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My journey with my first kitten, Milo.

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Day 3 with Milo.

September 11th 2012 8:46 pm
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I feel like such a proud mother, today after dinner, as always, I placed Milo in his litter box. He used the litter box and when he was finished, came out to play. He played with my niece for a long while, I was cleaning and organizing the clothes in my closet, so I come out to gather more of my clothes and I ask my niece where the kitten is. She tells me he's in the litter, I look and he is there, doing his business again. ALL BY HIMSELF! No one placed him in there, he just went. I know people say cats are quite easy to train but that didn't make me feel any less excited about Milo's big accomplishment! I'm very shocked and pleased at how quick he picked it up since I've only had him for three days! Before I got him, he was roaming the streets with his mother, he was never home trained. When the kittens and the mother returned, the owner proceeded with giving some of the kittens away, I was one of the lucky receivers. He also seems to be quite at home, more than ever. He jumps off the bed and goes exactly where he needs to when he needs to, he seems to know the room quite well already. He seems to be growing independent so quickly, I'm excited to see what more days with Milo will bring!



September 10th 2012 9:28 pm
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I've only had Milo for three days, but that little guy is such a big part of my life already! We think he's about 2-3 months, and he seems to be adjusting here wonderfully. I live in apartments at the moment, my parents live two apartments over so during the day he's at my mother's house and during the night, he's at mine. He seems to enjoy my house much more. He's happier, he plays, more affectionate. I'm usually running errands and gone during the day, I don't want to leave him alone in my house as I have not thoroughly cleaned it to make it kitten-friendly. I used to babysit my niece when she was younger not so long ago, I've found that having a kitten is a lot like having a baby. Having to put dangerous stuff in places they can't reach, making sure they don't put things in their mouth, making sure they don't potty on themselves/potty training. He usually likes to sleep during the day, so I don't think he seems to mind much. Just when he is awake, I can tell he doesn't feel at home.. and usually I don't stay very long after he's awake before I bring him home. I introduced him to my niece today and surprisingly, he took a liking to her very quickly. That made me very happy, my niece and I are very close, so it meant a lot that he liked someone I care a great deal about. He played with her, she fed him two treats, and he fell asleep cuddled next to her body as she hummed to him, it was the cutest thing. I'm moving to California and taking him with me November, 1st. I'm hoping he adjusts well to California, it'll be a bit of a change. It's a two-story home and there are two dogs there, very friendly, small dogs. They're both female, and I think he's going to get along tremendously with the one I favor, Fifi. She reminds me more of a cat than a dog, she loves to sleep all day, and is very active during dusk until 10-11 p.m., when she knows it's bed time. Milo usually seems to fall asleep around the same time, although it's central time here, I'm sure he'll eventually adjust to the time there eventually. He's asleep on my bed right now, last night he crawled out of his box and next to me, it was cute. Well, I just decided it would be pretty fun to start an online diary & document/remember all the highlights of Milo growing up so I'll post in here as much as I can and you're all more than welcome to read.

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