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Its hot??

August 20th 2012 4:58 am
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Mom says its been really hot for the past week or so! What? We didn't even notice! Mol. Ok, well she says its cause we have air conditioning and doesn't want us to get hot. We don't mind heat but we have not experienced it at its hottest as Mom always has the air conditioning on during the summer.

We are doing great. Our catnip plant is growing lots, so we've gotten to enjoy lots of yummy catnip! Mom's even taken some to work since we have so much, Mol.

I've taken up a habit of crawling up in the crook of Mom's arm when she is in bed reading or about to go to sleep. She says she loves the new cuddly me, not that I haven't been cuddly before just not quite in this way.

I love Mom most of the time but not when she clips my nails!! No way! I bunny kick her and try to bite her, there is no way she is going to get through this without a scratch! Mol. She's also been putting soft paws on our nails (rubber caps) so that we don't scratch the carpet. She says its me but she doesn't have any proof therefore Moppie gets them too. Mol

Purrs and Headbonks,


My Gotcha Day!!

May 30th 2012 11:27 am
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One year ago today is da day I be gotted!! Oh how happy I am to have a forever home with such a loving Mommy!

*Rewinds time one year* (I was approximately 2 weeks old at the time)

Dis be the night I was so lonely. I bes crawling around in da grass trying to find my Mommy. Where is she??? It is time for dinner and I can't find her. Dis is about the time my world was drowned with loud noise! (Although Mommy now says I probably couldn't hear yet). I bes lookin frantically for my Mommy. Dis Man saw me struggling to find my way in the grass, shut off his big skeery lawn mower and swooped in to pick me up!

He then brought me into the only vet clinic open! Which just so happens to be where my soon to be new Mommy works! She had mentioned to her co-workers that she was willing to nurse any kittens if needed. She had recently been looking into adopting another kitten from the spca but they hadn't gotten back to her (Mom regretfully had to decline to them when they finally got back to her).

So anyways, a worker at the clinic while cuddling me and giving me lots of attention went on her way phoning my soon to be Mom asking if she would nurse me/adopt me. She said yes to caring for me but wasn't sure at the time if she would be able to adopt me since grandma didn't like the idea at the time...

Mommy came to get me. She took me home and fed me often, she burped me and so on. I purred to my hearts content because I knew I was in good hands. Mom and grandma quickly fell in love with me and decided that they did not want to let me go, so they promised I will be with them forever!!

*Fast forward a year*

Its been a great year! Mom also took in the foster kitty, now named Merlin who found a new home, and then she took in Moppie too who is my best friend and my cuddly brofur! Mom says we are a great pair and she is happy she took us into her life, and boy am I glad we have her! Who else would feed us and give us yummy catnip?! Mol!

My first day with Mommy

Here is a video Mommy made of me growing up. Some of you have seen it already, but since its my gotcha day I thought I'd share it again.

life as a kitten! (Video)

Thanks everyone for reading our gotcha story! We know a lot of you have heard it cause you were around at the time, we are glad we could share that special time with so many of you.

Blade ♥


Happy Day!!

May 21st 2012 9:02 am
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Oh boy, oh boy, do I have news for you!! I gots a girlfriend too! Here I bes a little jealous of Moppie having a girlfriend and I got one now too!

My girlfurriend is a kitty I really care about! She was my Valentine for valentines day and efur since we bes talkin to each ofur. I wanted to ask her out, but I wasn't sure how!! I wasn't sure if I should be waiting till she was one year or not.

Oh but she beat me to it!! She came by last night and asked if I would be her boyfriend! Oh boy! I am such a lucky Mancat!! I is so excited she wants to be my girlfurriend! Out of all the kitties here on catster she picked me!!

My girlfriend is fury beautiful, cute, and she is such a Sweetie!!!.

*Blade blows kissies to Sweetie!*


Mommy wanted to show you guys a new video of me too! We know its not related but we were gonna show it before the big news and didn't get a chance!

