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Sheela's Back At Home!

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My sister Shirley's a DRUG ADDICT!

March 18th 2014 7:40 pm
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Oh dear friends, I'm simply beside myself and don't know what to do. I've been working with mama as she writes her stories and acting as her secretary.

Yesterday I went in to work early for a little "ME" time, and to get away from Shirley's motor mouth. THAT'S when I saw the unthinkable...Shirley was standing over a pile of catnip.

Oh dear, there was about a good tablespoon there! Can you imagine what catnip does to a cat who already doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut? It makes her flap her jaws faster than I don't know what.

I went to get mama and tell her, but by the time we got to the bedroom, Hoover-mouth had already sucked it up! Then I had to listen to her half the night as she talked to sissy instead of sleeping.

Catnip addiction has gotten worse in my household. Mama found a supplier who ships it to her in bulk. And mama stores it in the fridge where I can't get to it and destroy it!

Oh what am I to do! Help me someone! If you don't believe me, just go see for yourself! pcb.669882006406586&type=1&theater


We Been Unner The Influence Of Catnip...Giggles...

February 7th 2013 7:56 pm
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I'm sorry I haven't written in so long, but I've been under the catnip:literally. Giggles...

Mommy went to her favorite Dented Deals store last week and they had our favorite catnip treats for only .39 cents a pack. So she did what ANY good cat mommy would do and she bought 2. Um...oops....make that 2 DOZEN! Teeheehee. We've all been having a blast!

My adopted brother Sammy got the munchies and climbed up in the cabinet again and found the Whiskas Purrfectly Fish pouches. He was so funny. All I could see were his big feet hanging out of the cabinet and barely touching the kitchen counter. Mommy tried to chase him down and get it away from him cause that's Sealys special food. Sammy ran behind the couch because he's smart and he knows mommy's too fat to fit back there.

I sure wish I could do catnip treats without that big mouth sister of mine sharing. You wouldn't believe how much catnip will loosen the jaws of a quiet cat. Never mind one as mouthy as my sister Shirley! You all just don't know what it's like when your sister gets ahold of her drug of choice (the nip) and then wants to tell EVERYBODY her life story. I've been with her since we wuz born except for about two months time total. I KNOW her life story. I even think she makes up stuff to make the other cats listen to her jibber jabber.

As for me, I'm doing good. I get lots of hugs and head rubs and I let mommy pet me a lot more than I used to let her.

Oops, I gotta go. King Furby just tried to jump on the feeding bar and miscalculated and knocked the crappola out of his chin. I really need to go check on him cause he's such a crybaby after he does something embarrasing. Cats do have chins, don't they.

Anyway, until next time, may you all be long in the catnip and short on the hairballs!


I've Been Sick!

January 14th 2013 1:25 pm
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Hi everybody! I'm sorry I've been gone so long but we've had computer problems and I really think they cost mama a few of HER nine lives!

My sister Shirley is doing great and eating lots of good food now. That's good because it's the only time she's not trying to talk my ear off.

I've been sick and having to take medsin. I had the runny poopies and it hasn't been any fun. Especially with mama and Laura having to chase me around to make me take my medsin. I really shouldn't have told them about all of my hiding places because they found me every time I was due to take my pill. It's easier now that they've learned to break it up in some canned food. They're not too bright sometimes...

I tried to run again last night because I'd forgotten my medsin would be in my food. I was slippery as a greased pig an it took both of them to catch me an put me in the feeding cage with my food. Then Laura had to show me the food an make me turn around an eat it.

I'm really happy here now an I sleep all over the place. I put a new picture on Catster of me taking a nap on my pillow. Mama says she needs to buy more toys instead of buying beds because all the cats wanna do is nap all the time.

I gotta go for now. I've managed to escape Shirley, but if she finds me I may never get her off my back. You all just don't know what it's like being trapped by a sister that just won't keep their mouth shut!


Christmas Sure Is Stressful-But Fun Too!

December 23rd 2012 4:18 pm
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Christmas sure is stressful! But it's fun too!

We got a lot of good stuff for Christmas. We got a toy with a ball in it that runs on a track. I play with it some, but mostly I watch Mandy make a fool of herself flipping and flopping trying to get the ball out. She's not too bright some days.

Mommy got us some Fancy Feast tuna and cheese food. YUM!!

Sissy Laura is sick with the coughie-woofies and the snottsnboogers. Mommy had to go by the people store and get her some cold medsin.

MY sister Shirley won't eat. She's doing just like I did an her belly was growling last night. She's SO unladylike at times. So mommy had to go get a new can of KMR powder so we can feed her like a baby. Mommy and Laura catch her and give her several syringes full of the milk so she gonna be OK.

She still hasn't shut up. She walks around hunting someone to talk to an still don't know when to shut up. I found an empty box on top of the fridge to hide and sleep in. Don't tell anybody cause this sleeping spot is a prize catch. Teeheehee...


My Sister Shirley Came Home!

December 21st 2012 12:09 am
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I've got great news everybody! My sister Shirley came home to be with me just after midnight Thursday morning! Mommy went by my former mommy's house and picked her up on her way home from work. Shirley had been missing me and wasn't happy.

It was SO good to see her! I knew something was up when my old carrier came through my bedroom door and I was skert I was about to have to leave. Then I heard that mouth. Meow MEOW meow MEOOOWWW. Couldn't be anybody but my sister with her big mouth. That cat talks more than cat I've ever met.

