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Da Cat Who Came in from the Cold

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A Note From Charlie's Momma

June 3rd 2013 12:24 pm
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We had Charlie put to sleep today at around 11. He was very sick - everything hurt, even the most delicate touches. The only place he still enjoyed getting petted was the top of his head. His veins were collapsing and he was literally wasting away in front of my eyes. My mom, my sister, and I were all with Charlie until the very end, petting him and letting him know how loved he was.

My mom and I buried Charlie in our backyard. We also buried the ashes of one of our bassets, Hanky Panky, along with Charlie. Charlie will never be alone. Hank was about the same color as Charlie, except he also had white fur. We plan on planting lots of orange and apricot colored flowers, so when we look there, we'll always remember Charlie and Hank. I'll be able to see the spot when I am out in the backyard swimming and tanning, which will remind me of where I really fell in love with Charlie, by the pool at the apartment complex in Austin.

Thank you very much for the nice comments and gifts that everyone has left Charlie. There have been a lot of comments saying Charlie was lucky to find us. I think that's true, but I think we were even more lucky to find Charlie. He helped remind everyone of what is really important - a dry comfortable place to sleep, some yummy food, fresh water, and most importantly, love. I hope I gave him just half of what he gave me.

Everyone is very sad here. Charlie will be very missed.


Me and My Momma: A Love Story

June 3rd 2013 12:51 am
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So I know I said I were tired, and I am. But I got one last thing I gotta tell y'all.

For years, I'd been living da wild life of an outside dude. I'd been living at da partment complex, killin lotsa rats. And da were plenty of rats, believe me, one even ran over my momma's foot. Sorry momma, guess dat one got past me. And going back to da big ol estate behind da complex and killin birdies. Nothin like bird guts. Anyways, I were getting older and all dat wild livin were getting to be hard on my bones. So I figured I better start lookin for a momma.

And I didn't want just any momma. I wanted a pretty young blonde trophy momma. Dat are da kind of momma dat can make an old guy settle down for good. And I sees one bringin me kitty food. And not just any kitty food, her sister's cat's Fancy Feast. So not only were dis one pretty, she had da good food too.

Some of y'all may be wondering how an old guy like me got a pretty blonde trophy momma. Well, da keys to it are persistence and flattery. Not insulting and acting rude like some guys think. I would hear my momma's loud Mustang going vroom vroom in da parking lot den da loud honk from it lockin den da loud jingle jangle from her million and one keychains. So I'd come runnin like a dog. Yeah, it are a little degradin. But it are all part of da plan. I'd go sit with my momma when she were out by da pool tannin. Even though she didn't have no food. It showed her I really cared and valued her for something other than da Fancy Feast.

But make sure to let da potential momma know dat dere are other potential mommas around too. Maybe don't come round for a couple days. Make her worry a little.

And work da pity angle. Get caught out it in da rain outside her door and cry. Cry loud.

And once you get in, act like you are so shocked. Make her feel special. Act like you's never seen a bed before. If you don't get up on da furniture yourself, not only do your pretty momma help you up (which also makes your back feel better), but you get cat treats for being up on it too.

Den when you decide to counter surf, your momma thinks it are cute you is being so bold, not annoying.

Anyways, things was going good with my momma, but den she moved back home with her family. OMC, three more people, another dog, and two more cats??? Da momma's sister - I remembered she gave me food some too, so she were ok. And dat grandma, she are ok, once I figured out she were not gonna eat my head. She were just kissin it. She made bacon too - yum yum!! And dat grandpa with his music, he and I spent lots of time listening to jazz. Which are nice, because while my momma got some good musical tastes - I like da exotica and da Willie Nelson, she are also a big Britney Spears fan. And dat music are more Maurice's speed. Da downfalls of pretty young mommas.

And da dogs - well I learned dogs can be nice. Dey would chase off Maurice when he wanted to play and my back were hurting.

And da other kitties - well Maurice are kinda a big goofball, but he are nice. And Jezebel, she are pretty nice too, even if she did try to steal my foods too much.

So I's had a pretty good last year with my momma, it were nice. But I's tired now and she understands dat. And dis weekend I gots four people doting on me and it were pretty nice.

Dat are my story, and it are special to me. So kitties, go love your mommas or daddies. Dey are all pretty special.



I's Tired

June 2nd 2013 6:20 pm
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I's really tired. I been sleeping all day today, which are a lot better dan yesterday when I just couldn't sleep at all. I's been drinking my water, but dat's about it. I just so tired.

