & desth of the poor raccoon ...all of it affected me for slot of the next 2weeks!!
I had gotten close to mommy and got scared & pulled back and then when my old foster mommy showed up yesterday I ran and hid under the coffee table!!! That's not like me at all!!!! I love all people still ...but I maybe thought she was gonna take me away again and I got scared because I love mommy & daddy now & my toys and our home etc!! I let mommy finally pick me up & I laid my head on her shoulder & my paw!! My foster mommy was beaming when she saw where I live , eat, sleep & play!! She said I'm a very "happy cat with a bit of cattitude!"!!! She said I had a great basket of mouse/feathery string toys, s great cat tree by the big door wall to a nice city fenced in yard with no wild animals or outdoor cats etc coming to try & visit!! She said how i must love sitting and looking at birds by the door walk and then in front of the house is a nice window pillowed seat box with a bay window , where I love also to sit and wAtch!! Foster mommy says I'm in "kitty heaven " with all of this nice, clean space and even a couple if cubes to jump on and into because the are collapsible !!! Foster mommy says I look super super healthy now snd beautiful and that I interact great with mommy & daddy too! Daddy showed off how I like to be brushed!!! I flopped down in my side and purred!!!
Sooooo my furrriends!.. This is just the beginning again ...we had a little bump in the road but when foster mommy left after about an hour or so, I turned back to myself "Luna" again!!! I even came into bed last night with mommy carrying me like a baby (which I never allowed before !!) up to bed and I put my cute lil wet nose on mommy's arm to nudge get to turn her arm over so I could lay my chin and head on her arm and sleep until morning while also purring on and off!!!!
I'm "talking" to mommy again and though I don't usually sit with her,... I will sit next to her and that's ok with her!!! I love her again (I never stopped but that whole raccoon and outside smells maybe reminded me of scarier times ... I see how much loved and safe I am now and after thinking that foster mom maybe came to take me away ...I really changed back quickly and mommy would have never ever traded me for the world no matter what! But I've decided to be my good old self again!!! Foster mom says in look like the "happiest & luckiest" kitty ever and she can tell that I'm very much loved!!!
Thank you for listening to mommy and for your suggestions, it helped her slot to have you for friends and for me to have you for furrriends!!! Thank you : lady, Cody & gang and everyone!!
Love, Luna.
XX. P.S. excuse any typo's

Purred by: Cody ~ DB #173b (Catster Member)

June 4th 2013 at 2:50 pm

We are so happy to hear that things are going well again. Keep up the good work, Luna!
Purred by: Mugsy (Catster Member)

June 4th 2013 at 5:41 pm

That's a very scary story Luna! You've been a good and brave kitty through it all. I hope those other kitties and doggies were rescued too, how sad that they were so hungry! Sleep well tonight little Luna Skye, you are safe and loved.


Luna Skye


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