Anyway, she got out of her carrier and she wasn't skert at all like I was. She's already made herself
right at home again.

Shirley even let me wash behind her ears last night after she got settled. I don't guess her human servant had been doing that for her.

Mommy came home from work a few hours ago and there Shirley went again Meow MEOW Meeooowww meowie mew. She's giving me a headache!

I'm just glad she's back because I love her and I've missed her SO much!


My Cat Ladies Are Running Me Crazy!

December 9th 2012 5:12 pm
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My cat ladies mommy and Laura are running me crazy. I don't know whether they mean to do this or not.

It all started a week or so ago because some of the cats don't get along. Renny and Lucky have been wanting to come out of mommys bedroom, but Jasper and Sammy and Mandy like to chase them. So Laura's been putting Jasper and Sammy and Mandy in her bedroom so Renny and Lucky can come in the living room. Then she switches them back out after several days. OK-several HOURS, what do I know cause nobody will tell me what time it is around here.

Any way, I either get stuck in one bedroom or the other. I can't get in or I can't get out. This was OK with me until catnip came into the picture.

Mommy got us 2 bags of Temptations Catnip Treats earlier in the week. I done my share of it, I admit. First Laura brought me some in mommys bedroom, then she let me in the kitchen and I ate some more catnip on the cat feeding bar.

Then I got REALLY confused and couldn't remember where I was supposed to sleep. Can anyone remind me where I'm supposed to nap? I been walking back and forth through the house trying to figure out where I'm supposed to be...


I Slept With Mommy!

December 2nd 2012 8:02 pm
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I didn't go into mommy's bedroom to go to bed. I just kinda ended up in there while her door was open. Then sissy put Renny and Lucky back in there and shut the door and nobody knew I was hiding under the bed.

Mommy came in her room and then she said something about needing more food in there,so I figured I'd stick around for awhile. Mommy didn't even see me because when she said food, I turned around and went back under the bed. Not that she would have made me leave. As it turned out, I was hungry so I ate.

Then I got up on the bed with mommy. She was so proud of me cause she thought I was mad at her. Well, she had to chase me so much while sissy was gone to be sure I was eating, I got a little scared of her. Not that she could catch me. I'm too fast and I fit under the bed and mommy doesn't fit under the bed.

I turned around and around on the bed so she could pet me. Then I lay down on the bed to take a nap. A queen can never have too many naps, you know...

I haven't decided for sure yet, but I think I'll sleep with mommy again tonight.


Happy Caturday Everybody!!

December 1st 2012 3:02 pm
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I've been spending some quality time with mommy today. Mommy thought I was mad at her and didn't like her because I spent the week with Laura and would hide in MY room or under the kitchen sink in MY pot when mommy came home.

I'm the queen here and just like my privacy!

Today Mommy's alone and writing, so I came over to sit by her on the arm of the couch. She really needs my help to proofread because sometimes she can't spell!

Mommy petted me between writing, and I followed her around every time she got up. I have an ulterior motive-I KNOW she has chicken around here somewhere and I want some. I can smell it.

It sure feels like home here again. I've even been playing with Lucky. He was so little when I moved out. He's grown into a handsome cat. Plus he plays nice with me. We played kitchen hockey.

Oops, my turn. Lucky just hit the bottle top to me...gotta go....


I Made Cat of the Day!!

November 26th 2012 9:55 pm
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Oh wow everybody! I can't believe I made cat of the day! I don't really know what to say except THANK YOU! Thank you for all the gifts and the fwiend requests. I love making new fwiends!

Mommy's had a rough time without Laura here to help keep me from hiding. Mommy still has sore knees from getting down to make me leave my hidey hole under the kitchen sink. Laura's back now and I'm eating normal again. I just like to eat better with Laura here.

Guess what everybody! I ate on the cat feeding table in the living room for the very first time tonight! I haven't done that since I lived here before. That's where all the cats love to eat. There are food bowls and water bowls and treat bowls and there are beds to sleep on. We even have our own comfy pillows that put us way up high so we can see EVERYTHING!. Mommy calls it the cat feeding table. We cats call it a cat spa...


Home Alone!

November 21st 2012 10:48 pm
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Oh boy oh boy oh boy! What a day! Sissy Laura took her kitty Midnight and went away for Thanksgiving. What I wanna know is who left Jasper in charge? Jasper is Laura's cat and for some reason he thinks he's second in command. He's spent the day trying to boss us all around while mommy's at work. Somebody really needs to find him some kitty Prozac cause he's CRAZY! He's a brother to Mandy and Sammy, but mommy don't claim him cause he's always hung out with Laura.

Jasper was even mean to Cujo while mommy was at work. He kept sneaking up on Cujo in the dark and trying to scare him. Cujo's our cat-dog being raised as a cat, but he can't see in the dark. Jasper scared him so bad one time Cujo almost peed his paws!

I've had a good day. I took a long nap in the pot under the sink. Then Cujo and Jasper woke me up playing a wild game of "AMBUSH." That's their favorite game and they chase each other until one of them hits the wall and turns around and goes the other way. Looks tiring...

As for me, I'll stay on top of the toaster oven and keep watch out the window for mommy to come home. I'm gonna tell her how bad Jasper's been today. Hopefully Cujo will wear him out playing before bedtime.

I found a new big box waiting just for me in my bedroom. After all, I need my beauty sleep. Gotta be well rested for that Thanksgiving turkey I'm gonna swipe later. Yum yum!

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