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Black Cats Matter

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Finally, a break!

August 22nd 2013 9:22 am
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Mom has been super busy since July. She finally has a few days to just sit, breathe & relax. So she's taking a break from almost everything the rest of this week through the weekend before things ramp up for the next couple of weeks. Plus she'll be hanging with family this weekend while almost everyone is here.

The weather has been fairly mild and dry air. We had a hailstorm and almost a tornado a couple weeks ago, neither of us were happy with that. We had to take shelter immediately and bolt down the stairs and stay in our safe spot for at least 30 minutes.

Mom just got some new crayons the other day & bought colored pencils & new markers yesterday (all Crayola) so she's been coloring more often lately. She'll just go online, find coloring pages & print them instead of buying a book to color in. She'll probably do some coloring on these off days, catch up on other things that outta be done & spend more time with me.


What a day & night it was

August 9th 2013 7:44 am
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Mom got up yesterday & quickly ate some toast before walking over to the clinic/hospital to join her bro & his girlfriend. They were getting the halfway ultrasound to check on the baby and they found out that it's a boy and yes just one. So I might be my mom's baby boy but I won't be the only one in her life much longer.

They went out for lunch to celebrate then came here so my mom could scan the ultrasound photos & print copies while they played with me once we were acquainted.

So the fair is in town and last night they put on a 15 minute fireworks show. Fun for mom to watch from our living room, but I hid in my crate with my Thundershirt on once they got started.


We're ok

August 6th 2013 4:30 pm
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We went through a really scary storm a couple hours ago that had a tornado warning on it. At first we were gonna hide in the bathroom, but then mom decided to go to the stairs instead once it went from severe storm to tornado. We didn't even stop to look at it we just went for cover as fast as she could get the both of us down low as possible in the stairs.

It's clouding up again with a tornado watch still on for the next couple hours so we're being cautious and keeping up with the weather. The cable got really fuzzy after the storm passed (it dropped hail) quickly. There was a funnel cloud but it didn't get all the way to the ground.

Mom washed her dirty dishes earlier before the storm and ordered herself a pizza. Seems like every year when the fair is coming to town it just has to be nasty weather.


You did WHAT?

July 25th 2013 8:47 am
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Mom went to the gym Tuesday from 4 - 6 for strength training & cardio - which I understand. But then around 5:00 she suited up and got in the swimming pool for another workout - WHAT??????????? Why would anyone willingly get into a water filled pit? She took her towel with Taylor Swift's cat photos all over it.

She rode her bike there too and walked most of the way home pushing the bike next to her as her legs were aching after all the activity. She put her feet up and moved as little as possible.

Her new kitty themed Taylor Swift Keds arrived yesterday much to our delight. She hasn't got new shoes in a while so this was a treat to get 2 new pairs. She got the pink ones with cats on them as seen here on Catster and a nay pair with paw prints on them. She's wearing the pink ones today to start getting used to them.

She also got a discount yesterday when picking up her prescription refills so she bought a corded & cordless phone set. She's gonna have to make sure she can buzz in guests when the doors are locked. Before all she had was a normal streamline phone w/o caller ID so she had to buy separate caller ID and answering systems, so having it all together is a space saver. The cordless handset is plugged in in the bedroom on the shelves near her bed.

It's looking like a rainy day for us so we'll be home all day. She's gonna go down for a game of Wheel of Fortune this afternoon, maybe stay for bingo too. Saturday she's going to another concert but this one is closer to home and she may just come home after its over.

My current tower will be moved into the bedroom (window corner with my sun seat) this evening because my new playground should be coming sometime tomorrow!


Spending the refund

July 20th 2013 11:38 am
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Mom did a little shopping yesterday. She bought the newest fragrance by Taylor Swift and wandered the entire mall just to find a pair of Keds to try on for sizing. She also bought pizza sauce, cheese & pepperoni slices for homemade pizza subs on her long bread loaves.

She ordered 2 pairs of Taylor's cat themed Keds (the ones with cats & hearts for $35 sale and the paw prints) in the size she chose yesterday. Then on Wayfair she ordered us a rubber band ball (we're both gonna play with it) and I'm getting this new cat playground! laga-Cat-Playground-43947-43941-TXI1094.html

She still has a little local shopping left to do in a few days. She'll get a discount coupon when she picks up her next prescription refill in a couple days so will be using that for a better home phone and a new purse, maybe 2.

This coming week is pretty tame other than the shopping and downstairs events on Thurs afternoon at the apartment so she's gonna get totally qualified on elance & odesk to start trying for clients and regular income.



July 19th 2013 8:29 am
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I'm purring up a storm knowing that I've been picked for DDP today!

