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Missing :(

December 18th 2015 5:57 am
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Our sweet little Lottie did not come home last night. She is the only kitty since Linus event 4 years ago that we have permitted outside since she was so unhappy inside. There have been no indicators that she met with a road accident, she has just vanished. Praying that she has made friends with some of the elderly folks who live close by and spent the night inside someone else's house. It was cold last night. Purring that she comes home today!


I be DDP!!

September 18th 2014 4:08 pm
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Wow! Such an honor for me who likes to be invisible! Just to celebrate I came inside and slept on mom's bed for an hour!!!!


Today be My Birthday!!!!

September 16th 2014 5:23 am
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Wow, I am the recluse kitty of our house. Love the peeplz, hate the cats. I love to spend most of my day outside and only come in for wintertime when I disappear into the basement. But when my dad or mom sits on the back porch (happens every day) I come and purr and purr. Hard to believe I am eleven years old! Mom keeps saying that soon I need to change my ways. Maybe if Lucy moved away......

But today is my day and I will get yummy salmon and dad will sit with me and tell me what a bootiful girl I am!


The Big One-O

September 17th 2013 6:24 pm
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I be ten years old yesterday. One decade! Zowzers! "And... One, two, three like a bird I sing.....cause mom's given me the most bootiful set of wings...." Well, not really, but....... I am getting to go outside again! I am so happy that I purred and made biscuits, and promised to stay on the porch.


How's my Stress

June 29th 2013 8:39 pm
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With two kittens staying here you'd think my stress would be going through the roof, but I really haven't been too upset. Spend most of my time in the basement, but my kitty-prozac has really helped with my marking issues. Also helping is that my enemy Lucy seems to be the one going outside instead of me! She and Dad hang out in the garden, so life is a little more calm in here. And at night, when it is dark and quiet, I creep upstairs and get into bed with mom and dad. Very nice.....


Surprise Surprise

June 15th 2013 12:29 pm
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Mom got to thinking about the recommendation to watch My Cat From Hell - but our cable TV doesn't get Animal Planet, so she went on line and watched an episode. Wow, such interesting stuff. Anyway, in that episode, Jackson talks about making heavy kitties (aka Linus) take a walk in this little kitty shirt thing. Had not seen one of them before, but she got to thinking about letting me outside in the kitty shirt. I could sunbathe on the porch, she'd read a get the picture. So, today she found this little walking shift for a dog. Couldn't find a kitty one, but this said up to 10 pounds. So, she thought she'd try it - if we would forgive her for it having this little bone picture on it. Now, I will say this before going on. Dad has been letting my nemisus, Lucy, go outside with him cause she just sits and watches him dig in the garden, the comes back in. So, Mom comes along with this shirt. First tries it on Linus but it is too small (it says 10 pounds and he weight 20+ - duh). And he freaks out. So that won't work. She goes looking for me. Finds me in the basement behind the bookshelf. Finally gets me to come promising I'll really like this. I don't like the shirt. She puts it on and I growl, but tolerate her. She clips on Phoenix's little pink leash. Red shirt, pink leash--guess mom isn't much a fashion. Now I am really growling, ears back and all. She talks sweet nice. Then she opens the outside door and carries me outside. Ah maybe not so bad. Still growling though. She sets me down on the porch and I crouch all up. Two seconds later Lucy comes flying from the garden, and hissing and snarling and swiping at me OMC!!! Mom snatches me up, Dad shoos Lucy away. Mom sits down on the porch, me on her lap, talking nice. My claws are sunk into her shoulder and I am really pissed! After a minute or two, she gently puts me down again. I take off like a shot running. Run right out of that little shirt for the back door. I want in! Mom opens the door and I streak inside and back to the basement. Guess I did not want to get outside as much as Mom thought.

Back to the drawing board.


Confusion Continues!

June 11th 2013 8:15 pm
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First, my silly mom missed by DDP on June 8. Way to go, Mom. So sad that I didn't even get to celebrate, but I am not real party girl anyway. All my brothers and sisters hate me and I hate them.

So, on with the story. I finally went to the Dr. Fox (Dr. Stacey's friend) yesterday. Of course first mom had to get me into the carrier. That be a three person job. I am pretty good at not getting in to carriers. Anyway, I told mom long and loud about my disapproval all the way to the office.

Dr. Fox visited with me, determined that I as healthy, no problems. Because of the concerns of my marking, she checked my urine and that was good, too. Then she and mom talked about letting me go outside. Oooo, but I would really like that. Dr. Fox had another thought. We could try a pill to help my stress. So, we got some fluoxetine. Got a dose last night with supper. Afterwards I went off and hid and did not come out.

Mom went looking for me this morning (kind of a redo of the 2 hour hunt a few weeks ago). She found me, but I did not want to come out or eat, just stayed in my dark safe place. Finally came out for supper tonight, purred for mom, but did not eat much. She held me for awhile and I went back to my hiding place again. Mom did not give me another dose tonight.

So, mom not really sure that the kitty Prozac is working for me. She hoped it would, but hiding in the dark on drugs is no way to be. Wondering if it gets better.

Pretty much out of options. I keep telling her I would be good and not wander away but I know she keep thinking about what happened to Linus and even though we eventually got him back, it is really hard to think about. I think I should go outside and mom should take my Prozac.


Still Waiting!

June 1st 2013 4:40 am
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Not outside yet. First mom got sick, then grandmom got sick. So no vet visit yet to get my shot updated. Then dad was working in the yard and Lucy (my arch enemy) was meowing at the window, so he decided to let her out! What you thinkin, Dad? Later, it started to rain really hard, so he come inside FORGETTING she be outside. Wasn't till mom came home from work hours later and she asked where Lucy is at dinner time that he remembered. they went looking and calling. She came home about 20 minutes later - without her collar. Now mom rethinking the whole going out thingie. Way to go, Dad.


Disappearing Inside Kitty

May 24th 2013 8:13 pm
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Last night dad saw me. I actually was sleeping on the peeplz bed. Mom got up this morning and I did not come to breakfast. Did not come when she called. She looked and looked, called and called. Puzzled because nobody opened a door, I could not have gotten outside -- or could I? She finally had to go to work without finding me. Dad starting looking for me. One hour, two hours. Then ---- he found me. I was hiding down in the basement behind some blankets and boxes. Why didn't I come for breakfast? Why didn't I come to mom or dad calling? They don't know and I'm not saying. I ate some food that dad put right beside me. He also noticed that I been peeing around my hiding place. Now everyone knows I have been an unhappy kitty ever since we became inside kitties about 18 months ago. That unhappiness got worse when Bob came to live with us. I fight with everyone, so everyone picks on me. At one time, Mom thought I'd go live with Suzanne, but then Suzanne took in Kenny who really needed a home, so I stayed. So, today mom and dad made a hard decision. Gonna get see Dr. Stacy next week to make sure I am healthy, then I am going to get to go back outside. Mom really wants me to be safer inside, but I will be a lot happier. We know bad things can happen to outside kitties, but I keep promising her I will stay close to home. I loves my peeplz very much, so she hopes I will come inside to cuddle sometimes.


I Could Pee on This

December 30th 2012 8:05 pm
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Mom get this cute little book for Catmus.It was written by a cat. It makes her laugh and laugh. It called "I Could Pee on This". She thinks all Catster peeplz should read it. She would put some of the kitty poems here, but that would probably not be a good legal thing to do!

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