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the v word

June 15th 2013 2:28 pm
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ok, this is HORRIBLE! i can't stand the thought! i'm going to the.... the.... the.... oh i can't even say it! i'm goig to the VET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nooooooooooooooooooooo! why do they hate me?! what did i do? the last time i went to the vet was about a year ago when i was only a kitten, and my paw was stuck in a door.... ALL NIGHT. (that was when i lost one of my lives.) it was awful! and now i have to go again, because my mommy thinks i have- horrors- WORMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they think that's why i'm skinny! this is SO EMBARRASING!

and what made it even worse was that CUPCAKE attacked me las night! he chased me all around the house, and my mommy's mommy was so mad that he had to stay in a room the whole night and i got to sleep with my mommy! also, i got a whole pack of treats and didn't even have to share at all with cupcake! that was nice. MOL!!!!


weird family traditions....

June 10th 2013 9:04 am
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ok, so for the past week or so, my mommy left me yet again on another one of those "family vacations", and i had to stay outside THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME!!!! here's some pointers i've learned on how to tell if your human family will be leaving you for a while....

How to tell if your humans are going on "vacation"-

1. your humans will have a little boxlike things called "suitcases" and they will throw most of their cloth things in it.

2. their house will be very loud and they will put bags in the big steel contraption that takes you to the vet.

3. they will want to spend extra time with you and they will hug you and squeeze you till you explode.

4. you can also tell that they are leaving you when the steel contraption has left with your humans for a whole day.

there, does that help? well anyways let's get back to me and my family vacation....

well, i was almost absolutely fine with staying outside for the week with the other cats. why? because lately my mommy has wanted to keep me in a lot more and i haven't got to do a whole lot of hunting lately. this was a great oppurtunity to get some of my errands done and spend more time with the other kitties who mostly stay outside. the only reason i was unhappy about this was that CUPCAKE got to stay INSIDE the whole week while we stayed in the hot outdoors. but we weren't exactly alone the WHOLE time. the humans hired a PETSITTER to come and look after us. they weren't all that bad, since they gave us treats and attention, but i'd prefer that strangers stay away from ME at all times! a week later i was doing some of my hunting, as usual, and i thought i heard my mommy at home. "could that really be her?" i thought. i decided to go check it out, and believe or not, there was my mommy coming to see me! i ran down the driveway and she scooped me up into her arms and i FINALLY got to stay inside for the night in the cool air conditioning! MOL!!!!


i want my mouse!

May 31st 2013 7:56 am
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ok, so first of all i want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Catster! they have picked me to be one of the DDP'S for like five times!!!! i also want to say thank you to ANGEL BUDDY (62740) for the supersweet message, please stop by his page and give him a gift for me!

but anyways, i have become more spoiled by the minute. it's all because my mommy wants to fatten me up for some reason. though i may be skinny, it doesn't mean that i have to be skinny. i thought that humans WANTED their cats to be skinny instead of fat, i thought i was the perfect figure, like a fashion model! if my mommy REALLY wants me to be fat, she should've let me eat that chipmunk that Sapphire brought up! but NOOOOOO, she has to take me inside and feed me canned food instead (well actually i love canned food, but i don't see myself getting any fatter.) and now i'm getting even more spoiled. like a couplle of days ago i looked in the laundry room and there was only DRY food in the bowl! i was like, "uh mommy, do you seriously think i am, actually going to eat THAT????" so she gave me some canned food instead.

but then a few days ago i caught a juicy mouse, one of my favorite foods, and i left it right at the doorstep for my mommy to have, but instead of taking it, she quickly opened the door and put me inside. and all of the other cats ate my mouse while i sadly watched from inside. "mommy, it was for YOU not for THEM!" i complained, but since she is a human she could not understand me. i don't get WHY they won't take the gifts we work so hard to give them! MOL!!!!


parties and treats

May 29th 2013 7:01 pm
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ok, so i kinda feel a little embarrased writing this, especially since it made my mommy so mad when i did it, but i decided to write it anyways, so here it is....

