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Thanks Catster

February 18th 2014 7:06 pm
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Thanks for making me a DDP, sure makes our day better! I'll be on my web site while things are being figured out with the communal areas on here. Mom is feeling much better now. She's still fairly cautious when eating though. She had her yearly thyroid check up today and that's fine, no change just go back next year again. Her remaining steri strips are loosening up so she'll get them off next time in the shower (in her belly button).

I'm going for my annual check up & shot in 2 weeks and I'm so not looking forward to it. We live in a small town where the vets only make house calls to horses & livestock (it's a farm area). We have to take the bus across town. They're also going to help her with trimming my back feet claws this time (front declawed) since she's had enough misery lately.

Mom is seeing a psychiatrist on March 13th and taking all the information about me with her as well as the form for that doc to fill in. I'm sure you read that our building will have a ban on pets coming soon so she needs to get that done. She'll have my most updated vet records in the folder.

She's going to schedule herself a haircut within the next couple weeks to get rid of the longer hair length & tangles since we're finally seeing better weather. She likes a shoulder length layered bob without bangs. She's going to wait and go visit her eye doctor & dentist probably in April so she can have a break.

Business is still very slow so she's trying to make templates & Wordpress themes that can be sold online for extra income.




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