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Taffy's daily thoughts

Tin foil and plastic bags are TERRIFYING!!!

January 3rd 2013 4:26 am
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Nothing scares me more than when someone rips off a piece of tin foil. Wow, you should see me take of running! And the plastic grocery store bags mom uses when she scoops my litter box, wow, those are super scary too! There are some really terrifying things in this house, but none as terrifying as Beep! I sleep in my kid Laura's room at night when I go to bed, and Beep is out all night. Then Beep goes up and I come out at 5:30 when mom and dad get up and get ready for work and Laura (my kid) gets ready for school, and I stay out until about 11:00. This is a fun time, I usually end up curling up next to my doberman, Greta, we are snuggle buddies. Then I'm back in my room until about 4:00, when mom lets me out for dinnertime, and Beep goes up, and I get to stay out until about 9:00 and then it's my bedtime and I'm back in with Laura. It's a crazy game of rotating cats all day long, but it works out ok for us. I wish that one day Beep would not try to beat me up, and every once in a while she does get loose while I'm out, and most of the time someone catches her before she lays the smackdown on my butt, but it does happen once in a blue moon. Cat fur flies! And sometimes I even get a few good licks in on that beast of a cat! But mom says I am the sweetest, most lovable kitty she has ever known, and I am pretty much a sweetheart to my new little brother, Stephano, although I am trying to let him know that "I" was here first and "I" am in charge, not him, but I'm pretty harmless. I think overall, my life here is pretty good.


I'm as free as a kitten!!

January 13th 2013 7:10 am
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Since my mom brought home Stephano, my new little stray brother that mom took in, I have been having so much fun! I actually play now. I admit, I was getting pretty lazy and the snotty teenager that lives in my house was calling me "obese". I'm not sure what that means, but it didn't sound nice the way she was saying it. But me and Stephano play all the time. We got lots of cat toys for Christmas and chase them around the house, and our favorite thing is chasing the red plays that game with us for a few minutes before bedtime to wear us out so my little bro will go to sleep, but not for too long because she says she doesn't want to make us crazy with it. I am running and playing and chasing and when mom picked me up today, she said I even feel a little lighter. It is so nice to have a little brother to play with, it is making me feel like a kitten again!


Secret Agent Cat

April 13th 2013 6:46 am
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I want to share a secret with my cat friends.....that mom and dad do not know.....nor do my cat siblings. I am a "Secret Agent", and I am on a mission. Every morning, when mom let's me and Stephano out of our room, and after breakfast is over.....I creep into laundry room, and I slay all the socks I can find. Only clean socks.....I do not touch the nasty gross dirty laundry....Ewww. I catch one of the socks, and I look to the left...and then to the right, to make sure no one can see me, and then I bring it to the secret location and drop it very that no one can see me. I speak in maine coon funny mewing language that only I can understand and fellow maine coon kitties. I will not rest until every sock has been stolen from the basket on the dryer, and they are all into the secret location. Sometimes the secret location is a giant heap in the middle of the living room floor, and sometimes, to shake things up, I just scatter them across the entire house, leaving a trail. If someone spots me with a sock in my mom or dad....I quickly drop the sock and retreat to a safe location where I can't be seen.....because I am on a secret mission and cannot be seen. One day, to my HORROR, I found the sock basket was GONE!!!! So that day, I got into the laundry basket and took whatever I could find, which was some hand towels and even some t shirts. I must repeat this secret mission every day. I cannot tell you who I am working for....that is top secret. But I can tell you that as long as I live in this house, no one in this house will ever be harmed by one of these horrible, dangerous socks....not with me on the job.

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