Momma says I's getting to go to sleep for good tomorrow, and I think dat sounds pretty nice to me.

Thanks to all my pals for da POTPs and good thoughts. I loves y'all big time.


Not Feeling Too Good

June 2nd 2013 10:48 am
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Today were not a good morning. Momma and her momma gave me da sub-q fluids again. I were doing pretty good with it, but den grandpa started to come in to say hi to me. And Whitley da dog came right on in with him. Momma hissed at both of dem to go away.

Well, den Whitley wanted to come back in da room and started gettin barky about it. And dat made me real agitated den my needle came out. So I had to get restuck to keep it going. I were not a happy dude and were growling big time.

At least dat are over until tonight when I need more fluids.

I are not feeling good today. I did a poop and da effort of it made throw up a little a couple times.

Momma took some more pictures with me today and now I is sleeping on my blanket. Momma put it on her bed and I got lotsa people in here keeping me company. I like being surrounded by people - it are really nice. Having a family dat loves you is da bestest thing in da world.


Et Tu Momma??

June 1st 2013 10:14 am
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I didn't have to go to da vet dis morning, which I thought meant I wasn't gonna have to be pumped full of fluids and tortured. I was wrong! My momma and grandma did it themselves. OMC, can't a dude catch a break?

Da vet techs had been talking bout me like I was real cranky about it and impossible to get da needle in because I are so skinny. Well, dat started to make my grandma a little nervous. She felt pretty confident bout da needle because she are used to giving her dog, Finley, allergy shots, but dey was making her a little worried.

But I did a pawsome job at getting da fluids. I made a few grumbles and I swatted at my momma, but it were a no claws kinda swat. So dey were all worried bout it for nothing. I got some vitamins along with da fluids and some medicines too, including a large dose of steroids to try to fight da cancer in my kidneys.

And in a little bit grosser news, I finally pooped! I hadn't pooped since like Sunday and it felt real good to get it out. But I barfed all over da place too, in fact I woke my momma up barfing in her bed.

Last night was real nice, I spent hours listening to jazz music with my grandpa. We's jazz buddies and it were nice to have some guy time.

I heard da momma's talking about threatening to feed me again. OMC, don't they ever let a dude be! I hasn't been wanting to eat, not even a bacon bit. So they'll probably make me eat again.



May 31st 2013 1:17 pm
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So we's got some more bad news today. Looking at da ultrasound, my kidneys are enlarged. Most da time with kidney disease, da kidneys get smaller as da disease progresses. Enlarged kidneys usually means lymphoma. Da only way to know for sures are to do a biopsy, but my momma says I don't gotta go through that.

I is home for da weekend. Da vet gave my momma all kindsa fluids and medicines. She ain't bothered me with 'em yet, which are good because I are really tired. She and her momma and her sister are crying a lot though. They is all telling me what a good kitty I is and dat dey wish I weren't sick. I wish I weren't sick too.

Momma was telling me dat she are not gonna make me deal with being all sick too long. She are going to give me da weekend to have a nice time with my family and if I are still feeling bad, dat I will be getting to gettin a Lifetime Achievements Award for being a pawsome kitty. She says she knows two other nice kitties who is waiting for me there. One of dem are her firstest kitty ever, another orange tabby whose name was Bevo. And a pretty gray and white girl named Elvira.

Right now I is just in my chair on my nice new blankey napping.


New Numbers

May 31st 2013 8:11 am
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So I is back at the vet for a half a day of fluids and all. The vet closes at lunch today, so I get to come home for the weekend then. Momma are gonna learn how to do the sub-q fluids for me.

My momma and grandma found out my new numbers today and it are not good news. My BUN are the same as it were last Thursday and my creatine has dropped to 8.8, which are still very high. My phosphorus has dropped to 12 from 13, which are also still high.

I has not been eating voluntarily - my momma has tried different kinds of cat food, baby food, sar-deens, chicken livers, and even bacon bits which were my most favorite treat. I wasn't interested in dem. I has managed to eat about three cat treats yesterday.

So my momma fed me by syringe. I wasn't too happy about it, but I did pretty good eating that way. She got a good amount of food down me.

