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"WeBees Pipo 'n Minko can't belief mom furgotted to post dis one~ Is beeeutiful~! Thank U~ JUNE 10th"

Home:San Antonio, TX  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 3 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 10 lbs.

Thank U Auntie Mary, Friday 'n gurl's~

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"Thank U Auntie Mary, Friday 'n gurl's~"

Thank U Auntie Dana, Big Harry, Little J 'n furmilies

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"Thank U Auntie Dana, Big Harry, Little J 'n furmilies"

Thank U so mush Tundra 'n PAWSOME furmilies~!

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"Thank U so mush Tundra 'n PAWSOME furmilies~!"

My furvurite pawsition does U like top side down too? Giggles~!

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"My furvurite pawsition does U like top side down too? Giggles~!"

Myself's bein' Mallee~!

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"Myself's bein' Mallee~!"

Moppie 'n Mallee enjoy bein' together!

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"Moppie 'n Mallee enjoy bein' together!"

Lovin' Milo 'n my's Catnip soft pink kitty bed~! Purrs 'n nitey nite~! xox

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"Lovin' Milo 'n my's Catnip soft pink kitty bed~! Purrs 'n nitey nite~! xox"

It'z me, MALLEE

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"It'z me, MALLEE"

Bein' silly 'n purrlayin' roll 'round ona Paw's Rocker~!

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"Bein' silly 'n purrlayin' roll 'round ona Paw's Rocker~!"

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♥ Stormy ♥

Baby Gurl, Diva Purrincess, mallee mallee paw's pally pally

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
October 2nd 2011

April 15th 2011

Particolor Patched

I love my head 'n neck 'n body scritched, I love Milo, I love people food 'n my own, I love my mommy the best

Hmmm, I get jealous of Milo when seems like he get's more attention than I do, so far that's about it that I don't like

Favorite Toy:
Spring toys, turbo Scratcher, Paper bags, boxes, mousies, kicker catnip toys, Milo's tunnel, an' Milo

Favorite Nap Spot:
Bed with Milo 'n Mommy, Bedroom chair with Milo's Jasmine Blanket, 'n now Milo shares him duffy bag wif me too~!

Favorite Food:
Mmm FOOD~! Giggles, I love FF pret mush any flavorz. My dry Purina One, crunchy treats, anything mom will let me have that she is eating~~ MOL~!

Being Cute, lovable 'n a big purring motor! Great cuddler, head nudger, Big time LAP KITTY~! Oh yeah, dat's da best~!! Mom's lappy~! I iza fetcher 'n retriever, love my spring toys bein' tossed~ I can bat 'em too~!


Arrival Story:
Well, my story is pretty mush like any other rescue kitty story. But I was founded by Timmy 'n Ziggy's mommy first in a restaraunt parkin' lot. Not sure how I got there, although I was really hungry and a very nice kitty who purrs lots! Well Ziggy not get along with me, and he scratched me and really kinda just was checking me out, only a bit rough! So, Milo's mommy, which of course, is MY mommy now; took me in to just foster me fur a bit. Her not know's I would completely STEAL her heart! So, I got to stay 'n I am so happy here! You can't believe how attached I've gotten to Milo!~ He is sush a sweet kit! Well, I am not always so sweet to him, although, remember I AM a kitten still! I pounce on him 'n bite his neck, wonder why he not like that mush!? MOL! Mommy says I will keep whip him into good shape! I have my own Happy River kitty bed, well I share it with Milo some. I have my own bowl, my own pink litter box and today, I went to visit Milo's Vet. I LUV LUV LUV Dr Kusmaul!~ I call him Mr K~! He said I was clean, healthy and jus' almost 7 months. I got my rabies shots 'n him says all my new grown up teeth are cut 'n done. I will be adding to my page, as time permits. Mommy got some really great pix of me my Furbro!~ And, I am so happy to be here!!~

I am loved, that much I know is clear. But I eat like a piggy! I really love FF ANY flavor! I eat dry Purina One just like Milo. I have my own water dish too. I sleep with mommy on one side, or on top of her, as Milo sleeps on the other side. I love to purrlay 'n jump 'n I am a talker too! Milo has told me to shut UP a time or two! MOL! I like Brushing 'n pets all over. I am a snuggler, motor running, lovable, head nudging, kitty!~ 'n I know Milo will only teach me Grand things! MOL! Yeah right!!

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9 of 9

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Milo's Shadow

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10 Cute Catster Couples!


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October 22nd 2011 More than 2 years!

