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Da Cat Who Came in from the Cold

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Cat of the Day!

January 9th 2013 1:06 am
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OMC, I's Cat of da Day! Does dat mean I gets quail and chicken foods all day long?? Are someone gonna finally make Maurice give me proper respect? Are my momma gonna spend all day catering to my every Charlie whim? Are I gonna get to climb to da top of box mountain again? Are I gonna get lotsa play time with my toys?

I can't wait to find out what dis all means!


My First Christmas

January 3rd 2013 9:31 pm
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Sorry I didn't write dis sooner, I wanted to, but my momma hurts her paw really bad on Christmas and could barely type for days or months or somefin. It was all da dog's fault, since Whitley knocked a metal pole into her paw. Dogs just ain't graceful like us.

Anyways, I had my first Christmas bout a week ago. And wow, it were crazy. All da peoples went nutso for da presents and were rippin open packages all over da place. But best of all, dere were even presents for me! I's never gotted Christmas presents before, last Christmas I was living outside at da apartment complex. I were cold and hungry. But this year were different. I got 2 little catnip toys - one shaped like a lobster and one dat's a little bunny. And I got some Wild West Crunch treats. And I got my favorite food - quail and chicken - all day long! And bestest of all, I had a nice home and people to spend Christmas with.

It even snowed on Christmas here but I didn't get cold since I was warm and comfy in da kitchen.

Christmas night I came out in the living room and just stared at da Christmas tree. All dose twinklin lights were so pretty and da ornaments were shiny. I was real good bout da tree, I didn't try to climb it or nothing.

I hope all my palses had as good a Christmas as I did and hope y'all have a pawsome 2013!



December 24th 2012 12:33 pm
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So today my momma decided to take some Christmassy photos of me. Which meant I had to come out to da living room, so I could gets in front of da tree. I are still not very comfortable in da living room, I have staked out da kitchen and 2 bedrooms as my space. But after she took a few photos, I relaxed some. And den I noticed dat giant tree with all da lights and sparkles. WOW!! I's never seen anything like dis before, it are pretty cool looking. Yeah, dat tree has been dere for weekses, but I has not gotten interested until today.

Jezebel told me dat dat ain't even da best part, dat tomorrow we alls gonna get treatses and toys and all kinds of good stuff! WOW, dis are so cool. Last year, Christmas meant dat everyone who fed me and helped me out some left to go home and I was in dat big old partment complex alone. Dis year, I are a part of all da fun stuff and I really like it!

Thanks so much to all da pals who has sent cards to me and Jezebel. Dey is all on a bulletin board in my room.

Hope everyone has a merry Christmas with lots of presents and most importantly with lots of love. And lots of quail and chicken food and if you don't like, you can send it my way, MOL MOL!


Christmas Cards?

December 3rd 2012 3:52 pm
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So momma said somefings about exchanging Christmassy cards, but I don't gots a clue what she are talking about. I don't even really knows what all dis Christmas stuff are about but Jezebel and Maurice were meowing bout treats and toys and dat sounds pretty good. Anyways, momma said for anycat who wants to exchange cards with me and Jezebel to send us a private message with their address.

All I know about the cards are dat I has been enjoying napping on da card-making stuffs. My grandma said it looked like I were incubating them - MOL!


Lemon Icing

November 28th 2012 8:15 pm
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Monday was my momma' s birthday. She was really excited, but the whole thing seemed kinda boring to me. Until it gots to be da night time. Momma wanted a whole bunch of shrimpies for dinner and I got a little bit. I love shrimpies and seafoods, but I can't have any because dat black and white dude, Maurice. He's not sposed to has any so dat means we all has to suffer. So when da humans eats da seafoods, dey give me and Jez a little since we are being deprived da rest of da time. Anyways, da shrimpie was good. But den I discovered da lemon icing. See, momma wanted a lemon cake and it had lemon buttercream frosting. And dere was some leftover frosting left out and I got it! It was so good. Momma's sister came in and I had a green mouth from frosting. Since then, I hasn't had any more, but I has been sitting next to da cake (it are in a cake protector) just in case someone wants to let me have some.

Has ay of y'all ever tried cake? It are really good!


What are this Fanksgiving?

