August 10th 2012 7:23 am
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Rain, rain, rain – it started yesterday, and doesn’t seem to want to stop! The Human Mama has put up three more makeshift sleeping boxes on the North porch for us, so we have a soft dry place to curl up. Plus she threw a tarp over the bench to give us another dry spot to sit underneath. We are playing fort right now, jumping on and running in and out of the boxes and through our tarp fort. The rain has cooled everything down and we are having fun!!!

The other thing is that when the Mama got home last night, Marble was on the balcony over the cattery! Here’s a pic, though Marble isn’t in this one:
Cattery showing balcony above
The pawrents have seen the ferals climb on top of the cattery, but never all the way to the balcony! She was concerned that he might have trouble getting back down out of there, so she went upstairs and carried him down. Fortunately, he took it well and didn’t give her a hard time – she wasn’t sure, never having actually picked him up before. He appears to be mellowing out considerably. (Though he still chases the rest of US around.) The Mama made him his own separate sleeping area by the front porch, which he is happy about. So are the rest of us on the North porch, who get a break from him!

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August 11th 2012 at 9:34 am

Hi Ferals!
We've been enjoying the rain and cooler weather here in the Michi-Mitt! It's been a relief. Neat pic of the Cattery. My orange brother Mango used to climb up (and I think down) from a lower level to an upper level deck. Me...I couldn't do it, but some kits can no prob.

Enjoy the cool weekend,
Purred by: THE FERALS (Catster Member)

August 11th 2012 at 5:06 pm

Hey Gumpy! We love the cooler weather, but appreciate having someplace dry to retreat to, that's for sure!




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