My momma is planning on giving me the weekend to see if I improve anymore. She are hoping I can, but trying to understand that I just might be tired of trying so hard. I's been fighting for a long time before I knew my momma. Last year, I finally had to stop fighting to get a home and get loved. She says she'll always love me no matter what and so will everyone here. I got loves from four people - my momma, her parents, and her sister Ally (Maurice's momma). I's made friends with two kitties, even if Maurice and I is not besties, we do get along pretty good, and I's made friends with two nice dogs, even if Whitley do bark too much. It has been a really nice year, da best one of my life.


Another Day at da Vet

May 30th 2013 5:21 pm
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So I'm back from the vet - I had to go again for more fluids. I have to go in for a half day tomorrow and then the vet is gonna show my momma how to do the sub-qs at home for the weekend.

I got a nice new fleecy blanket for my chair - it are yellow with owls on it. My momma made it and my grandma made me a matching pillow. Dey are so nice and snuggly and I'm really enjoying them.

Last night I didn't want to eat anything except for one cat treat. So my momma syringe-fed me since she says I needed da food. I didn't really like it too much, but I did end up eating about 75% of da food. And she are threatening to do it again tonight if I don't eat on my own.

Last night I was also very wobbly and barely able to walk - momma said I were walking like I were super drunk.

Today I had to suffer all kindsa indignities at da vet. Da vampires stole some more of my blood to check my numbers again and dey even did an ultrasound. My momma came for dat. Dey made me lie on my back and rubbed dis weird thing all over my belly. It were not fun! My momma and grandma petted me da whole time. Da tech said dat my liver looked good. We'll know a little bit more once da internist looks at da scans. Da vet also said I were getting feistier, which are a good sign.

I ate about 3 cat treats today and have been drinking water. I am walking better today - still kinda wobbly and not normal, but I were able to walk back from da litter box and hop up in my chair just fine. So now I are back and enjoying a nap before my momma decides to make me eat again.

Thanks so much for all da purrs and prayers and everything.


Back to the Vet for More Eye-Vee

May 29th 2013 9:24 am
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So I is back at the vet getting more eye-vee fluids. Last night I ate some of my sar-deenies and a bite or two of chicken liver. I also ate about 30 kitty treats or so, dey is just my favorite thing and I was happy to get them. I slept in my favorite chair in my momma's room. It are covered in dis soft leopard print fabric and I loves it. Momma put a blanket on it and covered me up a little - da vet had said I was cold when I was there.

Well duh! Dey keep dat place way cold! My momma never likes too much air conditioning, so her room are always nice and warm. Dat are why me and Jezebel like hanging out in there so much!

Today, when momma got home from taking me she started googling Charlie and da name of da apartment complex where we was at to see if anything came up. Dis did.

It Are Me!

It are a picture from da apartment complex's Faceybook page posted in da fall of 2011. Dat are around da time I met my momma - she moved in in August 2011. She'd been feeding me some then. It said I had been dere for almost 10 years. So momma are now guessing I were born in 2000 - we don't really know but dis along with da arthur-eyetis and the kidney failure makes her think it are a much better guess than what the vets had told her before. I didn't want my momma to find out my secret, but I guess she are. Dat means now she knows I had 10 years of sleeping out on da hard concrete and being in da rain and all. She wishes she had known earlier how old I was. She says she woulda adopted me anyways because I needed a home, but she woulda been having more senior panels done on me and maybe dis coulda been caught sooner. I think she are being a little too hard on herself since I has had da bestest year of my whole life, however long dat are exactly - I'm still not telling! I are glad I got a nice warm dry place with lotsa love and pets and cushy beds and chairs to sleep on.

I's looking forward to seeing my momma again dis afternoon.



May 28th 2013 6:12 pm
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So I has been home from da vet for a couple hours. Most of the time I's been sleeping. I got dis really tasty fishy treat - it are called sar-deens! Even though I'm not feeling too good and da vet force fed me, I have eaten some bites of those tasty sar-deens. They is really good!

Da vet said I was doing good on da fluids and momma thinks I are looking a little better. She says my eyes gots more life in dem and right now I are sleeping in a curled up ball. Last night I were sleeping all sprawled and weird - I'd never done dat before. Momma said I looked deflated last night but tonight I are a little more like me.

I's been getting tons of pets from everyone here and they is all telling me how much dey love me and how much dey want me to fight dis. I managed to fight to stay alive all dose years outside so I are gonna try. I go back to da vet for more fluids tomorrow.

Dr. Shawn are so nice he even had his office call my momma after I came home to give her his home phone number in case she had any questions or I had any problems. Momma were real impressed with dat.

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