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♥ Stormy ♥

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My Purrty Page (") (")

August 26th 2014 3:17 pm
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Howdy 'n Hiya Efuryone~ I hope U all r doin' really goodest 'n happy 'n comfortable 'n keepin' kewl~ Well dat is, IF U r in da kin'a heat we's r gettin' here~! WHEW~! We shur could use some rain, weather doodman says we might has a slight chance later on dis week. We need it!~ Mom says it's like the desert here wif all da sand we has~! I tol' her let me go outside 'n purrlay ina beeg Litter Pan~! Giggles! But her sez too hot 'n still too dangerous fur us to attempt to go out here in da country, but STILL dat do not stop me - da Mallee gurly gurl from bein' da Famouse Entertainer o' da Country 'n Purrincess Standin'~! Tee Hee~! ;)

Oh oh OH~ I is so purroud o' me new page 'n background 'n colours too! Mom found dese cute moofin' fishies unnerwater BG 'n isn't it way kewl? So mom furgotted most o' what her knew in doin' da pages 'n stuff. Yeah it's jus' been way way too long~ But lookie~! 'n wif halp from really awesome pawsome furiends, mom got da halp her needed to put ME back ona map~! Giggles ;D But her still got's lot's o' practicin' to do~ LOTS~! Mom love's to purrlay wif colours mostly 'n font styles.

I LOVE havin' a PURRTY PAGE~!!! ;P

Now Milo gotta wait a bit, 'n yeah cos mom is not shur which BG she is actually gonna use to keep. 'n gettin' 'n learnin' more's she will be able to change small parts o' da CSS to create neat-o backdrops fur other occasions! Sam's page gotta temporary fix, giggles, pink backdrop tho I still think it's really nice 'n Sam love's pink anyhow~!! Mallee claps~!

We can't wait for Halloween~! It's probably our funnest catebration yet~
Bet we'll see orange 'n black ALL ofur CatsterLand~!!! :D 'n da weather will be kewler too 'n so us kits will be MORE energetic along wif Mom 'n Paw too~! Mallee smiles~!

Thank U I5 Publishin', HQ Lori 'n furiends! Thank U Catster Techno Kits too! We unnerstand stuff still bein' werked on 'n yeah, we know it's gonna take a while to get it all right, but we STILL has da faith 'n da love 'n da patience we's always had fur our lovin' site~!!!

Mallee doe's a lil jig 'n flips her tail 'n twirls 'n spins 'n takes a bow.

I's happy. I's loved. I love me Milo too. Despite what U've heard~! ;D

I remain me heart fulla love,

Diva Purrincess Mallee
Entertainer o' da Country
(") (")



August 9th 2014 10:02 pm
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Hiya it's me Mallee, the Purrincess o' the country 'n all 'round Entertainer o' da year~ I hope dis find's all my wonderfur furiend's 'n furmilies doin' well 'n happy 'n healthy~!! Thank U Catster 'n da team fur honorin' me wif all da happy diary pick honor's I got.
Thank U to my grand furiend's too~!

Ya know, stuff been lookin' up around here in our pawsome Catsterland! We r gettin' around much better 'n seein' more o' our purrfect furiend's postin' diaries 'n gettin' furtastic honor's 'n catebratin' wif 'em too. :D Yeah, it's been gooooood.

It's been really HOT outside lately 'n all me and Milo want to do is rest, relax 'n saleep under da pawsome air masheen. Yeah we get all kewl 'n snuggle in boxes, on top o' da cedar chest 'n all kind's o' way kewl spots that we discovered since it's been the dog gone WARMEST day's o' summer! Whew, 'n I is so happy we got lovin' 'n spawcial furefur homes!

Mom 'n Paw r sooo good to us bof. We purrlay EARLY 'n I mean early ina mornin', well efen before mom 'n paw think's about gettin' up! Soon as that bright sun come's up I am in 'all force' action mode!!! Giggles 'n efen before that!!! I run 'n purrlay 'n I efen wake up Milo so he can purrlay wif me!! Yep I do! I still gettin' dem 'bees' 'n I ZOOOOM throughout our house leafin' nothin' behind but track trails throughout the carpet!!!~ Teehee! I is such a good runner, as well as bug hunter/catcher 'n Milo jus' looks at me funny, like why do I do that?? Well, all I can say, is Milo is gettin' lazy in his older years!!! Mallee smiles 'n then adds a wink!!

Oh yeah, I still give's Milo heck 'n lick his head when he's all comfy, but then, let me ask U, what is a purrfect Purrincess gurly gur good fur? Giggles. That is what I am really good at, makin' mom 'n paw laugh 'n entertain 'em AN' makin' Milo moof! I don't really want his 'spot' I jus' don't want him to has that spot~!

Guess ya mite think I am a bit jealous o' him, since he was here first. Well I know better! I am spawcial 'n mom caters to me, becos I deserve it! Mallee does a twirl 'n spins on a dime.

Teeeheee, but, U jus' wouldn't guess it, but Milo does love me!! He will on occashon lick me too! But, I know, he learn't that from ME~ I has a lot to show him too! But, alas, he will nefur be as GOOD as me! I am a purrincess, don't furget!!