It's been 1 week since mom went to the Kenny Chesney concert. She left at 10 am Friday and returned at 10 am Saturday so I was only alone for 24 long hours. She left me plenty of food & water and a clean litter box and we cuddled when she got home. She had a great time and her photos and videos are up for viewing at - just look for Kacey Musgraves, Eli Young Band, Zac Brown Band and the newest Kenny photos are linked at the top of the paragraph on the photos page. The videos page is pretty well organized.

Last Saturday night this crazy town shot off fireworks. I was wearing my Thundershirt and hid in the bathroom while she enjoyed them from the living room. She was too tired to go to the park for anything so she stayed home the rest of last weekend (other than the fire hall pancake feed Sunday morning) due to the rainy day.

She's going shopping today, she thinks I might like to play with a rubber band ball cuz I like odd things like that. So she's gonna try to find one for me. She'll be home this weekend (watching hundreds of motorcycles come tomorrow afternoon) and then next Saturday she's going to another show with Diamond Rio, Lonestar, Rocket Club and 2 others. Then she'll be home all of August and off to see Taylor Swift Sept 6 in Fargo, ND.

Mom's going to be an aunt late this year so will help the little one learn how to be nice to cats. Soft hand petting on the head or upper body.

Business is still going slow so she's looking at and other similar web sites just to start getting some paid projects to do.



July 9th 2013 6:33 pm
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Due to the new business and attending 3 shows this year mom has opted for a staycation. The first show is coming up on this Friday and she's already preparing for it. Fan & ponchos packed in the bottom of her soft cooler, business cards in the camera bag for seat neighbors. She'll be leaving Friday morning and won't get home until Saturday morning.

There's local stuff going on this weekend, a 2 day cover band rock festival (she's never gone to it), fireworks, an option to go out to the local prairie fields like the early settlers and more. She's just gonna swing by the park to get some homemade apple pie, come home & order a pizza to eat all day and for supper before the fireworks.

Sunday is the pancake breakfast and then it wraps up with the afternoon parade. She's gonna wear earplugs to it this time after subjecting her ears to the concert on Friday.

She was pleasantly surprised to see her rent refund deposited so now she's looking at getting a bigger, more stable cat tree for me. She's going to be an aunt so she wants to be sure I can get up without my current tower wobbling & falling. The new one will be about 30 lbs heavier than me so I think that should work.

Next weekend she's going into town to see the memorial motorcycle ride then the weekend after she's going to her 2nd show. Then the fair comes next month and taking senior photos for her cousin. Then in Sept she goes to see Taylor Swift. No plans to be away after that so she'll be around when her brother's child arrives. She just went to the baby shower a few days ago and had a lot of fun.


Happy Independence Day

July 2nd 2013 4:18 pm
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Mom and I had a fun little photo shoot in the past hour or so. The end result is what you see in my new profile photo. We're going to have a quiet 4th at home together, no fireworks until next Saturday. I've got my Thundershirt so I won't be scared.

Mom has opened her business and so far there's nothing to do client wise.

She's busy with events this month so we'll see you kitties later!


Meowmorial Day and a busy week "off" ahead

May 24th 2013 4:35 pm
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Hope everyone out there has a safe & happy holiday weekend! It's still cool & rainy here, mom swears someone new took over controlling the weather and is doing a LOUSY job of it. We're staying away from cold water.

I'm keeping mom company as she spends her last week before opening her business stressing about things like not certain about the solidity of the contract she bought online for $20 from legalzoom, still needs to set up renter's insurance, just finished a meme contest and started a raffle on the business web site so needs to get a few shipping things (small boxes).

She wants to open June 3rd but will need to get up earlier the first day to pay the monthly rent. Our cable tv will be changing over to the company we already use for internet so she's no longer concerned about her internet changing, but once she has the $ she might ask for a faster speed.

Mom is going to hang with 2 legged family tomorrow and then Sunday she's gonna make rice krispies treats dessert for Monday's noon potluck. They're getting chicken & pizza and everyone has to make salad or dessert and bring their own plate and she's also taking her own drink (a can of Coke zero) so she'll take stuff down a little early.

After the potluck she'll probably go shopping with mom for baby shower gifts n stuff at Wal-mart. She's also getting back to her healthier diet and starting to get back to the gym now that the weather has improved.

Thursday she's got to prepare a s'more pie to take to a party on Friday evening. Then Friday she's going out for lunch, playing bingo and eating a freezer pizza before going to the party and toast the marshmallows on the pie.


I'll be in my tunnel

May 15th 2013 10:06 am
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When mom put the last refill in the genie she realized she needed to order more so that's just what she did. She even ordered a tunnel for me with a hole in the middle to peek out! They even threw in a can of Fancy Feast! The best part is it all came in a BOX! Ahhh!

I've been going through the tunnel and even the peek hole. She took the cubes apart and put 1 at each end.

I've only gone outside on my harness & leash once, didn't care for it. So we tried our hall, no elevators or stairs.

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