well, every other night i stay outside and go to my cat parties in the woods instead of staying inside with my mommy. she REALLY dosn't like me doing this, but i got to see my kitty friends every once in a while in the forest just like my mommy has to go on her "vacations" and leave me for a while! but anyways, the kitty Memorial Day party ran a little late cuz all of us cats were so tired so i stayed all afternoon. this made my mommy go crazy wondering where i was and of course i had to go hunt for a bird or two before i came home, so it was late in the afternoon when i returned. i ran as fast as i could to the front door, hoping that there would be enough dry food left for me and of course there was, but my mommy was SO happy to see me that she took cupcake out of the room, closed the door and gave me a packet of treats instead! i was so happy and hungry that i could've eaten all of the treats by myself, but then my mommy HAD to let CUPCAKE in so it would be fair! whatever, at least i got MOST of it! MOL!!!!


i hate vacations....

May 24th 2013 1:51 pm
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ok, im SO SORRY i avent been writin in a while. but it's not MY fault! it's because my mommy went on anoter one of tose vacations again! WITHOUT ME. for those of you very few kitties that dont know what vactions are yet, let me just tell you, they are horrible! it's where your humans o leave you for a couple of days and leave you helpless and terrified. well, not excactly helpless, sometimes theyll even hire a petsitter to watch you! talk about TERRIFYING!

BUT ANYWAYS, when my mommy came home, i totally forcot to snub her, because i was SO happy to see her. but you should've seen cupcake wit my mommy's mommy. he was so excited to see her that he wouldn't stop followin her around the house! MOL!!!!


mothers day gifts

May 11th 2013 6:25 pm
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ok, so i COMPLETELY forgot that it was mothers day tommmorrow, until my mommy kitty (Pearl) got some steak and a "happy mothers day" pat from my mommy. i was like, "oh no! i got to get MY mommy a mothers day present!" My mommy kitty said that the best gift was the one that you hunt yourself, but then i told her how she freaked out when sapphire brought a bird on the deck. she was like "i know, bluebell! but you don't have to get her a present that she LIKES, you just have to get her a present! and, hey, where's my mothers day present?" she meowed. i told her that i ahd already gotten her a chipmunk and that the mothers day gift thing was a HORRIBLE idea.

i thought for a while and then i had a purrfect idea! i thought that maybe if i got her something from the forest, she'd like it because it's me, of course, and i ALWAYS pick the best gifts! sapphire sometimes forgets to make the bird look pretty when it's on the deck, and that's what i'm goign to do! i'm going to catch the prettiest bird out there and give THAT to her as a present! and if she doesn't like that then i'll just snub her! MOL!!!!


treats, treats, treats, and more treats!

May 9th 2013 6:48 pm
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ok, so if you read the title on this diary entry you have probably already guessed that good things have been fed to us kitties. well, that's what has happened for a couple of days....

it all started when i caught a big juicy mole! i know, it sounds gross, but you really should try it, it is SO GOOD!!!! but anyways, after i caught that and a chipmunk i went to bring the catch up to the front porch. well that's when my mommy kitty came strolling by. "well, blue, watcha got there????" she meowed curiously. "well," i replied with pride, "i just happened to catch this chipmunk and mole while i was hunting!" she purred and asked "well do you want to play prey-catch?" (prey-catch is this game we felines play when we roll our prey from one cat to another and it is SO MUCH FUN!!!! i mean who says 'don't play with your food' anyways?) but anyways after a little while of that i went inside to go eat and cupcake comes strolling by. (of course!) we were both headed towards the food bowl and were ready to eat. but then, instead of taking out the regular dry food, my mommy takes out the special canned food! me and cupcake went CRAZY while she opened the can and put it in our bowls! and THEN a few days later,there was catnip! we were all so crazy about it that my mommy had to put it on the laundry room counter.

i wonder how long that will work out.... MOL!!!!


it's raining, it's pouring!

