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"WeBees Pipo 'n Minko can't belief mom furgotted to post dis one~ Is beeeutiful~! Thank U~ JUNE 10th"

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Sex: Female   Weight: 10 lbs.

Thank U Auntie Mary, Friday 'n gurl's~

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"Thank U Auntie Mary, Friday 'n gurl's~"

Thank U Auntie Dana, Big Harry, Little J 'n furmilies

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"Thank U Auntie Dana, Big Harry, Little J 'n furmilies"

Thank U so mush Tundra 'n PAWSOME furmilies~!

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"Thank U so mush Tundra 'n PAWSOME furmilies~!"

My furvurite pawsition does U like top side down too? Giggles~!

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"My furvurite pawsition does U like top side down too? Giggles~!"

Myself's bein' Mallee~!

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"Myself's bein' Mallee~!"

Moppie 'n Mallee enjoy bein' together!

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"Moppie 'n Mallee enjoy bein' together!"

Lovin' Milo 'n my's Catnip soft pink kitty bed~! Purrs 'n nitey nite~! xox

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"Lovin' Milo 'n my's Catnip soft pink kitty bed~! Purrs 'n nitey nite~! xox"

It'z me, MALLEE

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"It'z me, MALLEE"

Bein' silly 'n purrlayin' roll 'round ona Paw's Rocker~!

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"Bein' silly 'n purrlayin' roll 'round ona Paw's Rocker~!"

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Baby Gurl, Diva Purrincess, mallee mallee paw's pally pally

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Rainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
October 2nd 2011

April 15th 2011

Particolor Patched

I love my head 'n neck 'n body scritched, I love Milo, I love people food 'n my own, I love my mommy the best

Hmmm, I get jealous of Milo when seems like he get's more attention than I do, so far that's about it that I don't like

Favorite Toy:
Spring toys, turbo Scratcher, Paper bags, boxes, mousies, kicker catnip toys, Milo's tunnel, an' Milo

Favorite Nap Spot:
Bed with Milo 'n Mommy, Bedroom chair with Milo's Jasmine Blanket, 'n now Milo shares him duffy bag wif me too~!

Favorite Food:
Mmm FOOD~! Giggles, I love FF pret mush any flavorz. My dry Purina One, crunchy treats, anything mom will let me have that she is eating~~ MOL~!

Being Cute, lovable 'n a big purring motor! Great cuddler, head nudger, Big time LAP KITTY~! Oh yeah, dat's da best~!! Mom's lappy~! I iza fetcher 'n retriever, love my spring toys bein' tossed~ I can bat 'em too~!


Arrival Story:
Well, my story is pretty mush like any other rescue kitty story. But I was founded by Timmy 'n Ziggy's mommy first in a restaraunt parkin' lot. Not sure how I got there, although I was really hungry and a very nice kitty who purrs lots! Well Ziggy not get along with me, and he scratched me and really kinda just was checking me out, only a bit rough! So, Milo's mommy, which of course, is MY mommy now; took me in to just foster me fur a bit. Her not know's I would completely STEAL her heart! So, I got to stay 'n I am so happy here! You can't believe how attached I've gotten to Milo!~ He is sush a sweet kit! Well, I am not always so sweet to him, although, remember I AM a kitten still! I pounce on him 'n bite his neck, wonder why he not like that mush!? MOL! Mommy says I will keep whip him into good shape! I have my own Happy River kitty bed, well I share it with Milo some. I have my own bowl, my own pink litter box and today, I went to visit Milo's Vet. I LUV LUV LUV Dr Kusmaul!~ I call him Mr K~! He said I was clean, healthy and jus' almost 7 months. I got my rabies shots 'n him says all my new grown up teeth are cut 'n done. I will be adding to my page, as time permits. Mommy got some really great pix of me my Furbro!~ And, I am so happy to be here!!~

I am loved, that much I know is clear. But I eat like a piggy! I really love FF ANY flavor! I eat dry Purina One just like Milo. I have my own water dish too. I sleep with mommy on one side, or on top of her, as Milo sleeps on the other side. I love to purrlay 'n jump 'n I am a talker too! Milo has told me to shut UP a time or two! MOL! I like Brushing 'n pets all over. I am a snuggler, motor running, lovable, head nudging, kitty!~ 'n I know Milo will only teach me Grand things! MOL! Yeah right!!

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Milo's Shadow

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Happy Thanksgiving ya'll~

November 24th 2016 11:09 am
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Hey ya'll! I hope efuryone is havin' a most wonderful Happy Thanksgiving with families and loved ones~

Mom 'n Paw did a few things yesterday so not so much today, just got the cranberries done, and the deviled eggs and the punkin pies.

Today, mom put together her biscuits 'n cornbread to make the dressing. Southern of course, her mom's recipe. We have the bird in the oven, the dressing will go in after the turkey is done, and Paw will make the gravy. Mom is creating a corn casserole and she never had tried to do this before. It sounds really yummy with Jiffy Cornbread mix. Paw will boil a few yellow potatoes, and we might also have sweet potatoes. Crescents will go in the oven after the turkey is done and the good stuff is done. Yes, *the turkey is da star, but mom says it's the dressing and gravy*.

