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My secretary is WAY BEHIND on my diary, he is going to try- to get caught up.

June 1st 2014 1:46 pm
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The daddy/secretary human has been kind of busy on some kind of computer thingy, he says he is writing something he calls "software" for some kind of camera they are building. Hey, my beautiful spotted coat is not soft enough for him? And even worse, this camera thingy won't even take pictures of great subjects like my sisfur Saphira and ME, just boring old stuff in the sky like stars and things. BORRRRING!!!

Anyway, expect some stories about goings on around here with Saphira and Moi.


My Birthday, and our profile pics are back!

May 28th 2014 4:23 pm
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This has been a double catebration! Yesterday was my third birthday! I am a big three years old now, but I still feel and like a play like a kitten. I need to thank some of my furiends for my neat prezzies:

The family of Harley ~ DB #173a, Cody ~ DB #173b and Raj ~ DB #173c for that cute bluebird

GAGA for the fun balloons

Ashlynne for the delicious cuppy cake

And if that was not enough to do the happy paw dance about, today daddy found that our long missing profile pictures are back! It was so yucky not being able see our COTD and DOTD winners. Now we can quit hissing at the fleas and start purring again!

Anyway, thanks to all of you for being my sweet furiends.


Our furiend Skitty's birthday

April 28th 2014 9:21 pm
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Hi, our furiend Skitty. has a birthday today (4/28). She is a sweet Chocolate Spotted Ocicat like me, I am sure she would apurrciate a birthday note or prezzie.

Thanks, Viola


Our furiend Tiger Lilly's gotcha day

January 19th 2014 2:05 pm
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Just wanted to let all of our furiends know that it is the gotcha day for Tiger Lilly,
a sweet little Bengal kitty. We love those spots! It would be pawesome if some of our furiends could send her a prezzie or pawmail of concatulations!

Thank You all!


I been naughty, and I got caught!

January 5th 2014 9:44 am
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Saphira and I both like to open the door to the linen closet and sneak inside to play. Yesterday mewomy and daddy heard me having a lot of fun in there, and since daddy thought it sounded like too much fun, he came over to check it out. DRAT! He caught me red pawed, with two shredded and now empty bags of kitty treats (my favorites!). I gave him my cute innocent look and so avoided any punishment, but later he put the few surviving bags of treats into a drawer nearby. RATS! Now I have to work on adding "opening drawers" to my skill set!


It is our furiend Leila's birthday today!

December 30th 2013 8:31 am
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Today is our furiend Leila's birthday. She is a cute playful Ocicat girl, just like me. We would love it if some of our furiends would send her a birthday prezzie.

Thanks, Viola and her pawrents


About Viola's new video (from dad)

December 26th 2013 2:41 pm
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Viola just posted a new video, titled "Viola tries out a Catmus toy". She loves toys, sometimes even ones not intended for kitties (see her last diary entry), and we got a few new ones for her and her sisfur Saphira. This toy is something that caught my eye at our friendly local Target (hoping my credit card survives!), and it seemed like it might be fun for the girls. When they first saw it on Catmus, both played with it a bit but Viola seemed really addicted to it. It would work much better on a hard surface floor, but most of our house it covered in carpet, sorry! She really seemed to enjoy it anyway, check it out and let her know what you think.

And Merry Catmus to all of our Catster furiends!


About Saphira and toys... (from Saphira's dad)

December 23rd 2013 5:36 pm
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I have mentioned on this diary and her sisfur Saphira's how playful and toy oriented both of them are, a very common Ocicat trait. It is one of the most delightful things about these wonderful kitties, along with the fact that they let us sleep all night without any wee hours wakeup calls! When I say "toys", I normally refer to typical kitty toys, like fuzzy mouse toys and various toy on a stick kitty teasers. One of my human grandkids received a remote controlled helicopter toy for his birthday, and had left it over at our place so grandpa could try to figure out why it was not flying quite right. I had left it on an end table in our living room, which also happens to be a favorite hangout for the felines, with a nice big bay window letting in lots of sun and giving them nice views of the birds and other critters outside. Also has some really nice soft couches and easy chairs where they love to nap.

