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Picture of Uno, a female Domestic Shorthair/Siamese

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"This pic was made for Uno's DDP by our good friend Manytoes ~ DB#120 Thank you Manytoes & family!"

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Age: 4 Years   Sex: Female
Uno showing her head tilt, typical of Feline Vestibular Syndrome

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"Uno showing her head tilt, typical of Feline Vestibular Syndrome"

Seeing double-Uno & Polly

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"Seeing double-Uno & Polly"


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"Uno's "twin sister" Polly"

Uno peeking out from under a bed

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"Uno peeking out from under a bed"

This beautiful birthday pic was made for Uno by our good friend Manytoes ~ DB#120

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"This beautiful birthday pic was made for Uno by our good friend Manytoes ~ DB#120"

This yummy birthday pic was made for Uno by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers
Thank you Meezers & family!

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"This yummy birthday pic was made for Uno by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers Thank you Meezers & family!"

This sweet pic was made for Uno

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"This sweet pic was made for Uno's KCK Kitty of the Week honor by KIBBLES Thank you very much Kibbles & family!"

This Christmas pic was given to Uno & family by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers & family.  Thank you Meezers!

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"This Christmas pic was given to Uno & family by our very good friends WeBeesSiameezers & family. Thank you Meezers!"

This bright COTD pic was generously made for Uno by her cool black kitty friend Manytoes ~ DB#120
Thank you very much Manytoes & family!

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"This bright COTD pic was generously made for Uno by her cool black kitty friend Manytoes ~ DB#120 Thank you very much Manytoes & family!"

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Chomper, Wild Child

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-disabled -cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
June 27th 2011

May 3rd 2011


Getting her own way

Being confined

Favorite Toy:
Trackball cords, maybe because they're forbidden!

Favorite Nap Spot:
On my lap

Favorite Food:

Some of her special skills and qualities are covered in her diary.


Arrival Story:
Uno's story is told in her diary. Uno's nickname "Chomper" is taken from the baby Tyrannosaurus in the movie Land Before Time II.

Uno is the smallest of my cats, the swiftest of my cats, the most determined, the biggest loudmouth, the most creative & ornery intelligent, & her coordination and accuracy amazes me. I can throw a small bit of cheese and she will leap several feet across the room and precisely land with her forepaw right on it (to make sure no other cat can get it). If I give another cat a bit of cheese and the other cat doesn't eat it fast enough, Uno will strike like lightning and have the piece of cheese and be out of reach before the other cat even has a chance to react! Who knows, maybe being one-eyed gives her an advantage!

Lives Remaining:
8 of 9

Forums Motto:
We little black kitties RULE!

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3 Letter Game

Thank you to all my friends for your caring & for all my rosettes, hearts, ladybugs, roses, etc you so generously gave to me. Loving purrs to you ALL!

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January 27th 2013 More than 2 years!

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Uno Happily Irrepressible!

To Everyone

May 23rd 2015 12:22 pm
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Mom likes to always put up the pics honoring feline special days etc. We want everyone to know the reasons we haven't been getting pics put up on profiles and thank you notes sent.

The first major problem which everyone probably knows about, are the problems Mom had with our internet connection. Hopefully that problem is fixed now. The second problem I won't mention again because self-incrimination is something I don't like to do! This problem too has been fixed....well sort of fixed...meaning Mom replaced the cord but that doesn't mean this problem couldn't recur. (Don't tell Mom I said that!)

There is one more major problem that is beyond our control. That is the problem we've been having with Catster's photo uploading. For months now we've been having major problems trying to upload photos. Once in awhile we get lucky and a photo or two will upload. However, it shouldn't take 20 to 50 or more tries to upload a photo. We all hope that Catster fixes this problem soon. We also hope Catster fixes the problem where our photo manager fails to show us as a Plus account until we refresh the page 3 or 4 times.

So to everyone who sent us pics to honor our special days, we haven't purposely neglected to put them up. We will get them all put up as soon as Catster let us.

Also I would like to tell you that we have two family members that were recently added to Catster, who would also like to be your friends. One is Red, Wings' brother. He has cancer. The other is Feraldine, a feral pregnant cat Mom trapped. She had kittens 9 days after Mom trapped her. She will be spayed once she's finished raising her kittens. Mom has been handling the kittens almost every day since they are born and the kittens are social with humans although Feraldine won't let any human touch her yet. Feraldine has her own diary where Mom is letting me tell the story of Feraldine and her kittens.