I get my way, I get my own foodage bowl, I get daily facials AN' I get Paw's lovin' too! Jus' last nite, I went into the bedroom 'n made myself be known 'n made sure Paw seen me 'n I cuddled ona his chest!! Ya see, I gotta make sure Paw unnerstands I am THE Purrincess around here. 'n Milo mite be King, but royal ladies RULE!! 'n yeah, Mom told me that!! Giggles! 'n Mallee twirls some more.

My Catster is improvin' 'n I can tell that pawsome furiend's can tell too! We all has patience 'n love 'n care about our furtastic hangout 'n pawty purrlace! I am soooo happy we have I 5 Publishin' take ofur 'n all da fine peopols whofur give out Diary picks 'n all da Cat picks eash day 'n the technical stuff too. Mallee shrugs cos I don't know about any of it, but I know THEY do~! Our Catster will be back to it's 'old' self soon!!

We sure do miss our workin' Catster back when we shared pawties in our diaries, went to visit groups, had pawsome outings 'n adventures 'n efurything was a blast 'n worked so well fur our furefur furiends who we've known since day one.

Day one, that's what we want to get back to. Day one. Fun times. Easy happy go lucky times.

We seen them in our short term distant future. The Future o' Catster remains. The Future o' our love remains. The future o' Catster's reign remains.

We will once again be able to share in each others diaries. Post piccies. Change up our pages. Make it all look nice 'n purrty 'n kewl.

To us. To our future.

Be well my furiends.

'n Long Live Catster~!!

Purrs 'n happy whisker kisses,

MALLEE, Purrincess Diva
Entertainer o' the Country


Mini CHEWY SweeTarts Mystery

August 2nd 2014 9:05 am
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Helloooo 'n Howdy ya'll~ Yep it's me again, da Mallee gurly gurly, Entertainer o' da country 'n all 'round Purrfect Purrincess!!! Giggles~!!! ;)

Did ya hear da one 'bout whar mom gotted a bit excited 'n jus' shook her head ofur me? Well, ya gotta here dis one!!! Me, Mallee, I is a purrfect gurly gurl, now jus' memmer dat! TeeHee!

Whilst mom sits here in front o' dis here 'puter, tons o' time's I lay up here also 'n halp her. Well, she tends to like to munch on dese what her call's...candy. Yep, she is a saweet food junkie lover's.

But here da problem, I think's dis bag o' hers whish sit's atop da puter table in all it's actually a TREAT BAG fur me~!! Ok, if it ain't, den WHY doe's it look like my goodie bag, hey it rattles like mine, it shakes like mine, so it must be MINE, right???

Mom reaches in 'n grabs some o' dem tiny yummy morsels 'n pops 'em into her mouth. Well why not into MINE also? So I grabbed da bag 'n I chewed on it a bit, ya know, gettin' my teeth into it makin' it mine. I shook it around 'n out pops dese tiny colorful morsels!!! Oh BOY~ I pounce on 'em 'n sniff o' 'em.....Ewwwww, NOT my tiny morseled treats!!!! EWWWW, oh but WAIT! Dese tiny morsels r FULL O' FUN~ 'n so, I learn't dat they make purrific pawin' TOYS! I batted at 'em 'n dey rolled all ofur da puter table 'n wait, no what? Dey rolled off'n da table 'n onto da floor!!! Oh I gotta get 'em, I founded some o' em, 'n mom picked 'em up fur me, cos yeah, I don't has thumbs whish makes it difficult, but I did gather one up ina my paws, which I am good at. Cos well I am a DIVA gurly gurl, an' purroud o' my talents!

I tracked down most o' da missin' candy morsels, but not all o' 'em. Now mom all down on her hands 'n knee's feelin' all round ('n yeah she's got fingers AN' thumbs to feel with) 'n it's funny 'n I jus' lay up here laughin' at her while her bum is up in da air~! MOL~! U would laugh too! Oh whar of whar did dat colorful morsel go? Oh whar oh whar can dey go? Teehee, Jus' look, mom says she found some~! But don't ya know dat I WILL find da rest o' dem absolutely glorious kitty toys later?? I AM good, so dere~!! Giggless~!!!

Now, mom thanks for da MOL trip, I need to nap up here in front o' da monitor fur a few hours, den I will commensurate wif da Mystery at paw.

I want to take dis time also to thank eash o' me furiend in our Communities fur halpin' me catebrate my Diary Pick honor. We could not post piccies on our pages, neither Sam's happy birfday or Milo's Diary Pick honor's either. Sigh, we really miss doin' dat.

I hope dis works. Thank U Tundra 'n furmilies fur da piccie 'n meowm made me one also!

Mallee DDP July 31st 2014 by Mom

Mallee Diary Pick honor July 31st 2014 From Tundra 'n furmilies

Thank U so mush Diary Gal/Doodman 'n Catster fur pickin' me 'n thank U my grandest furiends fur da nice notes, messages, prezzie's 'n love U all show.

Sush kin'ness is awesome pawsome!!! YAY~!!!

Wif all da love in my lil Purrincess heart,

Lady Diva
Entertainer o' da Country

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