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Jakemeister's in charge.

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Rullo and headbutts to all

February 18th 2012 9:00 pm
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My mother just started this for me to tell about my browders and hissters and well me. I guess I should properly introduce myself. I am Jake. My previous human named me that. My momma wanted to call me Baltazar but I already knew that Jake was my name so she left it like it was. She didn't want to confuse me. I am a Chocolate point Siamese. And yes everything they say about us is true. I am royalty. I am the Ruler in our house. I also talk a lot. I am also the oldest. You get alot of respect when you are the oldest. All of us are rescues, even me. I also love my mother more than any other human any where. We do get overly attached to one person. She is mine. I share her with the others because I have to, but I only let it go so far and then they have to back off. Othe3rwise ther might be a bleeding nose involved. She is my momma. I will sit next to her during the day, and allow one of the others to sit near us but I must be touching her at all times, to protect her. And at night when we sleep I protect her by sleeping between her and Daddy Rich. We all have certain sleeping spots in the big Sleep spot. My Hisster Isis is a black oriental and she really loves momma too. She was separated from her cat momma when she was too young. She still gets anxious and needs to get extra love from momma. She starts crying frantically and climbs up and grabs momma's ear lobes and sucks on them for a few minutes. Momma asked the Stabby vet guy about this and he said she is insecure and prob needs that closeness. So mom told me that I have to let her alone when she needs to have "Mommy" time. I guess it's ok. It's not very often, and afterward she(Isis) said she feels like a big girl again.
Next time I'll tell you about the babies that Momma adopted and how they adopted me as daddy Jake.

Furr now just Stay inside and Play Safe. The outside is no place for a proper Kitty.


keppin warms

February 22nd 2012 1:18 pm
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Is this winter? Momma keepses saysing that lasht year was colder thans thises year. I knoe thats Ize tinks thats itz more thans colds enuff foe me. Ize not a bigs guy. I ams petite donts forgets. Momma always sayses thats my toeses are cold. I sleepses in da sun whens I can finds a nice patch thats iz unoccupied. Thens I always has my momma to sleeps with. Of course Ize sleeps wit her all nites.
I feel bads for any kitties thatz are outsides when it iz colds out. We haz not seens any kitties lately butz momma keeps a watch for any lost kitties.
Momma sayses thats we cants takes any more kitties in but if shese found ones out in da colds ize betses thats sheses wood changes her mind. Sheses goods likes thats.
Well my brodthers and hissters are alls nappings now too. itz very sunny n everyones in in da sun. Warms and fuzzy day
Hope everyones is warm ands furzy.


Bed time

February 24th 2012 12:36 am
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I donts knoes. all my hissters and broders are all ready to get into troubles butts ize iz siitin nexes toos my momma and waitin fur hers toos turrn offs da lit. Im tired. Dis iz mys speall time wit momma. We cuddle and sheese theel meese how muchs sheese luvs me. i guesses whens dey gets az old az meese den maybees dey wood funder stans. Goodnitez to all myz kitty furiends. Tomorroe is a fish day.


Happy Sunny day

February 26th 2012 4:10 pm
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Well toosdays is Sunsday ands nitz iz a day ofs rest. That iz whats meese an my bunch o tails iz doin toooday. My momma iznt feelzin grate soo weese iz beein goods tooday. I iz slleepin next to my momma. i beein a gudz boy. toomurrow ize timez enuff to caws catlamity.


Ize ish da Birfdey Boy

April 20th 2012 5:23 am
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Wows My birfdey wuz yeshdadey. Iz ish 13 yeerses old. Momma gaves meeses snax of freshes cutz ups chixen. sheese sayez dat dere ish freshes cutz lox.Iz ish not shures wats dat ish butz sheese wood nevers tink ta giveses meeses sumtin bads fer meeses. Ifs dereses enufs Izz miteses shareses sum wit my broders n hissters. ifs dey ares gud. mrowl, mrowl. Izz amz sow happies wit myz momma n da rest ofs myz furmily. izz ish a berry luky cat. izz knoes dat not alls kitties ares az luky asz weeses alls ares. mys fursht hume washnt sow gud. mys human waz wut momma calledes a krakput. Hes ulweys tullings not truses sturees bout meeses n peeepsels wuz tinkins izz wuz a bads kittie. Alls izz wunteds wuz a peeepsel hoo wud luves meeses n letes meeses luves dem. rites affur mys furs birfdey mys human gives meeses aways No reshun jusht dint wunt meeses any moores. Wells mys luk wuz luukin ups. hes gives meeses toos sumones who knoed exaksly wut ta doos wit meeses. dis gurls mommy reelyes wunteds a Siamese cats n izz gut brut heer. I haz bins so happys izz nevers wuntz toos askes fur anyting evers agin. I ish a gud kittie, izz staysed insides da huse becuz gud kittiesduntz gooz outssideses. itshed danderush outz dere.Dis ish da besht furevr hume any kittie cud wunt. Weeses ares da luk-e-eshts furmily o catteses anywur. wulls dank uze alls fur lisnin wileses izz tells da wurld how luky weese alls ares.
mrowl n head buttz to alls .mrowl.
dankee toos uze alls
Da Jakemeister
purry purry purr,
Dank uze momma n poppa. uze ish da besht!!!!!!!!!Jake, n da babiesh