Now Mom is telling me this is long enough and she needs the laptop, so I gotta go. Thank you and bye for now, everyone!


Family Update & The Feral Cat & Kittens

May 15th 2015 8:17 pm
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Hi, Uno here. Mom told me I could update everyone on what's been going on with our family lately. We haven't been on Catster lately due to our internet connection problem. We apologize to friends whose significant days we've missed and to friends whose correspondence we haven't answered yet.

Wings' litter brother Red has been added to Catster although his profile doesn't show up yet because Catster kept failing to upload his photo. He has a very aggressive anorectal cancer that's inoperable. The vet said this type of cancer usually spreads to the lungs. She also said that chemotherapy and radiation do very little to help with this type of cancer. Red is now in a big cage in the living room where he can be in the middle of things, interact with the other cats, and where it's easy to clean up after him. He's not totally fecally continent because of the tumor. Right now he's comfortable and not in any pain. However, Mom knows that the time will probably come when the cancer affects Red's quality of life to the point where the difficult decision of euthanasia may have to be made.

Mom trapped a very pregnant feral tortie cat that was living under the house and caged her so the kittens could be socialized and so the cat could be spayed after she finishes raising her kittens. Soon after Mom trapped the cat, the cat had five kittens. When the kittens were two weeks old, one, a black male, suddenly and unexpectedly died. He was one of the two smallest kittens in the litter but otherwise appeared healthy until his sudden death. The other four kittens are a black female, a blue classic tabby male, a blue mackerel tabby male, and a tortie point female. The other four are doing well although Mom has had to hand feed the smallest, the black female, who for no known reason, suddenly stopped nursing from the mother but willingly takes formula from a syringe. The kittens are 3 1/2 weeks old now. The little black female kitten is precocious, she was the first to climb out of the nest. If she gets really hungry before it's time for Mom to feed her, she will go to the front of the cage and yell at Mom to come feed her.

The mother cat is very fearful. She will hiss at Mom if Mom gets too close to her. Mom says it may take a very long time to tame her. However, she doesn't mind Mom handling her kittens. She's learned to get out of the nest box and go to the back of the cage when Mom comes to handle the kittens. After Mom leaves the cage, the mother then gets back into the nest with the kittens. It's a myth that a cat won't take care of kittens if the kittens are handled by humans. Mom handles these kittens every day since they were born, checking to make sure everything is all right with them. They had to have a bit of penicillin when their eyes first opened because they had eye infections and pus in their eyes when their eyes first were opening. Their eyes cleared up quickly with treatment. In spite of all the handling, the mother cat consistently takes very good care of the kittens. When Mom had to be gone for two days, she took the little black female kitten with her because she needed to handfeed it every few hours. After Mom got back, she put the kitten back in the nest with the littermates, handled all of them, and when she left the cage the mother returned to the nest and took care of all of the kittens including the one that had been gone from the nest with Mom for two days!

Well, that's about all I have to say right now. Mom wants me to tell you that I chewed her laptop power cord again and she had to get a new one and that's another reason she hasn't been online lately but I really don't want to say much about that subject. I only mentioned it because if I didn't, Mom would probably tell everyone about it anyway!


Back Yet Again!

April 18th 2015 9:14 pm
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Hi to all our friends & sorry we haven't been online in awhile (again!). Someone, I won't mention any names because I don't wish to incriminate anyone-especially myself!-chewed Mom's laptop power cord and Mom had to order a new one so we could get online again. Hey, I couldn't resist it, I still love to occasionally chew cords. I know Mom doesn't approve of this little vice of mine. In fact she says I do more chewing on things than both Destiny and Chomper combined. Wow, to think little Uno can outchew two German Shepherd Dogs! It kinda gives me an ego boost. I try to tell Mom that I don't chew cords nearly as much as I used to, but I still can't get her to see things my way.

Also, our (Comcast) internet service has been erratic lately, to say the least. Every spring/summer this seems to happen for some unknown reason. I'm trying to tell Mom that the reason she hasn't been able to go online much lately was because of Comcast's problems, not the cord problem. But she won't buy my excuse. She says both situations have contributed to the problem and that a certain little kitty I won't mention still was at fault for chewing the cord

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