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Picture of Uno, a female Domestic Shorthair/Siamese

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"This pic was made for Uno's DDP by our good friend Manytoes ~ DB#120 Thank you Manytoes & family!"

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Age: 4 Years   Sex: Female
Uno showing her head tilt, typical of Feline Vestibular Syndrome

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"Uno showing her head tilt, typical of Feline Vestibular Syndrome"

Seeing double-Uno & Polly

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"Seeing double-Uno & Polly"


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"Uno's "twin sister" Polly"

Uno peeking out from under a bed

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"Uno peeking out from under a bed"

This beautiful birthday pic was made for Uno by our good friend Manytoes ~ DB#120

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"This beautiful birthday pic was made for Uno by our good friend Manytoes ~ DB#120"

This yummy birthday pic was made for Uno by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers
Thank you Meezers & family!

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"This yummy birthday pic was made for Uno by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers Thank you Meezers & family!"

This sweet pic was made for Uno

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"This sweet pic was made for Uno's KCK Kitty of the Week honor by KIBBLES Thank you very much Kibbles & family!"

This Christmas pic was given to Uno & family by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers & family.  Thank you Meezers!

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"This Christmas pic was given to Uno & family by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers & family. Thank you Meezers!"

This bright COTD pic was generously made for Uno by her cool black kitty friend Manytoes ~ DB#120
Thank you very much Manytoes & family!

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"This bright COTD pic was generously made for Uno by her cool black kitty friend Manytoes ~ DB#120 Thank you very much Manytoes & family!"

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Chomper, Wild Child

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sleepyvery active
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-disabled -cat rescue

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June 27th 2011

May 3rd 2011


Getting her own way

Being confined

Favorite Toy:
Trackball cords, maybe because they're forbidden!

Favorite Nap Spot:
On my lap

Favorite Food:

Some of her special skills and qualities are covered in her diary.


Arrival Story:
Uno's story is told in her diary. Uno's nickname "Chomper" is taken from the baby Tyrannosaurus in the movie Land Before Time II.

Uno is the smallest of my cats, the swiftest of my cats, the most determined, the biggest loudmouth, the most creative & ornery intelligent, & her coordination and accuracy amazes me. I can throw a small bit of cheese and she will leap several feet across the room and precisely land with her forepaw right on it (to make sure no other cat can get it). If I give another cat a bit of cheese and the other cat doesn't eat it fast enough, Uno will strike like lightning and have the piece of cheese and be out of reach before the other cat even has a chance to react! Who knows, maybe being one-eyed gives her an advantage!

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We little black kitties RULE!

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Uno Happily Irrepressible!

No Bird!

July 23rd 2015 5:46 pm
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Ever since a scrawny half-naked baby of the sparrow variety arrived at our house, we cats have heard waaay too much of these two words "'no bird!" Now some of us (Lily & Buddha are two of them) used to live with Mom back in the days when she had an aviary and cats had free run of the aviary and knew to leave the birds alone while any mouse that dared come in to get a free meal was fair game. The rest of us however, only learned to leave bigger birds like Charlie the blue-front amazon parrot and Percy, the cockatiel alone. BTW Percy turned 21 this spring, he's now of legal age but Mom won't ever let him even try any alcoholic drink!

Back to my gripe...most of us consider the sparrow fair game, especially now that the sparrow has learned to fly about in his cage. Mom has him in a cage with bars too close together for a paw to slip through but some of us still sneak up by the cage to see if there's any way we can reach the bird. That's when we keep hearing "No BIRD!" as Mom moves us away from our advantageous positions by the cage. Mom can't understand how fascinating and irresistible to us this litte bird is as he hops around his cage and flies. He (Mom thinks it's a he but isn't 100% sure yet) cannot perch because he has a twisted right leg. His twisted leg may have to be amputated so he will learn how to perch on his good leg. In the days of the aviary Mom had a finch whose right leg had to be amputated and the finch subsequently learned to perch with her good left leg.

In my humble feline opinion, this sparrow is more trouble than he's worth. He has little interest in bird seed and prefers for Mom to handfeed him even though he's plenty old enough to eat on his own. Why, being made mostly of hollow bones & feathers, this little bird wouldn't even make a decent meal for a cat! Yet Mom handfeeds this little bird and whenever we sneak too close to the bird, we have to hear those dreaded two fun-spoiling little words "No BIRD!"


Hectic Times

July 10th 2015 4:30 pm
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Lately, things here have been very hectic, to say the least. Mom's father passed on July 4. So Mom's been kinda down and quite busy with all the human things around that event going on. There's been a small black kitten hanging around here the past few days. Mom could hear he had breathing problems and tried to catch him but couldn't. Then on Monday night, Russ ran into the house carrying the kitten. Russ had caught him all right, because the kitten was too ill with pneumonia, malnutrition, and goodness knows what else, to run. The kitten's breathing was even more labored than before, so labored he was breathing open-mouthed. His gum color was very pale, he was dehydrated, his belly was bloated with roundworm, and he was skin and bones. Surprisingly or maybe not so surprisingly since fleas desert a "sinking ship" so to speak, he was NOT loaded with fleas!

The little kitten is 7 to 8 weeks old, and has been fighting for his life. He's receiving antibiotics, subcutaneous fluids, worm medication, and whatever else might possibly help him medically. Today for the first time, the kitten, named Twilight, didn't need to receive subcutaneous fluids. His breathing is much better, he's eating well, and although his gum color is still too pale, it at least is somewhat pink now.

On top of all this, for the past two weeks Mom has been handfeeding a little baby sparrow that a friend brought her. The little bird whose eyes weren't even open, had been blown from a nest during storms and was more dead than alive. Now that little bird is a demanding fledgling, yelling from the safety of his cage for Mom to feed him all the time! Not only that, Chomper feels it's his duty that whenever he hears the baby bird begging to be fed, he needs to bark loudly in a high-pitched voice to make sure Mom knows the bird is hungry! (At least HE has changed his tune, when the bird was first here and he heard the bird chirping at Mom, he would bark aggressively in response to the bird.)

As for me, well, I continue to work on making sure my reputation for keeping Mom on her toes, remains intact. My latest device for keeping Mom on her toes has been to hang out behind the TV, threatening to chew on any cords that might come within my reach!


Please Try Again & a Thank You

June 27th 2015 3:11 pm
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Hi everyone! We got a friend request but when we went to the page to accept the request, we got this.
"Oops! That page can’t be found.
It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?"

We tried several times, all with the same result.

Whoever sent the friend request, please try again.

Thank you to everyone who remembered my Gotcha Day!

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