My furmily

May 23rd 2012 11:15 pm
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Yew know sometimeses peeeples doan tink myz momma iz riteses in da head becuz she haz alls of usees. Dey doan reelizeses how muches weese luvs ours momma n poppa. Weese iz alls rescue catses. its takeses speshul peeples to brings in a strange kittie n tooos luvs dem n takeses careses ofs dem. Poppa haz tole momma no mores kitties buts ize knoes dat ifs momma founs someones who needes a home momma would brings dem in and poppa wood grump an sayes ok. heese luves usees jus az much as momma. weese is a berry lucky furmily and weese iz gratefulls dat weese is hereses.
Nows momma iz goin to bed ans ize is sleepsin on her shoulder wit my face next to herses. dey others are aroun and wills watches overs momma n poppa alls nite to proteks dem. An weese is berry goods ats dat
mrowl mrowl sleeps good. purrs Jakster.


Glowing persomality

July 5th 2012 1:14 am
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Myz momma sez dat ize ams purrfect. Sheese iz slightly biased. Ize haz almond shaped cool blue eyesses which momma sez are slanted to just the right angle. Blue eyesses have a really neat sides effectes. When an ordinary cat’s green eyesses reflect light (like when youses takeses a picturr) youse sees a green or gold gloweys depending on the colorses of green/gold that the eyes ares. However when you see a blues eyed cat’s eyeses reflecting light, our eyes glow RED. How do you like that one? Totally freaked my mom out first time she saw it. Thought she had a demon cat on her hands. Not that I am an angel but that’s another part of my tail. I doose haz my murments. Momma loaded a pic of me tonite wit my browder Zeus. I am behind him wit my eyeses iz all gloweying RED. I wuz jus sittin an tinkin nots evens plottin or palnnin anyting. Momma sez I ams a gud boy,and I ams a hansum little boy. As I is modestes toos Mrowl mrowl. Momma sez dats enuff frum meese fur now.. da odders need to writes things toos. Luvs to all and gud scritches and headbutts too.


I had to go out

July 27th 2012 9:53 pm
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My momma decided that it wuz times to chek onz our wates. Well everyone wuz ok cept meese. I had lost wate again. I tinks Iz looks great but momma worries bout alls ovs usses so sheese gots meese pointment wit doc J.. Momma sed I cants tells wat hiz reel name iz. Iz cans tells yu dat momma reely likes him soos off iz goos toos da stabby vet place. They sed I lost a pound an seemed a little de-hy-sumptin. Dey kept pulling my skin up. I hads enuf wit that. I climbed up on momma and sat on her shoulder, an faced da wall wit myz tail wrapprd around her neck. Momma held my tail like a leash to "keep me in one place" she sed. Nows Iz knoes better than to leave my momma when Iz ize here. I ams safer on her than anywhere. Nots dis time. Dey gots meese an wells dey stuk a very pointy neeeeedle in my leg. I did not likes dat ats all. Momma wuz rubbin my hed an wuz tellin meese dat its wuz ok. Excuze meese but it iz mys leg dat wuz stabbed. Well dey cheked furs alls kins ov tings. Diabetes, ty-roid, an a hole mishmosh of tings. I am a little anemic but dat iz all. Dr J asked momma ifs Iz wuz bein pushed away frum my fuds Sheese tole hims dat dere iz always food outs fur usses to eat. Momma sed she wuz gonna make sure dat Iz gets a speshal feedin so dat iz all gud fur meese! Den dey figurred out dat Iz prob haz a tooff dat my be boderin me. Soos now ize hazto go next week AGAIN an gets my teefs cleaned. Whats wit dat? furs yu tells meese I gets extra fud jus fur meov wich Iz hilee aproves, den Iz haz to go get my teef cleaned????? I ams never getting on dat scale again.


Still not doin good

September 2nd 2012 2:50 am
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Ize jus wanteds toos lets usses knoes dat Ize iz still loosin wate. Momma is beside herself. She is givin meese speshal feedins ebery dey. I got people salmon today and a treat of Asiago cheese. Momma made stuffed peppers for dinner and I helped her wit dem toos. Momma feels so much better when she sees me eatin. I dont get sick so weese still dont knoe why I'm so skinny. I'm not in pain tho. Momma worries so much. She really loves me and takes great care of me. I really love her too. I stay with her all the time. I give her kittie kisses and get kisses on my forehead from her. She is really worried that i am going to the bridge. I dont think that is going to happen real soon but we all go eventually. I am not ready yet so nuff bout that. I just haz to concentrate on getting better. Sounds like a winner toos meese.
Mrowl. Headbutts an kittie kisses to all. Jakemeister


Dis wuz a gud dey

September 10th 2012 11:51 pm
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MROWL MROWL. Yesh I knoes Ize iz yelling but weese iz soos happy dat my scan of my belly cames bak normal. I have some kidney slowng but nothin serious. I an 13+after all. I gotta tell youse momma wanted to cry sheese wuz soos happy. Nows I jesh haz toos eats more. Momma sed sheell makes shur I doos. She iz soos relaxed. I keep getting head kittykisses fo no reason. More later on what they want to do next in a whille.

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