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Marquis' Adventures

Good Bye, my Marquis

February 14th 2013 1:39 am
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They say St. Valentine's Day is for love and happiness. But it is not truth. My Valentine's Day is just pain and tears. Not only I broke up with my true love, but my dearest Marquis was put asleep.... He left this world today. And even if I'm professioanl writer, I cannot find any words to describe such deep emotions.

Marquis was so sick for all month. Putting asleep was only one way to stop him suffering. Who knows? Maybe he wanted to die betetr than suffer such pain. Maybe he is happy now with angels. I hope per heaven exist. I really would wish that pet cementary would exist in my town or near it. He deserves a nice monument and flower and candles.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

No one loves you unconditionally as your beloved pet.

If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans. ~ James Herriot

You fought hard to stay alive, my friend.
In the end, though, you couldn’t conquer death.
But neither did death conquer you.
Death cures all diseases, mends all broken bones,
Breaks all chains.
And made you free at last.

And now we lay you down to sleep
You’re finally at rest
Our love for you we’ll always keep
You were the very best
You gave us joy for all those years
A memory for each new day
Then came the day of all my fears
The day you passed away
A part of us you took with you
And I can’t stand the pain
But when this life on earth is through
I know we’ll meet again.


Again Painful Problem...

January 21st 2013 2:00 am
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For few days I was suffering so much... All started because somehow my poops got hard and I couldn't do natural "thing" easy. So poops hurt my anus and it started bleeding...

I licked it very very hard and suddenly lost hair on my private parts. But it hurt so much, I had to lick it. But I did bad thing... I licked too much with my sharp tongue and my naked anus got rashes, itched more- I licked more. My owners used good oil on it, but it hurt too much any way... They went to one bad doctor who gave me bad medicine to make my poops liquid, I got diarrea.... I was just laying in my box because my belly hurt so much. These medicines damaged my stomach and all body inside. I stopped eating and just meowed from pain. My owners were crying and went to other city to vet, but it was too many people and they asked a nurse what to do. She said to give me antibiotics, use antibiotic cream on my wounds and put...pants on me. They did this. But I hate being dressed. So I was very angry and bit them all to leave me alone with my pain.

But I calmed down after some hours and my owners went to sleep. I just waited for this. I took off these baby clothes and started licking my anu again.... But what I did was even more painful...and even more horrible to watch. Skin of my all anus and around it...TEARED OFF. It was so bleeding, hurt that I cannot even tell how. And it had such rotting smell. I meowed like mad in a middle of night, my oldest owner was crying like mad and holding me, but that holding hurt me even more. Probably all neighbours thought what wild animal my owners have.

It is very hard to explain how that wound looks now. Very very bad.... ugly.... But today my owners took to new vet in other city. I was so scared to be in a car and see these two young men vets, but I was brave and meowed silently just few times. They gave me box of cream for wounds, they injected me three times in back and......... OMG they put a huge plastic collar on my head.... I so hate it. When I got home, I tried to tke it off, but couldn't. I walked back, shook head- nothing worked. I tried to hide in my favorite holes rom everyone, but I couldn't, because that thing on head didn't let me. So I laid on table in kitchen...and right now I calmly sleep. Now I know I will survive, but day ago, I thought I will die....


My First Unhappy Birthday

December 4th 2012 1:20 am
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Last day, when owners were at work, I hit and somehow opened bottle of washing softening liquid...I got scared of that smell that I got all filthy from that stinky liquid, my mouth was full of it, my all fur was messed up, stinky, all wet like grease. I started to vomit with white liquid, my eyes started to hurt so much from all that greasy liquid on my eyeballs. My owners tried to help me, but I was too scared and ran away from them. When older owner came home, she put me inbath.... It was my first bath ever, but I was quite calm, just few times meowed REALLY LOUD, but I didn't hurt her, I liked water, because I wanted to wash out all that stink from my fur and mouth. They even gave me black ugly water with medicine, after bath they put me in towel and put in bed, put warm bottle that I would be warm, but I was scared, so sick, I shook like leaf all evening....

Today I just sit next to bowl of fresh water, but I am scared to eat and drink, I'm scared it can be again these chamicals, and my tongue hurts very much, my eyes. But at least I'm clean again. I hope I will get better, because I hate vets, they always torture me and never understand that I hate strange people, strange smells. I love just my owners and nobody else.

So that's my sad and tragic birthday. I hope I won't die...

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