Moppie and I were out playing and running around the house. Mom heard us in the kitchen, we were in there quite a while and making a bit of noise. Mom came to see what we were up to. When she found us we were playing with a magnet that came off the fridge! Mol! Hehe, it was one of those flat ones, and I really wanted to pick it up and bite it but I couldn't!! Nothing I could do would let me pick that thing up!

Anyways here is the video. We hope you like it.

Blade + Fridge Magnet


Yay!! DDP Today!

May 19th 2012 6:43 pm
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Hey look at me!! I am a DDP today!! Woo hoo! We want to thank the diary girl for picking our diary but we especially want to thank all of you who came and celebrated our birthdays with us!! Maybe she wanted the celebration to just keep going! Mol!

We tried to send everyone birthday thank you pmails. If we missed any of you we apologize. We are really grateful for everyone who came and celebrated with us! Even if you only stopped by or even if you were late! It means a lot to us! We love you guys!!

And wow! We've been getting DDP pictures left right and center! It be crazy! They seem to be just flowin in from all directions! We gots 4!! I think that be the most we ever gotten?!!?! Its been a long time so its hard to remember, Mol.

For our birthday Mom gave us a cat-it track and a scratchy board!! We loves them so mush! We spent our whole birthday playing with them! Although the window was open so we had to take lots of breaks to keep an eye on those burdies!! We's can't be too careful! You can check out our pictures! Although a few got switched out for our DDP pictures, Mol!!

Did you guys hear that Moppie's got a girlfriend??? He asked the sweet Mallee to go out with him and she said yes!! He is so over the Moon!! So now they are going steady!

Anyways Moppie is bugging me, he wants the computer so he can tell efurryone!!

Bye! and Headbonks to all our furiends!




May 15th 2012 11:55 pm
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Welcome to our pawrty! Today we are celebrating Moppie and Me turning one! Today is my Birthday and Moppies was a two weeks ago. We will also be celebrating a few other kitties birthdays, as this month is full of birthdays!! Wow, so many kitties celebrating their special days!!

Head over to Presley's page too She is also having a birthday pawrty today! She is turning 4!! We will be pawrty-ing here and at her party - we can multitask and be two places at once can't we?! Mol Here is a link to her diary to get to her pawrty easier!

Now as for the time of the pawrty! We are pawrtying ALL DAY LONG, BUT Moppie and I will be at the party starting at Noon - West coast time!

This is what time it is here Now!

Feel free to sit down, hit the dance floors, help yourself to the food, or enjoy the view!

The Sitting Area

The Dance floor

Say hello to our little furriend at the aquarium!

Enjoy the Scenery

Thank you Fearless for the cake you made for Moppie's Birthday! Anyone want a piece?

Feel free to bring foodies, and help your self to whatever you want! Timmy offered to serve drinks, but if he is not around Simon or Tony will serve drinks too! (And if no one is around feel free to help yourself, Mol)

Enjoy your Tunatini's!!



May 15th 2012 11:47 am
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We be havin a Pawrty tomorrow! I am turning one tomorrow and Moppie has already turned one so we are celebrating us turning one!! Efuryone is invited, it is gonna be loads of fun! Please come to the pawrty or just stop buy for a little bit to say hi! We'd love to see you efun if you can't stay for long.

Pawrty info
Place: HERE (Presley is also having a birthday pawrty tomorrow too)
Time: Tomorrow! All day! We will be there starting around Noon west coast time

We're sending Mom to bed now cause she just worked an over night and we need her all rested up for the big day tomorrow. We will be preparing the pawrty tonight and hope to have it ready by Midnight, Mol.

Hope you all can come!

Blade *Moppie is wavin from the background, and blowin kisses to Mallee*


The big Skeery Vacuum!!

May 11th 2012 12:26 am
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We've just started shedding a lot here! Mom has noticed a lot of hair on the carpet the last few days and kept meaning to vacuum! Usually Mom puts us in a different room cause she doesn't want the vacuum to scare us silly! Mol, Nothing can scare me! Wait! Wait! I take that back! What is that thing!?