April 29th 2013 5:59 pm
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ok, so last night it rained, no poured, and i was stuck outside! my fur clung to my sides and i was COVERED with mud. i think i might have smelled worse than sapphire! MOL!!!! but anyways, when my mommy was done with her "party" (a horrible thing where people get together and be loud, personally i'm glad she left me outside instead of keeping me in with all of those strangers!), she let me in and wrapped me up with a thing called a towel. boy do i hate those things, humans think that we felines can't clean ourselves so they create these cloth things and it usually ends up with our fur being more messed up then it was before! i was like "mommy, i appreciate the offer, but can't you see that i can clean myself? now PLEASE get that thing off of me!" but of course since she's a human, she can't understand the language of cats. so instead of trying to talk, i wriggled and squirmed until she took the thing off me. then i showed her that giving myself a tongue bath is WAY better than being dried off with some stinky towel!

but i still got to stay inside and sleep on my mommy's bed. the next day my mommy went to school and i got put out (as usual!) and so i decided to go on a morning hunt. well, i met up with my father on the way (he's a stray) and he told me that he heard that other cats heard that MY mommy was going to another house and feeding OTHER CATS besides me. he said it was called pet-sitting and when other kitties humans go away for a while, other humans "pet-sit" until they come back. first of all, i think that we cats can take care of ourselves and we don't need some other "pet-sitter" to come and take care of us! and second of all WHY do the humans leave their cats anyways? i just don't get it! MOL!!!!


my mommy's back paw

April 20th 2013 12:30 pm
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ok, so a couple of nights ago i saw my mommy playing with a bright green, stretchy string, or so i thought.... you remember when i wrote that entry about when my mommy got hurt? well, 3 months after that (yeah, it was a REALLY long time!) she got that big white thing off of her back paw. she also put those shiny metal sticks away too, thank goodness! boy, after three months those sticks can get a little terrifying! i think they're called clutches or something, but one day my mommy accidentaly dropped one of those and the worst and kind of funniest part was that it landed on CUPCAKE, my little brother!

but anyways, as i was sayin', i saw her playing with the green string, so i went up to check it out. she had tied it to a chair and she stuck her back paw into it and started pulling it fowards. i was like "uh, mommy, if you're trying to get your back paw out of the string, pulling it foward is NOT the best way to do do it." but she just kept on doing it and completely ignored me! how rude! and since it looked like she was trying really hard to get out, i padded on over to the chair and started to paw at the string. "see! THIS is how you get out of it, you untie it!" i meowed helpfully. but for some reason my mommy thought i was PLAYING with it, so she SCOLDED me! i was very offended, so i walked away.

later on sapphire told me that she was actually EXERCIZING her back paw instead of trying to get out of it! i felt SO embarrased. but i still don't get how that makes her paw better, and i guess i never will! MOL!!!!


a cat fight and an opposum (or however you spell that....)

April 16th 2013 4:16 pm
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ok, so last night there was an opposum on the deck! uggghhhh! i hate those things! they are ugly with little rat tails and pointy faces. they're also quite scary if you think about it! all of the cats try to stay away from it as much as possible, and we watch helplessly as it steals our food. this one was extra big (and scary) so we had to be careful to stay away from it even more! and to add on to it today, i got in a CAT FIGHT!

so i was walking in the forest, hunting and doing normal stuff, and as i was about to catch a bird, i heard a rustle in the bushes. the bird flew away and i hissed in anger. (i love those types of birds, they're my favorite!) and i guess the cat thought i was hissing at HIM, so he lunged at me and we got in a hissing, scratching cat fight! we rolled around for a while, growling at eachother fiercely, and then he got my soft spot so i let out a loud yowl. that startled him and he let go of me, with just enough time for me to escape.

i ran as fast as i could out of the forest and i sprinted up the hill towards the door. the black pavement started to hurt my paws and i skidded to a halt. My mommy's mommy kept on calling and calling and calling so much that i decided to go see what was wrong after a while, but when i got to the front door, she opened it and i saw that she was worried about me, so as soon as i got in the door i collapsed and fell asleep.

my mommy got home from school a few hours later. i was outside on the deck, resting, so she let me in and scooped me into her arms. she started to make kissy noises and i complained "ewwwww, mo-om stop with the mushy stuff!" but, of course, she couldn't understnad me since i'm a cat and she's a human, so she just kept doing it. i don't understand them sometimes! MOL!!!!

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