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"This pic was made for Uno's DDP by our good friend Manytoes ~ DB#120 Thank you Manytoes & family!"

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Age: 3 Years   Sex: Female
Uno showing her head tilt, typical of Feline Vestibular Syndrome

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"Uno showing her head tilt, typical of Feline Vestibular Syndrome"

Seeing double-Uno & Polly

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"Seeing double-Uno & Polly"


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"Uno's "twin sister" Polly"

Uno peeking out from under a bed

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"Uno peeking out from under a bed"

This beautiful birthday pic was made for Uno by our good friend Manytoes ~ DB#120

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"This beautiful birthday pic was made for Uno by our good friend Manytoes ~ DB#120"

This yummy birthday pic was made for Uno by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers
Thank you Meezers & family!

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"This yummy birthday pic was made for Uno by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers Thank you Meezers & family!"

This sweet pic was made for Uno

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"This sweet pic was made for Uno's KCK Kitty of the Week honor by KIBBLES Thank you very much Kibbles & family!"

This Christmas pic was given to Uno & family by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers & family.  Thank you Meezers!

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"This Christmas pic was given to Uno & family by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers & family. Thank you Meezers!"

This bright COTD pic was generously made for Uno by her cool black kitty friend Manytoes ~ DB#120
Thank you very much Manytoes & family!

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"This bright COTD pic was generously made for Uno by her cool black kitty friend Manytoes ~ DB#120 Thank you very much Manytoes & family!"

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Chomper, Wild Child

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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
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-disabled -cat rescue

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June 27th 2011

May 3rd 2011


Getting her own way

Being confined

Favorite Toy:
Trackball cords, maybe because they're forbidden!

Favorite Nap Spot:
On my lap

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Some of her special skills and qualities are covered in her diary.


Arrival Story:
Uno's story is told in her diary. Uno's nickname "Chomper" is taken from the baby Tyrannosaurus in the movie Land Before Time II.

Uno is the smallest of my cats, the swiftest of my cats, the most determined, the biggest loudmouth, the most creative & ornery intelligent, & her coordination and accuracy amazes me. I can throw a small bit of cheese and she will leap several feet across the room and precisely land with her forepaw right on it (to make sure no other cat can get it). If I give another cat a bit of cheese and the other cat doesn't eat it fast enough, Uno will strike like lightning and have the piece of cheese and be out of reach before the other cat even has a chance to react! Who knows, maybe being one-eyed gives her an advantage!

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8 of 9

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We little black kitties RULE!

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Thank you to all my friends for your caring & for all my rosettes, hearts, ladybugs, roses, etc you so generously gave to me. Loving purrs to you ALL!

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January 27th 2013 More than 2 years!

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Uno Happily Irrepressible!

Catching Up

March 30th 2015 11:32 am
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Hi everyone! Sorry we've been busy lately and haven't had much time to be online. Now we're not so busy so we're playing something Mom calls "catch up." We apologize to our friends whose birthdays, bridge days, gotcha days, etc that we've missed acknowledging. We hope everyone is happy, healthy, and enjoying life.

We kitties have been kept busy trying to educate Chomper on the subject of how to treat us, and how not to treat us. He's bigger than we are now, which makes us even more unwilling to play games with him. You see, his idea of playing games with us kitties is to chase us. To his credit, he's never tried to grab us or do anything except stick his cold nose in places on our bodies where he has no business sticking it. Also to be honest, when Mom puts him on the bed while some of us are on the bed too, he'll bother us at first but after awhile he will settle down and play with his toys and ignore us as long as we don't make any fast movements to attract his attention. So I think we'll manage to get him educated about how to get along with us kitties before he gets to be a really big dog. After all, we managed to educate Destiny. She even tries to help Mom scoop our litter pans. Only problem is, Mom doesn't exactly like Destiny's way of cleaning the pans! No problem...Mom tries to prevent Destiny from doing it and Destiny just gets sneakier in her technique! We cats don't care how the litter pans get cleaned. In fact, we cats say that it proves we are superior to dogs when dogs stoop so low as to eat our solid wastes. Oops, Mom says I have to stop writing now. She said the subject matter of this diary post is a little crappy or something like that. Bye for now!


Smack & Claim

February 17th 2015 3:08 pm
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Smack! A little black paw reaches out and quickly connects with the side of another cat's head. There is little force in the blow, but the message is unmistakable, "You're in MY spot, MOVE!"
The second cat gives the originator of the blow a dirty look, then reluctantly gets up and moves to a different spot on the bed.

Smack! A little black paw reaches out again, quickly connecting with the side of a third cat's head. This third cat quickly gets the message and moves to a spot on the pillow behind me. Other cats on the bed, watching, wisely decide to stay in their own spots and not try to snag the spot on my lap that is in the process of being forcibly vacated.

Satisfied that everyone is now out of her spot, Uno steps up, circles a couple of times, settles herself down on my lap between my chest and my laptop, lays her head on my arm as I type, and starts purring. After all, in Uno's eyes, this is HER spot and woe to any cat who resists when Uno comes to claim her place!


The Playful Pest

February 5th 2015 11:07 am
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Hi everyone! Guess what we have now? A playful pest!

The new puppy Mom had said would come, arrived a week ago. As if we cats needed or wanted another dog around! Nobody asked us cats if we wanted a puppy. I'm sure if anyone had asked us, most of us would have said Destiny is more than enough dog to have around! After all, one of her makes up for about six of us MOL. Mom says the puppy will grow up to be a big dog like Destiny too, probably bigger than Destiny because he's a boy. It would take at least twelve of us to make up for two big dogs! His name is Chomper. He better never think of doing any kind of chomping on any of us cats if he knows what's good for him!

Right now, Chomper is clumsy, playful, enthusiastic, and has no manners. He will come right up to us cats, stick his nose in our rears, lick our faces, and put his paws all over us. When he licks our faces, it's nothing like being licked by another cat, he has this smooth tongue that's a lot wetter than our tongues are! If we give him a swat to tell him to cool it and get some self-control, he assumes we like what he is doing, then he does it even more until Mom intervenes. Sure he likes us, but in my feline opinion, until he learns something about feline manners, he's a little pest.

Luckily Chomper's physical capabilities are rather pathetic compared to the supreme athleticism, coordination, and jumping skills of us cats. We can easily outmaneuver him and it's ridiculously easy for us to jump up on something and get out of his reach. Why, Chomper can't even get up on the bed by himself yet! Mom has to put him up on the bed. He can get down off the bed although his landings are pathetic compared to ours. He's also very clumsy with his paws. Mom will feed him and in his excitement he often tips over his food dish with his paw. He also cannot control his bowels and bladder very well yet. His crate where he goes when he's not being supervised, is full of cedar bedding and to us cats, it resembles a big litterbox. Mom says Chomper is still just too little to be able to make it outdoors to potty every time. I reminded her that if he was a cat, he could just go to a litter box and not have to go so far. Mom told me that the problem with that is that once he's grown up, he could flood a litter box just by using it once! I guess it's better that dogs have to go outside to potty when they get big enough. After all, it's Mom who has to go out there with him, not me. I get to stay in the nice comfortable house and watch her out the window!

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