Mallee giggles. I have been supervisin' too! I always did that so good! I know I would have gotten all the turkey I could woof down!
Ya know, ya gotta gobble til ya waddle!! MOL!

So we wish efuryone a wonderful happy day 'n give thanks.
I am thankful for all I had, a loving home, good foodages, and bunches of love. Yes it was nice. Mom is missing me, tomorrow will be 4 months I have been gone. Mom is rather sad, because I always supervised and made sure to taste it all too :)....

Mom is thankful. Thankful for having me those 4 'n 1/2 years, although they went by so incredibly fast! mom says *Don't be sad that it's over, be glad it happened* But it's still hard...

We love you all, and all your furs and angels too! I am very grateful dat we all are still together here.
Our Communities.

Our Place...Our Love.


So much love,

Mallee, moms Baby Girl Angel

Acrobat 'n Entertainer o' da Country Furefur~!


I traveled to the Rainbow Bridge today!~

July 25th 2016 5:46 pm
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Hey dis is Mallee...although, now mom is posting for me. You see, I was so much sicker than mom 'n paw thought. My red Blood cells were far to low, and I wasn't regenerating those. Once the Special ist took x rays of my insides, there was the truth. I was going down hill, rather rapidly. Mom says I am too young, but when Heaven calls, it's your time to go. I will be in momcats heart forever. My lungs were infested, My heart wasn't in the right place, and had been moved quite drastically as a mass was pushing on it. I lost weight, I wasn't getting better, so the downfall spiraled and mom 'n paw decided it was my time to visit that beautiful place called The Rainbow Bridge. Now I can meet Smokey Joe 'n Smiley, 'n Colorado 'n Napperz too. So many whofur have gone before, so many that will watch over me, like Calvin 'n QT, Hazel Lucy 'n more..who have so much experience at the bridge. Well I seen Platey too 'n Cheetos. I seen Raincloud, Smokey Joe's flying buddy!! I seen so many angels that greeted me. So many. So as I learn my way around, I will watch as those purrfect Angels fly, wow, it really looks hard! The meadows have massive catnip there!! And the Angel Inn is fun I seen it! 'n The Angel Cafe, well just let me say I can eat all I want and never get fat!! I love to eat, I always did! Mmmmm, I seen Angel Smokey Joe 'n Angel Raincloud making supper! I know it will be so yummy!

I know, mom didn't want things to turn out this way, she said it's just not fair. But I will go on, and I will live on, in many friends hearts. My life was wonderful, mom 'n paw were so good to me. And yes, I am spoiled and a Diva, how could I not be?

So, as I wave goodbye from the Earth window, I lived a good life, I was always loved and I will be loved here.

Life is short. Spend it wisely. Mom kissed me over and over again, as she knew it was my time....I know I was loved...'n always will be!!

Love furever,
Princess Diva


I turned 5 'n enjoyed a Happy Birfday~! Thank you~! My- furiends!!!

April 16th 2016 3:27 pm
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Hallo, dis here is da Diva Purrincess, as most o' ya'll know's, mom has been battlin' some serious issues wif her eyes. Had cataract surgery dat went sideways 'n so now her can't see outta her left eye. Had two surgeries 'n still nothing. She is trying to keep focused but sometimes it just hurts so bad. They say it will take time, dat is why momcat isn't letting us play here. We miss ya'll so much, our dear furiends~!
Now comes my thank you's~ You have all been wif me, 'n I purrpreciate you one 'n all~ Thank you fur gifties makin' my page so purrty~ Thank you for your kind thoughts 'n wishes fur my mc.

You all make my mom's day, 'n it feels so strange her jus' can't see good enough to come here, right now. Healing will come. It takes time. Mom is not furry good at waiting~

Me 'n Milo are doin' good. Today momcat got a really lovely piece from Meiko 'n Kinzy's momcat, a lovely Healing Angel. It's so lovely 'n mom felt so good when it arrived, and da kits said how much dey missed Milo 'n MY cookin'!~ MOL! Yesh Milo has become a familiar Chef 'n studyin' all da cultures o' foodage. I have learned from him, watching and exploring my own interpretations of foodages 'n fun. Yep mom says it's hard to be one eyed, but her can do it fur a little while. 'n Get me a Diary written. Cause we love ya'll bunches 'n always will~!

Jus' know we are taking goodest care of momcat, 'n her will get better, how can her not, when so many loving friends are here for her~!! 'n I am good at 5 yrs, still act like a kitten, mom says. I still love to jump 'n twist 'n twirl...Mallee giggles~ I am..what you would call; a Calico's purrsonality~!

Take care ya'll 'n we still are plannin' on movin' soon to Iowa. Mom 'n Paw are scheduled to go back to close on da house in three weeks. Mom sure hopes her doing better by then. Time will tell.

Big time purrs 'n lotza love,

Mallee gurly gurl,
Diva Purrincess
Entertainer o' da Country~

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