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quick up to date

October 18th 2012 4:00 pm
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mom has some new pics of me - mom says that what she has heard about pictures of black kitties are so true - it is hard to get a good pic, but she got some - now just gotta put em on here! I go for the big snip on Nov. 1. Mom also wants the vet to look at my paw. I sort of walk slow & funny and I tend to hold it up when I am sitting. She went to cut my nails, and when she held that paw I pretty much went ballistic - which is VERY unlike me. I don't really run around alot like a 5 month old kitten should do, and mom wonders if it is because my foot feels funny. There looks to be almost another nail growing under the one nail on my pawpad. Not an extra toe, but a nail. So the vet will look at it when I go in, and maybe can fix it then. I would go sooner, but the vet is gone for a week, and mom kinda has her hands full with Maizy right now. Other than that, I am doing very well. I stay upstairs most of the day now, and doze in mom's closet or one of the kitty beds. I try to meow at mom, but I still squeak. SHe says it is very cute though. oh and guess what I did? The other day, mom was at the kitchen table having her coffee & watching the morning news, and I jumped up onto her lap all by myself! she did not even call me - I just did it! I took a nap in her arms, and purred the whole time. OH yea mom says she is gonna get me a collar, cause when I lay on the dark green rug in her room, sometimes she cannot see me - & doesn't wanna squish me! Well, mom has a bunch to write in Maizy's diary, so I will sign off for now with a squeak!


growing up!

October 5th 2012 2:30 pm
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I went to the vet today & got my rabies shot. I am official! I am now 5lb! so the vt said to mom that I can have my "boy parts" removed. I will get a microchip then too. Mom is waiting for my insurance to be approved, so that it can count towards the deductible, but I should be going this month. I am doing better - I howled the whole way to the vet's office! Thank you so much to everyone for the balloons, and the Cat o the Day wishes. Mom wants to thank everyone individually, but it has been a bit crazy round here, so we at least wanted to say THANKS! Monday, she takes the last feral kitten Jett, to her foster momma. This lady is taking the other 2 - she is awesome! squeaks to all for an excellent weekend!


lil ol' me?

September 30th 2012 10:27 am
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wow...Mom was really surprised when she went online real quick yesterday! I cannot thank everyone enough! Yesterday was a beautiful day, and mom had to return most of the traps she borrowed, and did some more outside stuff. I lounged on the screened porch & watched Tigger watching mom. We will be on to thank everyone & look at all the goodies prob tomorrow, but I wanted to do this quick silent meow-out to everyone!
Some awesome news, yesterday in celebration of my day, I played & RAN AROUND upstairs! I was upstairs almost the whole day! Mom ran downstairs to throw in a load of laundry & she heard this awwwroooooo awwwrooo noise from outside. It was me by the door wanting IN TO MY HOUSE! I had an awesome day. More tomorrow & many thanks again to all!


each day a little more

September 21st 2012 7:47 am
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Mom says each day I get a little better. I keep coming upstairs alot more, and when I do go downstairs, I am not hiding in the back of the fridge anynmore. I like to nap in the big carrier in the laundry room like my own little cave. I don't seem to jump and startle quite as much. Everyone is still being very quiet & talking to me alot when I come upstairs. I even got some nip & wow did I like it! Mom did not think I would get the kittybuzz on it yet, but I did. She thinks that will help too cuz it is a feel-good thing. I got some Calming Treats too, and they are yummy. They have vitamin B, L-theanine & colostum in them meant to relax, so yesterday & today I ate one. It's not like mom wants to drug me up or anything, but she is just trying to help me feel better. I even laid on the bed for a while (she set me on it cuz I can't jump up there yet) but I stayed for a while! I also think that I was probably picking up everyone here being upset with everything too. So mom says once the safe doors get put in, she will feel better & safer and Nana too - so that should even help more. Thank you everyone for the gifts! talk to you soon! silent meows, Felix the Brave



September 19th 2012 11:42 am
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Arr - I almost popped my pirate patch ye mateys! Little ol scrap o fur me DOTD! Matey Mom says she will be back in a bit after swabbin the decks. Tis a good guffaw, cuz she sez I was the little pirate that stole her heart, so it be perfect that it be today fer me spotlite. Today be a little brighter fer me. I be trying not to let what them scallywags did get ter me, and I was up on deck most of the sunup. Matey Mom she been sharing the booty o kitty treats with me, and letting me swashbuckle the toys so it be making me see that on deck t'aint so bad fer me. A big salute to all fer my wishes, and I shall hoist my pirate flag to ye! Arrrrrr squeak!


still so scared

September 18th 2012 2:12 pm
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I keep trying real hard to be a brave boy, but it is not so easy. Every time I hear a loud noise, it really scares me. The ice cube dispenser on the fridge, the snap of the cat food can opening, car doors. I even jumped when the mail slot opened. And zoom down stairs I go. Mom found my super secret hidey place though, and I cannot get hurt there. Actually Smitty showed her where I was. I also crawled into one of the cat carriers that was open in the laundry room. I have been coming upstairs to eat, and mom tries to play with me while I am up here to make it a positive place again, and gives me food & I got some freeze dried chicken treats! I am not the same kitten I was a week ago, and it has made mom so angry at them. She says that here she offered me a home to be happy & safe in, and they took that away from me. I really hope that I will not stay this frightened - I hate to see Mom worrying like this.
mom here:
I am doing everything I can think of. We all move very quiet, I try not to make any loud noise. I hold him & pet him. He did fall asleep on me Sunday night, but he would not sleep upstairs in his favorite little box. Along with the noise, I am pretty sure that Felix was in the bed in the kitchen, as he loved to nap there. When I looked at the blanket in the box, there was glass kind of in a semi-circle, which tells me that he was probably in it, and they threw the candleholder so hard, I mean the glass was everywhere, some must have landed on him. So putting all that together for a 4 month old baby to go through- ohh I could just scream. The other kits are a bit spookish, but not too bad. I put the Feliway in the basement, but I thought about a calming collar - I don't know if they can be used for a kitten though. If anyone has any ideas to help my poor little boy, PLEASE let me know. He was just starting to feel relaxed & comfortable too, and it is even worse than when he was first here. We lost all that progress & then some. I just want him back to the happy go lucky kitten he was.


