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My journey with my first kitten, Milo.

Milo's First Friend

November 10th 2012 12:25 pm
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Hello all!

Two days ago Milo, my boyfriend, and me traveled down to Southern California, Menifee, California to be exact. We're visiting family down here and my boyfriend had tickets to a football game close by. There's a small mixed breed dog named Dash, who is extremely adorable by the way, and lives here with his family. First introduction didn't go very well at all, Milo hissed at her immediately but we were all kind of grumpy and drained from the 10 hour drive, I know I was. The next day when I opened the door, Milo darted out of the room! He ran around a bit and then to the puppy and was immediately curious about her. She's in her little kennel at the time, and he's sniffing her through it, she the same. We were going to leave in a few minute so I picked him up and placed him into our guest bedroom until we arrived home. When we arrived home it was pretty late and everyone was already fast asleep. I let Milo run around the house while we watched T.V. and shortly after, we all headed to bed.

This morning after getting our breakfast, warm tea/coffee (it was extremely cold this morning, so different from Texas weather), we fetched Milo from our room and let him roam around the house as we watched TV and enjoyed our warm beverages. An hour later, the other people in the house awoke and brought the puppy downstairs with them. She ignored Milo's presence for a bit, as she was overly excited to see us all and then she went to him. They sniffed each other and Milo tried to swat her nose, lol. I know.. I know.. I shouldn't teach him that kind of behavior is nice and I did let him know, but it was more of an air swat so it was funny. She didn't seem to bothered by it and kept going near him anyway. Surprisingly, he let her. They kind of check each other out for a bit and then she runs upstairs to her bedroom. Who goes chasing after her? None other than little Milo, it was really cute. It was even cuter to see them try to figure out a way to play with each other, chasing the balls, running up and down the stairs after each other. He chased her more than she chased him, and he never made any body language that was he scared so I'm going to assume he enjoys it. He makes me catch him all the time. He'll swat my foot and then go running away for me to find him, and then when I do, I go running away for him to find me and when he does, we rinse & repeat. It's a game him and I usually play a lot. He never once hissed or growled at her today and even follows her around the house at times. It makes me happy and sad because in a day we're leaving and this is Milo's first little friend. I think he feels so comfortable around her because she's his size, maybe even a teensy, weensy bit smaller. I'll have to see if these two little rascals let me capture a photo or video so I can upload it, right now they're both fast asleep.


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Purred by: Skylar db#39A (Catster Member)

November 10th 2012 at 8:02 pm

Awesome! Sounds like they had alot of fun.
Purred by: Milo Mohinder McKay (Catster Member)

November 11th 2012 at 9:47 pm

Too much fun Skylar, they wear each out to the point of exhaustion! Adorable little pals!

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