November 20th 2012 4:15 pm
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So, I's been hearin bout dis Fanksgiving thing. I don't know what it are, but it seems like something da humans is all talkin' bout. Well, my momma are also talkin' bout her birfday since it are on Monday after Fanksgiving, whatever dat is. Jezebel was telling me all bout how Fanksgiving means turkey and it are da bestest and she seems really cited bouts it. And da dogs, it are all dey can bark about "gimme dat bird, gimme dat bird, gimme dat bird now!" So I are kinda confuseded bout dis whole thing.

Besides da Fanksgiving stuffs, things been ok round here. I got sick bout a week and a half ago and had some tummy problems so I had to be imprisoned in da bathroom. It were no fun, a dude shouldn't be locked up just because his tummy hurts! My momma said it had nuffin to do with my tummy hurtin and more with me tryin to poop anywheres and everywheres but I are all better now. My grandpa are still my most favoritest person in da house, I just loves him tons. I get real upset when he goes outta town for work, momma says I don't understand da meaning of da business trip. Oh, I understands it alright, but I don't like it one bit!



November 7th 2012 10:44 pm
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So I is getting way more confident. I is now letting everyone in da family pick me up and hold me, not just my momma and her daddy. He is probably my favorite, what can you say, I just like hanging out with other guys. Anyways, I's been exploring more and more and am getting more comfortable, even in the living room. Me and dat black and white dude, Maurice, well we still fight some, but we also is able to both hang out together without any hissings or stuffs.

And I is able to steal food from da dogs. Well, at least one of the dogs. Whitley, she are a sucker for da kitties, she just luvs us so much. I is able to just go up to her and den she walks away from da food. MOL MOL! But momma thinks I is not supposed to eat dog kibble and makes me leave it alone while da dog eats it. I don't think dat are fair, if I is able to steal it, it should be mine, right?? But momma says it wasn't nice to steal food from a dog, specially on her Gotcha Day. Sometimes mommas is no fun!


Enjoying my DDP Day

October 26th 2012 7:38 pm
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Well, I found out I'm a DDP again today! Apparently, being a DDP doesn't count for too much because when I tried to steal some milk from my momma's sister's glass, I was told dat it wasn't for me. Not for me?? But I'm a DDP!

Other dan dat, my day was pretty good. It's gotten a lot more cooler here and I'm happy to be inside instead of having to be out in da cold like I was last year. I've been really enjoying my new cat bed. And I have a new favorite person - my grandpa! He's just da best - I run to him when he comes home. Sometimes we'll hang out in da big bedroom and listen to music together - it is a lot of fun and good to hang out with another dude!

Me and da black and white dude Maurice are getting along better and better. We still get into some kerfluffles but a lot of times we'll both hang out in da same room ok. He's not too bad. And I've been using da smacky paw on him when he gets outta line.


A New Bed

October 17th 2012 3:44 pm
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I's a DDP today! I guess what Jezebel told me is true, right a funny story about poop and get the Diary Gal to pick your diary. Well, I's got another funny poop story. Da other day, I hopped in the closed litterbox. Den I turned around and stuck my head and front legs out while I did a poop. Momma said it was pretty funny, but now as funny as the tight rope popper. I was just trying to keep a look out for dat Maurice dude to make sure he wasn't planning an attack. I've seen him stick his head out of da box when he goes, but dat all because he are so big.

So I's been providing some giggles, which momma says are good because apparently I do da stinkiest poops ever - I outstink Jezebel, Maurice, and the dogs! Dey smell so strong dat the humans smell them from rooms away. MOL MOL!

But even with da stinky poos, I still gots a new bed today. It are a leopard print soft bed to hide in. I's been investigating it and I think I likes it. Momma says it are replace my box I been hanging in, she says me sitting in it all da time makes me look like a little homeless kitty and it makes her sad because I was a little homeless kitty. This new bed seems pretty nice, I think I'll like it.


Tight Rope Pooper

October 10th 2012 1:35 pm
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Yesterday, my momma and her momma caught me using da litter box. I really hate getting caught using da box, I always give da humans a dirty look, like "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!" A dude needs some privacy, but there is not very much around here. Yesterday I was using da open box, but instead of standing it in, I had all four paws on da plastic edge and was carefully balanced there so I could aim my poop right in da middle of da box perfectly. And instead of being impressed with my balance and skill, the humans started laughing and laughing. Like it was da funniest thing they'd ever seen. My momma said I looked like I was a tight rope popper up there!

It's so embarrassing having to live with these people!

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