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What itz like beinz in charge.

To clip or not be clipped...

April 17th 2013 5:07 am
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Myzmomma hads toos doos myz claws
lash nites. An whiles I wuz a berry gud boy wen she did it I dids gets her paw a cuppla times wen sheese wuz snippin myz nails. Momma iz alweys sayin to clip or not to clip wen sheese iz doodin ours nails, soos Ize deshided toos look up Hamlet's speech an Say its in myz own wurds. I tink itz cute. No offence to shakespear. I gots momma to change it jush furr my own pleashure. an ob course ifs eberryones elshes likeses it dat iz cool toos.
Soos heres itz iz:

To clip or not be clipped.
Nows dat iz da questshun.
Wud itz bees nibblier in da mines ob cats eberywhere
Toos suffers da clippers an da files
Ob catrageous Furrtunes
Ors toos takes up claws an teefs
Aginst a litter box ob trubbles.
An den byz opposin da clippin ob my claws stops dem,
Frum makin blood lettin ob da senselesses hoomin slaves an eberydey ting.
Fur them toos wills awakenes, toos sleeps no mores.
Ohs da longin, da heart-aches da towsand natural shocks frum da rugs
Static elecric shocks. Dat myz furr iz heir toos.
Fur weese will bees watchin an
Yea weese toos wills sleeps Purr chances toos dreams,
Aye an dere’z da Rub. Ifs weese is lucky it’s a rub in da skritchy spot
Rite unner my chin or betweens myz earses
An wat dreams may come?
Dreams of High spots, an boxes, an bags.
An toos bees sharpennin myz long sharp claws .
An big bowls ob fresh cream and speshal crunchies
Sitting up high on Perches tufted and stuffed wit feathers
An beds ob soft furrs surrounded bys sun puddles.
An warm safes spot to rest

An wen weese haz shuffeldes offs toos ours cumffy beddiess,
Toos sleeps da sleeps ob kitty-cat rest,
Den da onlee ting weese haz to doos is Purr an Purr
Untils itz times toos doos its all agin on da meowrow.


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Purred by: Pipo (Catster Member)

April 17th 2013 at 6:23 am


Minko & I can does naught buts agrees!

We love that prose!
Purred by: Thor (Catster Member)

April 17th 2013 at 11:53 am

Ize tank you Pipo. Weese alls hads a gud mrowl mrowl dis murning wen Ize wuz writin dis. ize ams berry glads yew guys enjoyedes itz.
Purred by: Alex R

April 19th 2013 at 4:05 pm

How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable,
Seem to me all the uses of this clipping!
Fie on't! ah fie! 'tis an unweeded garden,
That grows to seed; things rank and gross in nature
Possess it merely. That it should come to this!
Purred by: Angel Cali (2-4-98/10-11-12) (Catster Member)

April 24th 2013 at 3:55 am

Your meowmy is lucky you're so cooperative. Our meowmy has to towel wrap most of us to get us to cooperate with claw clipping. The smartest of us, like Buddha, have learned that if they just surrender and let meowmy do it, the claw clips are over with so quickly we barely even knew they happened! Kitties whose claws aren't clipped sure don't enjoy it when their claws catch in things or even worse if they get an overgrown claw, overgrown "thumb" claws are especially vulnerable to overgrowing right into the pads. The claws of older inactive cats should also be checked frequently as they too tend to overgrow and can easily overgrow into the pads if not kept trimmed back.
Aside from feline resistance, cat claws are very easy to clip compared to dog or rabbit claws. With most cats claws, the quick is very easy to see and avoid.

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