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June 3rd 2011 6:09 pm
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This week, I've been eating like there's no tomorrow!!! Always looking for more!!! Tonite, I ate 3 full tubs of Whiska's!!! Is this normal for a pregnant kitty??? Especially one who's due in less than a month??? Daddy says he's going to nickname me vacuum, cause i eat so much!!! ( Was either that, or miss Piggy!!! No thank you, daddy!! Not ladylike!!MOL )I have been acting like I'm "picking a spot" lately!! Gettin closer, I guess!!! Go back to the VET on the 10th, last check b4 time!!!
More purrs later, Panda


The Shadow

May 31st 2011 4:02 pm
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Daddy says i've been his shadow today!!! Ever since he came home, I've been right by him!!! He's almost tripped over me twice!!! He thinks he can feel the kittens!!! I eat like there's no tomorrow!! Ate 2 Whiskas wet food packs tonite for dinner, and still wanted more!!! I do eat with every other fur, and no hissing!!! ( Maybe too hot???) I now weigh a healthy 9 lbs!!! ( Far cry from when I was found!!! ) And I have a voice!!! Everytime daddy goes into the kitchen, I follow, and mew to him for more food!!! Guess I feel safe, and that I belong here!!! AAh, I love daddy, and love living here!! ( I even have gotten used to Kringle!!)
More purrs later, Panda


Thank Mew

May 30th 2011 7:45 am
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Thank Mew for all your concern and ideas!! Daddy says, since I have been vaccinated, he's going to wait til I start to " pick a spot". When that happens, it's the bathroom for me!!! However, he is getting some fencing so he doesn't have to shut the door all the way, as it would get too hot!!
Update on the goings on here! I have really been lovey, and eating like there's no tomorrow!! Even tried to steal a bite of daddy's sandwich!!! Blizz has also been a lover today, wanting constant attention!! ( Come to think of it, everyfur's been like that today)!!! I've been on daddy's lap and on the desk alot today! Kringle fell in the trash can, and jumped out and landed right on Squeaker!!! Needless to say, he was NOT thrilled, and whopped Kringle!! Tig's been in the bedroom pouting all day...I kicked him out of bed last nite. Too hot here, supposed to be in the mid 90's today, upper 90's tomorrow, feeling like over 100!!! Glad i'm in the a/c today!!!
More purrs later, Panda


It's official!!!

May 29th 2011 3:58 pm
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Well, it is now official!!! I went to the V*E*T yesterday, and he poked and prodded me all over!!! ( No, I did NOT approve!!!). Everything was fine....except for one little thing!!! When he felt my tummy, he said Uh-Oh!!! ( daddy turned pale when he said it, MOL!!). He listened to my heart, and told daddy he heard ...........5 heartbeats!!!!! He immediately did an ultrasound.......4 kittens, apparently very healthy, almost a month along!! He put the date at about May 6TH!!! Daddy told him bout what happened on the 5th, vet said that's what happened!!! So, furriends, sometime round Independence day, I's having kittens!!! If only I hadn't been so scared and upset, maybe I wouldn't have bolted out!!! I'm kinda depressed, cause now I don't know what will happen to me. What with Tig havin FeLV and all. Purrs needed that we can figure this out, daddy says no way on an abortion, doesn't believe in it!!! Help!!!
As Tig would say, Very Upset and worried purrs, Panda
( This is daddy" Panda's home is here, but when the kittens come, she'll have to be confined to the bathroom because of Tigger. And once they're weaned, the NEXT DAY, She's getting her Snip=Snip! Will have to find homes for the kittens, just no room here!!!


New spot!!

May 28th 2011 3:24 pm
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I have a new spot!!! Noooo, not on my fur, a laying spot!! Efurry time daddy is on his confuser, I lay on the desk, right next to him!!! I even give him snuggles!!! And I am getting along with everyfur, even trying to be nice to Kringle!! ( Except when he ties to steal MY dinner!!! ( Gypsy, haven't you taught him anything???) I guess i'm a regular fur here now!!! It's hot here, round 90, daddy has he air on, just a lazy, hazy summers day!!!
More Later, Purrs from Panda


Guess i'm ok here

May 25th 2011 4:37 pm
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Well, a surprise happened this morning. daddy gave us our treats, and wasn;t thinking ( Typical), and put mine down with every other furs!!! BUT...We all ate our own, next to each other, and NO HISSING or GROWLING!!! Tonite, I ate in the kitchen with the rest of the furs...ate all mine!! ( OK, Kringle tried to stick his nose in MY wiskas, and got whopped for his trouble )!!!!! Guess we're all one big happy (?) furmaly here!!! I even tried to help daddy on the computer!!! ( Boy was he shocked!!) He talked to me, and i gave him a lick on his nose!!!
Contented purrs, Panda!!!
P.S. NO Kringle is NOT my playtoy!!! He just don't get the idea that i;m not into playing with him, soo I have to put him in his place sometimes!!!


OK Today

May 22nd 2011 5:00 pm
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Not much hissing going on this weekend...cept at daddy!!! He has this thing called a shark!!! It makes noise, and has 1 BIG bright eye!!! I do not like sir, not one bit!!! Daddy says he usually runs it every weekend, but hasn't so I could settle in!!! Well, he don't need to run it no more!!! HISSSSS!!!
No change as far as the other thing...I have gotten bigger, but not sure if it's because i'm eating good now, or if it's the other thing!!! Hope it's the eating. Now when daddy gets home, I line up with the other furs for my dinner!!! As Simone would say...nomnoms!!!
more later, Purrs from Panda!!



May 19th 2011 5:05 pm
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Daddy needs your help!! About may 5th, I got out while daddy was taking out the trash. He found me about 4 hours later, after he saw me chasing a Tom!! However he's noticed the last 2 days, my belly is getting bigger and firmer. How long is a kitty's gestation, and how long before you can notice??? I am scheduled to be fixed on the 27th, BUT..... well, you fill in the blanks, cause I ain't telling daddy nothin!!! I have been, for the last several days, much more nicer to the other kitties, and more of a snugglebug with daddy!! Any ideas??? Am I???


I am oficially 1 today!!

May 15th 2011 5:01 am
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I am now officially a 1 year old today!! And got a HUGE surprize!!! The kitties at Hey1 You look like me! named me their COTW!!! Wow!!! I'll be posting the pic on my page shortly!!! ( Kringle...haven't you learned yet??? BACK OFF...HISSSSSS HISSSSSSS) Yes, I still have a hissing problem! ( Hangs head) I don't know what to do, sometimes, we walk right by eachother, no problem. Other times, I hiss and want to attack!! Any suggestions???
I hope everyfur has a great sunday, and stays dry!! ( We're supposed to have rain til Friday!!! Anyfur have a boat???)
Purrs from Panda


A little better....I think!?!

May 7th 2011 6:16 am
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I seem to be doing a little better. Thur. nite, I woke daddy up by kneading his pillow and purring in his ear!!! AND 4 other cats were on the bed...NO hissing!! This morning, he caught me PLAYING in a kitty condo with...KRINGLE!!! Last nite, I slept in daddy's bedroom, on the cat tree!!! ( OK, I STILL don't get along with Squeaker for some reason, and once in a while have a hissy fit at Gypsy) Maybe I CAN fit in here!!!
More purrs later, Panda

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