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Purrs from Maggie

New Years Eve!

December 31st 2012 5:14 pm
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I'm new here, but only because I didn't know we had Catster!!! Misty didn't tell me. Neither did Sebastian! but when Mama got word that Misty was Cat of the Day a few weeks ago, I purred to her that I would like to have a page too. So, here I am!

I look like a Maine Coon, but we don't have any proof that I am. You see, I landed in the shelter in May, and found Mama in July after her husband died. She was there delivering toys to all of us, and I immediately sat on her lap and informed her and the staff at the shelter that I have adopted her. The rest, as they say, is history.

Misty hasn't been all that welcoming, but Mr. Sebastian has been. We all sleep with Mama though in her big sleigh bed.


New beginnings ...

January 2nd 2013 5:39 am
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Today mama starts her 7 weeks of radiation 5 days a week. I don't understand it all of course, but Mama had breast cancer, and now she doesn't so now she has to have this to be sure it doesn't come back. She had two surgeries, and I took very good care of her.

She has this thing she calls a "quilt frame", and when there's a quilt in it it makes a wonderful place to sleep! She was not amewsed at that, of course.

Sebastian is still a little miffed at her for being away for Catmas. But it was very important that she had some time with her own kittens, and grand kittens. Misty Sebastian and I had a nice lady come each day who played with us, and fed us and took care of the el-bee.

Mama has 3 kittens (Heather, Laura and Bill) and two grand kittens (Joshua and Jeffrey) and three grand dogs (Merlin, Arthur and Gabbie) and four grandcats (Sarah, Pollyanna, Clyde and Sid-Vicious). I have met the three kittens, but the dog dogs stayed in the camper. They were all here when Mama's husband died. I never met him either.

Well, I must get Mama ready for her big day ... more later,


Day 2

January 3rd 2013 6:31 pm
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Mama had her second trip to the radiation place today. But she was so very happy at home, because she has a new music box! She went to a place that sells fleas, and came home with a big black and glass box, and inside it are two smaller black boxes, that have wires to two even smaller black boxes, and when she turns all this on, sweet music comes out! She had such a smile on her face!

Then she went to the market that sells walls, and came home with a big stash of mousemeat, and more litter for our el-bees. She forgot the kibble, but says we have enough until she goes again to that store.

People have funny names for stores.


Christmas cookies?

January 5th 2013 6:06 pm
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I think Mama is cracking up. Today she made Christmas Cookies! She's either very early or very late! But it's good to see her doing something that makes her happy.
I stay very close to her ... she's had three radiation treatments now, some 30+ to go. I need to take care of her during this time. I knew when I first saw her at the shelter that I wanted to be in her life, to be HER cat, and love her and care for her as only I could. It's a very important job!
She has lots of quilt tops to quilt ... and I love it when she works on them. She won't let me lay on them though, something about "tension" and not being a "kitty hammock" .... Silly Mama.
You really ought to consider a quilt of your own. Misty designs them, Mama makes them ... for kitties all the way up to for people! Talk to Pepper the Cheetah, she's one really satisfied customer who keeps coming back!!


more cookies.

January 6th 2013 2:57 pm
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Today she made another batch! Was going to make brownies but got pooped. She is beginning to feel the effects of the radiation I think.

She got an order for a KING sized quilt (she doesn't usually make them that big) ... so there will be no shortage of kibbles for awhile.

She's got a new music box, and today she played stuff by some guy named mr. rock monny noff or such .... and a mr. shy cow ski. weird people but nice music. she says it's long hair music. well, i'm a long haired cat ... but i don't get the connection ...

tomorrow starts week two of radiation ...


How things are in Glocomorah

January 8th 2013 7:18 am
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Just thought I'd throw that in for any of you who are familiar with the movie Brigadoon. Mama loves that movie. She sings songs from it alot. I haven't seen it yet, but one of thse days i will ...

Two days into the 2nd week for her ... she's hanging in there. Not too uncomfortable yet (except when i walked on her) ... Ms Terri is here yesterday and today to drive her to the radiation place. Someone different tomorrow, Thurs, and Friday.

It's wonderful to live in a small town People help each other. Even help us furries! When one is lost (or found) everyone puts the photo on Face Book and gets the word out.

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