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The life of a hobo

I love my mommy

January 3rd 2013 4:15 am
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The life of a semi-feral cat is not the greatest. I got my dinner from garbage cans, mostly, until I decided to trust my mom and eat the fancy feast she offered me 2 times a day. Now I love her so much that I rarely leave her front door. Mom is so sad and feels like she needs to do more for me, but is afraid of many things. Afraid of letting me around her inside only cats, afraid I might have some nasty diseases from being outside all the time. Afraid that I will get attacked by the stupid german shepherd next door one day because the idiot guy leaves the dog off leash at times. Afraid I will get hit by a car, even though cars rarely go through our street, but sometimes one does go really fast. Mom made a nice bed with lots of soft, warm blankets for me to sleep on this winter, and I do sleep on them each night, but I am afraid to go inside the house she put outside for me, but she is so nice for putting it there. When it gets really cold, mom puts a heating pad with a blanket over it and I huddle my paws around it, that's really nice. Mom wishes I could go in the back yard, but she has a dog that likes to chase cats that are not her inside cats, so that is not possible. I know mom loves me, which is why I like to bring her nice presents at leave them at her front door, so she can see what a good kitty I am :) I know mom loves me.


I love you mommy

January 13th 2013 7:02 am
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I have not been feeling so good, but I'm loving my mom for leaving me a warm bed outside and for getting me my favorite flavors of fancy feast. Mom doesn't like feeding me ff, but I refuse to eat the good stuff that she feeds her other cats....I like my fancy feast! I'm such a good kitty, when "Big Yella", who is this big, nasty looking yellow cat that lately has been coming over and peeing all over MY yard and where I sleep, I don't even try to fight him or run him off....I just wish he'd go. Mom feels sorry for him but she knows the lady on the corner feeds him so she doesn't feed him and hopes he will stop hanging in my yard. Today, Penelope, a little kitty that thinks she is a dog, she follows her mom and their little shitzu when they walk, she walked right up to me and I didn't hurt her either. I am so not an aggressive cat. I didn't even hiss at the little dog when it ran up to me either, I just sat their bored and completely unimpressed. Mom says I am such a good kitty.

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