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Luci's Health Issues: Bartonella (Cat Scratch Fever)

Thanks to All

October 10th 2012 10:56 am
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Thanks for the DOTD award! Also all the nice gifts Luci has received! We're new to the website and still figuring it out. Most times I'm looking on my phone so some areas are hard to respond to.

Have a great day!


Luci's Health Issues: Bartonella Cat Scratch Fever

October 6th 2012 9:50 am
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One week after Luci's adoption she had very red, swollen gums, one visit had swollen glands in her neck only, hardly ate, and started running from us. Vet checked and couldn't believe how bad it was for such a young kitten. Several diagnosis based on her history, fish allergy, herpes virus, stomatitis. After 6 vet visits, 4 different antibiotics, two steroid shots she would only be 50% better. Vet recommended biopsy and dental cleaning. I haven't owned a cat ever, or a pet in 30+ years. It was hard to see her suffer so my boss has been seeing her vet forever so I got a second opinion. He said everything had been done right but before getting a biopsy and dental cleaning ($500) he tested her for Bartonella. She was 4+ and lab noted in all caps VERY STRONG POSITIVE. Now on specific antibiotic for 21 days. Already she looks as normal as I've ever seen her gums look! Our 1st vet was very happy we have an answer, and so happy she is better. She said she never thought about Bartonella. Second vet said most vets don't even get proper training on this issue. Up to 80% of cats carry the bacteria but never have symptoms. NEVER be afraid to get a second opinion! I work in a hospital and wouldn't think twice about getting a second opinion for myself so Luci needed one too. I've spent $110 getting the testing and office visit done but that's better than $500. She will need a titer test in 6 months ($150) to determine the meds worked and she gets a clean bill of health. I'm so glad she is now acting like an 8 wk old kitten because she felt so bad the first 6 weeks we had her. We need to still work on her aggressive play but I'm just happy she is feeling so much better. Note: I also updated the shelter and the foster family who had her first and the Petsmart we adopted her out of. This is so easily spread to other cats by infected FLEAS!

Important: This can be transmitted to humans by a scratch or bite!! Very dangerous to anyone who already has health issues and their immune system is compromised. Also dangerous to anyone who is pregnant. Can cause multiple heart issues and other health concerns.

I'm sharing our story to let others know it is a real condition and can be so dangerous for the cat and it's owners. Please share with anyone you think needs to know about Bartonella.

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