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My Gotcha Day

May 28th 2014 12:47 pm
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Today is a very happy day for me since it is my Gotcha Day. I am glad I am in my loving home and I love my mom so much! I could not ask for more really. Welllll maybe a bit o' catnip in celebration. Heehee

I have been doing real well as far as playing & eating. I am a very happy kitty. My lil brother Jory is my constant companion. We have so much fun together. I am not sure when I will go back to my cardiologist for a check-up. She said about a year. I hope my heart will be more stable. I know my mom always worries about that.

Ok so gotta stay on a happy note for today tho. Thanks to all my friends who are helping me celebrate this big day in my life. Love you guys!

Good to see pics on Catster again too!!

Love and purrs,



March 25th 2014 7:45 am
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Thank you Catster for choosing me for a DDP honor today. It sure makes a cat feel good. Thanks to my kitty friends for the pmails, comments and rosettes. Going to take a nice nap now and get some rest. Have a good day!

Love & purrs,


Tristan's Cardiology Visit

March 24th 2014 8:13 am
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Tristan's mom here. Tristan had his cardiology appointment last Wed. Not very good news so I had put off writing. Just not up to it. But I did want to let you know. It is good that his side effects from the HOCM are under control- BP, heart rate, left atrium is normal size but at the high end of normal & murmur better also. But (and that is a hated word) his heart wall continues to get thicker. It was thicker the last visit (6 months ago) and now is thicker yet. That is the thing we can't do
anything about. And also the thing that will take him from this world.
I am just so sad. I had hoped that maybe he would be stable this visit
but it seems the disease is progressing.



Thoughts On My Birthday

March 10th 2014 9:24 am
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Today I turned 3 years old. I saw some presents here that I will get to see later. My mom usually does a great job of picking out things that we like. I bet yours does too! I already got a nice sunny day probably from my angel cat siblings. Thank you sweet brothers and sister Monroe for that. Thank you friends for the rosettes, gifties, pawmail and comments. Those always make my day being that they are from my kitty friends.

Next Wednesday (March 19th) I will go to see my cardiologist for my 6 month check. I hope nothing has gotten worse with my heart. I feel good but sometimes the heart can be a bit sneaky about letting you know it has more problems. I will update on that after my appointment. Please think good purrs for me if you can.

Well I had better go catch a nap before my birthday stuff starts. I want to be all rested up for that. Have a great day!

Love and purrs,



March 3rd 2014 6:18 am
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Good morning Casterland. So glad you are still here. Have a great day all.

Love & purrs,


DDP!! And Moving On

January 30th 2014 8:42 am
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Wow it is still nice to be chosen as a Daily Diary Pick for sure! Thank you Catster. Perhaps it is a parting gift? No matter as I am happy about it.

We still haven't chosen our future internet home. Maybe we will just ride off into the sunset for awhile. At least until the dust settles. My mom will be busy with her photography. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park chose one of her photos for their Scenic Railroad park calendar for 2014. Pretty cool! Anyway we hafta see what sites will be quicker to use etc for our pages. Lots to think about.

Wishing nothing but good things for all our pawsome friends on Catster. You cats rock!

Thanks again Catster for the DDP selection.

Love & purrs forever,


Farewell Friends

January 22nd 2014 9:17 am
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Dear Friends,

This probable last diary entry is from all in our family. We wanted to say thank you for years of fun & friendship. We also remember the sad times and loss of dear friends. We had our own terrible losses of course. Our mom is particularly upset about Catster going to delete Louis LeBeau's Memorial page. It was built with love and lots of tears. We were very thankful that Catster gave us a place to remember our cat angels. But now they will destroy those same pages. We would have never believed that of Catster.

We are not sure where we will move to yet. Maybe to Mom has been on FB for years but it is her page and not cat related. So we doubt that would work. We realize that there is no site where we will all go like we had at Catster. So some will lose touch with others and it is unavoidable. But if you want to exchange emails to stay in touch, drop us a pawmail please.

We hope the best for all of you. We hope you will all have a warm home always, plenty of food and lots of love. We won't forget any of you. We will miss you so very much.

Love to all,
Tristan, Kirby D, Jory, Louis LeBeau, Ethan, Simon, KC, Teesha & Monroe


ER Vet Visit

December 9th 2013 10:58 am
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It was morning and I kept going to the litterbox- back and forth. It appeared that I was trying to poo but my mom thought I might look that way if I was trying to pee real hard too. I was yowling & howling and not being nice to Jory at all. My mom called the vet & they told her to bring me in. While getting ready to go, Mom decided to take a look to see what she could see on me. She lifted up my tail and could not believe the mess. I had lots of poo and had my tail and sides of my long fur in one monstrous mess. Mom does keep that area of me trimmed short but I guess I had somehow involved lots of other fur areas. :(

But she thought good at least she could give me a bath & not have to go to the vet. Wrong! I went ballistic in the tub and also when Mom tried me in the sink. I was holding onto her then had my legs flailing all over along with water and poo flying. I was just screaming. Mom finally said we'd just forget this & put me down. I was panting. That really scared her since my heart is bad. So she decided to take me to the vet, get my heart checked and let them handle the mess. She also wanted to be sure I was OK back there otherwise. The vet said my heart rate was nice & slow but she did hear the murmur. The vet tech took me back to clean me up. I was just howling for awhile then got real quiet and just gave up the fight.

The vet said I couldn't finish doing my business because the mess was blocking the exit. Yikes! But we went home & I did finish once we got there. I am still not sure how I got in the mess I did as I should not have but I guess you never know. *sigh

BTW- Thanks to all for the fun Thanksgiving greetings! We sure had fun seeing them.

Love and purrs,


Cardiology Check and a few other things

September 23rd 2013 8:50 am
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Last week I went in for my 6 month check-up for my heart at my Cardiologist. Most of what we heard was good news. My blood pressure is good. My heart has not enlarged any at all. My heart murmur sounds better but is still grade 2/3 out of 6. My femoral (back leg) pulses have gone from weak to fair now. It seems that my medication is doing its job. But there was also some not so good news. The wall between my main pumping chambers has gotten a little thicker. Not much but still a progression of the HOCM. There is nothing to help this part or prevent the thickening of the wall. So my mom is a bit upset. She had hoped for no changes in the heart wall thickness.

I am eating better but oddly have not gained any weight. I am playing more too. The reasons for those 2 things is that I got a new baby brother! He's been here a bit now but my mom still hasn't gotten him on Catster. He is a cream bi-color or flamepoint Ragdoll. His name is Jory. He was a gift from the lady where I came from to my mom. She felt bad about my serious health problem so wanted to be sure Mom got a healthy kitten.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone for the very kewl pirate flags given to us. We love them! We are sorry to not have given any out ourselves this time. Mom had so much going on that day that she just could not get to it. We are sorry. Thanks to all for thinking of us.

Have a nice day, friends!

Love and purrs,


DDP Again!

June 6th 2013 9:07 am
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This is sure exciting to be a DDP once again! A big thank you to the Diary Lady and Catster. And to all my friends for the comments, pmail and rosettes. You guys rock!

I have been getting a lot of rest. Today is a very rainy day so not a lot else to do anyway. Dad says we needed rain so I guess it is a good thing. It helps the flowers. They all look so pretty around the yard. I think I like the yellow water lilies the best. I can easily see little bugs on them. MOL!

Time for my lunch. I am not sure I will eat much but I do still get excited when my mom is getting it ready. I know it makes no sense. Looks like some chicken and also some cod cat food.

Love & purrs,

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