The other week I went into the room to check out the whirlychopper, and it was missing! I also noticed that an open package that held a couple of fuzzy mouse toys that had been on the same table was also gone. In the past Viola has often taken various kitty toys from one room to another to play with them, and I found the box of kitty toys (empty!) on the floor near the table I had a pretty good idea of who might have been responsible. Still no helicopter! I looked everywhere it might have landed if it fell off the table, no luck! Widening the search, I finally found the missing aircraft in the adjacent entry hall, on the other side of an oak railing that separates the entry from the living room. The helicopter was far enough away from the table where I left it that there was NO way it could have fallen off and landed there. The only possible explanation is that a certain young Chocolate Spotted Ocicat I know picked it up and carried it there. As smart as she is, we are lucky she did not figure out how to turn it on and try to fly it! When I do fly it, they are VERY interested in the operation and I have to make sure I keep it away from either of them, lest it be mistaken for an attacking critter and brought down.

I once said of our girls that they are the most amusing cats to ever own us, now you see why!


WOWIE! My sisfur Saphira is Cat of the Week! Do I get some- extra treats too?

December 23rd 2013 5:03 pm
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My sisfur Saphira is Catster Cat of the Week! That is just pawsome! I just hope it means I get some extra treats too! What do you think? I think I deserve some for helping her win, I keep her in wonderful shape by helping with her exercise program, chasing her all over the house. Well, OK, she chases ME a little bit too!


OMC, how time flew... it is now one year since I came to my- furever home!

November 12th 2013 4:01 pm
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I woke up this morning to find pawmail and prezzies for my gotcha day, I had completely forgotten!

First I need to thank everyone else who DID remember me today, it was thoughtful and sweet of all of you, purring thanks to all of my Catster furiends.

I really like it here, my pawrents really love me and my older sisfur Saphira. When I first came to live here, she did not seem to like me much and hissed and growled at me whenever we got close. This was really hard to understand, since we both lived with the same breeder until I was about six months old and she went to live with meowmy and daddy. We slept together then and even she even groomed me. Anyway, in a few weeks we were getting along better, sleeping with the new pawrents, and chasing each other all around the house. In addition to providing me with a playmate, they have lots of toys for us, several nice kitty trees which I really love, and lots of fuzzy mouse toys they use to play fetch us both. They also keep some ping pong balls in their big tub, we both love to hop in there and bat them around. When it is empty of course! I really hang around with daddy a lot, so much so that he sometimes calls me his shadow. I usually nap and sleep with him, on cold nights like we are starting to have now I crawl under the covers with him. It's nice and warm under there!

I really like the grub here, we get canned kitty food three times a day, then a little snack of dry food before bedtime. And of course kitty treats too!

I almost furgot to mention one of the best things, we get all the strokes and scratchies and tummy rubs we want, and they are always telling us how good we are and how beautiful, and how much they love us both.

I love to play with everyone around here, they say I act just like a big kitten. Right now I am curled up beside daddy dictating this, but I am getting sleepy and feel the need for a catnap!

Thanks again for remembering me!


PS: On my gotcha day I want to remind everyfur to purr for all the poor kitties who are still waiting for loving furever homes, and do whatever you all can to help them find them.

PPS from daddy: Viola is too modest to mentions this, but after Saphira first joined us we were very pleasantly surprised at how well behaved she was, stayed off the kitchen counters, perfect about using her litter box, and very good about allowing the pawrents to sleep in the morning. When we adopted Viola, we knew that we would have to train her about the staying off the counters thing, which turned out to be very easy, and now everything nice I said about Saphira's great behavior applies equally to Viola. They are the two best behaved kitties we have ever met, and it is such fun to play fetch with them and also to see them playing together. They are both absolute joys!

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