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In our New Home one week today!!!

March 23rd 2013 9:19 am
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Our meowmy loved us very, very much, but she KNEW she had to find a home for us. She has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands (very bad), as well as arthritis, and having to carry in food and litter for all of us was just getting to be too much.

So she contacted a rescue group called SPAYMART, and a very nice lady answered her email about us. She asked meowmy to send her photos, and she did.....the lady said we were PRECIOUS (and of course she was right). Then she told meowmy to take the three of us to a local animal hospital on Saturday morning, where we would get a rabies shot, and a blood test for Feline HIV and Leukemia. Well, she did and from there we went to PetsMart to meet Miss Joan. We were a little scared, as we had never ridden in the car so much, and it was a different vet than we were used to, and then there were lots of dog dogs at PetsMart who were there to learn how to behave (and from all the noise they were making, we agreed they REALLY NEEDED to learn how to behave......MOL...MOL.) Well, we were taken out of our carrier and put into a very large display cage in the Cat Room. There were other cats in there, but no little kittens like us. They were very nice and asked our names and we told them, and the other cats said we would adopt people very soon as we were little kittens. Miss Joan, the SpayMart lady had put a lovely soft "cat house" in the cage, and Harry got into that and fell asleep, my brother Cyril and I were too interested in talking to the other cats. Then our meowmy came in, she said "I brought you some new toys, and she put several catnip mice in our cage and a couple of jingle balls. We started to play with them right away!!! Our meowmy came to tell us goodby, and she hugged and kissed each one of us....we felt some water on her face....and the older cats said that meant she was "crying", and it means she loved us. Miss Joan came up and hugged meowmy, and told her not to worry, she would make sure we only adopted the BEST people.

So our meowmy left us, but lots of people came to look at us, any little girl who came up wanted right away to hold Harry, and he was good with them. But nobody wanted all three of us.....we ate some wet food that meowmy had bought for us so we could have the kind we liked and then some dry food, and took another nap. We heard people talking outside our cage, and we woke up to see what was going on. Miss Joan was talking to a man and a lady. They asked if they could each hold one of us, and Miss Joan took out Me (Harry), first and gave me to the lady, and Aaron to the mnan. The lady had a nice soft voice, and she scratched my ears, just like meowmy always did, so I gave her a kiss on the nose and she said...."What a little lovebug you are!!", And Aaron was purring and purring while the man held him....and then the man said, "Well, we need to meet Mr Cyril Neville next." So both of us went back into the cage and Miss Joan took out Cyril. He was a little shy, but the couple understood. Cyril came back into the cage with us, and we looked at the couple, who then looked at each other and said (at the same time)...."We will take all three boys". Miss Joan smiled, and they people filled out the paperwork so we could go home with them.

We will travel with our new pawrents in what the humans call an 'RV", it is as big inside as our old house, and has LOTS of windows to look out of, and we have our own room if we want to sleep there or just take a nap during the day. We love you meowmy, and thank you for being sure we adopted good people!!!

We will be posting here are about our new home and our new lives.....

Your meowmy here boys, I still miss you, and will never forget you, and I am SO happy you have two wonderful pawrents who will love and spoil you as much as I did.

Harry Connick, Aaron and Cyril Neville

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Harry Connick, Aaron and Cyril


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