Mom came in to vacuum, and decided to go about and see what we'd do! Moppie went up to the vacuum to see what it was but as soon as it turned on he bolted out of the room, Mol! I came to the room when it was off to see what it was, when she turned it on I jumped on the bed! Every time Mom moved, I flinched! I think that vacuum is trying to eat me, but its closer to her, does that mean its going to eat her first?! I stayed high and only around the perimeters of the room. That was the safest way to go I thought! I stayed to keep an eye on things for a while but snuck out after a while cause I think Mom had it under control.

We ran around the house a bit. When Mom was done vacuuming she sat on her bed, that is when we came to sit with her. She pulled out the furminator brush and started brushing me! One thing about me and brushes is, if I see brush I bite and attack it! If I do not see brush I enjoy the petting, Mol. The bristle brush is especially weird! I lick it and it feels like a cat tongue!! Except that I lick it and get hair too! One thing I love when Mom brushes us is licking up all the hair that she has taken off of us, Mol. Although she tends to take it away from me at the worst times!

Anyways, Mom took a picture of our big fluff balls cause she thought it was pretty funny. She will not post it unless someone wants to see it, hehe. Moppie's fluff ball was HUGE!!! She said she could make them 5 times the size if we'd only sit still too!

Alright! NOW, time to talk pawrty! Next week Wednesday is My first birthday, and we're gonna have a big party to celebrate both Moppie and My birthday's! We'd love it if you can all come. Our furriend Presley is also having a Birthday Pawrty that day too! We'll be celebrating them them as well! Not sure if it will be separate parties or not but we'll let you know sooner to the date.

Hope you guys can all make it! We love all of you, thanks for being our furriends ♥.



Mom's leaving for the weekend!

May 4th 2012 2:48 pm
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Mom's leaving us for the weekend!! Apparently her friend's staggette is more important than staying here with us! So grandma will be taking care of us for the weekend... Although she doesn't like us sleeping with her and she's gonna be at work on Saturday which means we'll be alone most of the time.

We're gonna miss Mom! BUT, does this mean we can do whatever we want for the weekend? Come on over guys! We're gonna break into the Tunatini cupboard!! Mol.

Sorry if we miss any Birthdays, gotcha days, or special awards anyone receives while we're gone! We're with you in spirit. Have a great weekend!


Harness Advise!?

April 22nd 2012 1:38 am
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Hey guys, Mom wanted me to ask you guys about harnesses. She hears a lot of you saying that you go out with a harness outside when it is good weather. Turns out my harness is now too small, so she's looking into getting a new one. So what we'd like to know is if you have a harness, what kind do you have, and would you recommend it? and would you trust it if a cat doesn't want to be in it or suddenly bolts?

The harness we have we never really got to use, so we don't know. Summer was over before we knew it last year and the weather just got worse and worse. And we would love to pick out a harness that she can trust and that we would like. She doesn't ever want to be in a situation where one of us somehow squirms out. Obviously she'll do the training inside first but Mom's a tad over-cautious, Mol.

Also if you have any recommendations that you have heard is good but have never tried, Mom would love to hear them.
We have the "Come with me Kitty" brand, she 'thinks' its pretty good as far as some harnesses go but she wants to know if there are other or better options out there.

Thanks guys ♥


I did it!! I got in!

April 20th 2012 12:36 am
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As most of you know, I have a knack for opening all the unlocked doors in the house. A while ago I discovered a door unlocked and what did I find?! 2 bunnies, just hanging out! How did I miss this? Anyways, so have half a room which is set up just for them, but Mom hasn't let us stay in long enough to figure out how to get in. We stalked them a lot to make sure they weren't plotting to take over the world. As far as we can tell right now, they aren't plotting to take over the world, but maybe taking over the house?! Its really too soon to say.

But today I found my way in! I even introduced myself and tested to make sure they weren't robots. By their reaction of me pouncing on him, I'm still not sure.

Today was quite the adventure!

Me and Moppie Watching the bunnies!

I got in! Now meeting bunny.

Want one?

I even fit under their log hut thing

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