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Ginger Snap Tales

Leading the Way

November 10th 2011 3:16 pm
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My brother Jack and I have succeeded in winning everyone over (even Hetty Miep, although she’d never admit it). Most of all, we love playing with our brother Artie! Sometimes Hilda will groom me a little or play with me for a couple of seconds; but she is easily frightened, so she mostly just likes to watch. I’ll have to work on building up her confidence. Even though I’m small, I won’t hesitate to take on Jack or Artie! And I overheard my female human say she thinks I’m as smart as Garp (my older brother who died before I was born). I even have a spot on my skull that is very bony—just like Garp’s head! I also have a cute cowlick over that spot. When I’m being especially sassy, my female human likes to call me Ginger Snap or Sassafrass! Humans say the silliest things.

My brother Elvin told Jack that we’re going to see Uncle Dr. Kraft on Tuesday so we can get microchips and Jack’s grapes can be harvested. Jack was pretty excited about it—like we’re going on a picnic (or probably in Jack’s mind, an all you can eat buffet). I know what it really means, though. My sister Hilda said that Uncle Dr. Kraft will pinch us until we get really sleepy. While we’re sleeping, Jack’s grapes will be harvested and I’ll get my ladygardenectomy, so we don’t grow any weeds. Then when we wake up, we’ll each have a microchip (which is a special GPS system we can use in case our humans get lost) and we’ll get to go home. Well, Jack will get to go home that afternoon. I have to stay the night to finish up our paperwork. Jack doesn’t have to stay since he can’t read very well yet. I’ll have to wait to tell Jack about my overnight stay. He’ll probably get scared when he finds out that he’ll have to sleep by himself for a night. He might be bigger than me, but he depends on me to be the leader and explorer!


Early Release

November 16th 2011 1:31 pm
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My brother Jack and I are home resting after our surgeries (grape harvesting and ladygardenectomy). I was doing so well last night that the vet clinic let me go home with Jack instead of staying overnight to finish our paperwork. Jack was very relieved. I could tell he was trying to be brave, but I saw his lower lip tremble a little when I originally told him that I’d have to stay overnight.

We both have some pain meds, so we’re trying to be good and just sleep.


Bully Strut

January 12th 2012 11:46 am
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Sometimes, no, most times, my sister Hetty Miep is a bit of a *whispers* bully.

Yesterday, she was in especially fine form. First she smacked Artie on the head several times before lunch. He returned the favor.

Then, when my female human was beached on the couch with the fluffy comforter and Hilda, Elvin, and Hetty Miep, I tried to join them. Hetty Miep smacked me on each side of the head and then on top of my head. When I turned around to jump down, she smacked me on my bottom!

Later, she decided that Jack needed to be taught a lesson (for sitting in one of our boxes with blankets). He saw her coming and did what he always does before being smacked down by HM: he threw himself down on his back with his paws in the air like four “I surrender” flags, froze while HM delivered the smacks, and lay stunned in the same position for a few seconds after HM left. Don’t worry though, after he noticed that she was gone, he immediately bounced back up and was ready to play.

I watched from a safe distance and thought, Glad that’s not me. And, Hmmm. Maybe I can be like her someday!


Ride or Die

January 16th 2012 5:17 pm
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A couple of weeks ago, my humans noticed that my brother Jack’s breath was stinkier than normal (my female human said it smelled like the breath of an elderly cat). Then the other night, my female human noticed that Jack was drooling in his sleep. The final straw was when my male human found some bloody toilet paper that Jack had been gnawing on. The humans examined Jack’s mouth and noticed that his top gums were bloody. They decided that a trip to Uncle Dr. Kraft was in order. Before leaving, my male human found two small teeth in his bathroom (where the bloody toilet paper had been spotted).

My humans debated whether taking me with Jack or not. My female human pointed out that we went everywhere together and it might make Jack feel better. My male human said it would be easier to leave me behind. They went back and forth and finally agreed to leave me behind. I could tell Jack was trying to be brave but was a little bit scared to have to go somewhere by himself. So when my humans brought the cage out, I jumped in and promptly laid down. I settled the debate: I was going with Jack to the v-e-t!

Since Jack and I were raised by a foster mom that is a vet tech at the clinic, we went to the clinic quite a bit when we were babies (to help socialize us). We weren’t a bit frightened to be back together, and everyone was so happy to see how much we’ve grown. Good news for Jack’s mouth: turns out the teeth my male human found were baby teeth. Uncle Dr. Kraft found two other baby teeth that were really loose and close to falling out, so he took Jack in back and removed those. I was a very good girl and napped in my cage while they were gone. Uncle Dr. Kraft said the bad breath, drooling, and bloody gums were most likely caused by the erupting teeth and should clear up soon. He also said Jack will be a very big boy someday!


Silly Humans

October 4th 2012 2:17 pm
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A couple of weeks ago, Artie and I were snuggling in a sunspot together. Our female human walked in the room, cooed, turned around, and ran right into the doorframe. Since we’ve seen many of these types of incidents occur before, we were undisturbed by the female human’s howls of pain. After examining the red spot on her arm, she ran and got the camera. We managed not to laugh during our photo session.

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