before & after

August 30th 2012 1:56 pm
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Mom is so glad she took that picture on my gotcha day. Each time she looks at it, well it is hard to believe how terrible I looked. And that picture is after she got the grass out of my nose. I was even worse. Now my fur is so glossy & shiny. I am playing more with Smitty, and he is much more gentle. Mom even caught me jumping on him to start a smack-down! I am still pretty laid back for a kitten, but that is probably my personality. In the morning, I wait my turn for breakfast, and then I either lay on mom's lap or doze in the little wood bed in the kitchen while she has her coffee. Then I get a good pet, and she goes into her office to work. I go & see what she is doing, and then I will pop into Nana's room to say hi, and nap on her rug. I have been having fun with the furry mousies & have killed several milk rings to keep mom safe. Mom says I purr louder than a jet engine, even though I do not make a sound when I try to meow. I still can only squeak a teeny bit. Mom will ask the vet, but she wonders if maybe from the grass blade it scarred my throat or something...it doesn;t matter, I love to purr anyways, and I am happy. So very happy in my new home. I am not even afraid of The Dad, and he can give a good chin rub too! Next week I go back for another shot, so I will update then. no meow, squeak!


baths are not cool

August 27th 2012 2:17 pm
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well...I had a bath Saturday. Mom was real quick, but it was scary. I was shaking so much she felt me vibrating through all the towels. She felt bad, but there was so much dirt that came off me with the rinse water, she thought maybe I would end up not being a black kitty after all! Silly mom. I looked like a drowned rat with my skinny tail. But now, mom says I am softer than velvet & so shiny & clean. I feel pretty good too - I attacked that milk ring & killed it - I made sure mom was safe from that bad ol milk ring! All I gotta get under control is the pooting. Mom says I can clear a room when I use the box. So maybe it is my tummy adjusting to good food still. I eat only kitten food, 99% wet, with only a few kitten kibbles as a treat at night. When I was outside us feral cats got fed the best food mom could afford, but with 8 of us out there, it was 9 Lives canned and Boots & Barkley dry. So I guess my system is still adjusting to higher protein. So while my butt might be a bit stinkish, my fur smells like baby powder! Smitty even helped lick the water off to dry me! He seems to be getting better, and playing more gentle. I even played with Maizy, which Smitty tells me is an honor she rarely bestows! And Tigger let me lay next to him on the couch!
Well, time for a nap before dinner...squeaks & silent meows, Felix



August 25th 2012 11:48 am
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hi all! I get a bath today - mom says cause it is warm out & I can go on the screenporch to warm up & dry off. I haven't even been hiding under her bed so much. I sit out in the kitchen or I stop in by Nana's room to visit. I still love to snuggle on mommas lap at nite. The Dad has been playing with me using Da Bird & a fish pole that Smitty says is way cool. We were playing together too! I was playing in the crinkle rolly tunnel, and Smitty got a little excited & reached in & pulled me out by my neck...mom tried hard not to freak out, and I did squeak, but then Smitty let go & washed my face. We always sit next to each other waiting for dinner. Can you believe that? We get dinner EVERY nite! in a SILVER BOWL! (mom says it is stainless) it's pretty & it's FULL of this yummy smelly kitten chicken food that is all I care! no more eating off the ground! I still cannot believe it! I feel great - no more breathing troubles, and no more snotty face or eyes. Mom says I will stay on the lysine yet, but it doesn't really bother me. Well, I guess it is bath time for me..mom says she has kitten shampoo that smells like baby powder..can't I just smell like a kitty mom? I am a little nervous cause Smitty ran the other way when he heard the word bath...but momma says it is not often & I gotta get all the yucky outside dirt off me now that I feel better. and that I will feel even better too. I will let you know how it goes!



August 23rd 2012 3:14 pm
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Hi everyone! Just stopping in to say how well I am doing! I had my first shot, and I am growing like a weed. Momma says I eat like a pony, not a kitten! I am starting to play, and run around a little. I am pretty quiet though & I love to lay on my momma & fall asleep while she rocks me. I still cannot seem to meow though. I can squeak if I really try. Mom hopes there is nothing else wrong, that it is just from being sick. I go back in another week for my next shot, and mom says something about losing my boy marbles? I dunno. I do know that I love it here. There is so much to explore & toys to play with. I get food for my tummy whenever I am hungry - I do not have to fight for it or anything. I have warm soft places to sleep, and mom said this weekend I get a bath & to learn about something called a brush. I already had my nails cut & I think I did pretty good. I only squeaked once. For some reason, I still cannot meow. I open my mouth to, but nothing comes out. That is partly why momma named me Felix, cause he was a cartoon in silent films - and I am a silent kitty.

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