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Lucy's Happenings

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We Welcome Little Ziva

April 16th 2014 8:07 pm
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So, Dad asked Mom to keep little Ziva and she said yes! Guess I have another little kitten to mother. Everyone go say hi to her.


How many Bunnies?

July 30th 2013 7:23 pm
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Soooo, Mom and Dad be in Washin'DC, but thought I'd let everyone know the bunny story update. First three bunnies went to a new home. Fourth bunny go to a home in Berea. On the way home from droppin' off the last bunny Mom gets a call. Apparently there were not just two red bunnies, but three! There is another red bunny hoppin' around. Mom asked a neighbor to start feeding it so it keeps comin' back. When she gets back from Wash'DC she'll go after the new red one and the last black one.


Operation Cotton Tail a Success!

July 24th 2013 8:24 pm
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Mom caught the fourth bunny tonight. This smart little bunny did not want anything to do with traps or boxes. So sneaky mom started going out and giving it food every evening at the same time. Every night it getting closer. Last night it was right up beside mom! So tonight she broke a whole carrot and it started to eat out of her hand getting closer and closer as it went through the carrot. When the time was right, Mom caught him with her bare hands and scooped him into the kittens' kitty carrier. He goes to his new home in Berea tomorrow morning. Although there is a fifth bunny, no one has seen him in more than a week. We call this a happy ending for four little bunnies. Mom going back to TNR work. It be much easier!


Update Operation Cotton Tail

July 19th 2013 8:45 pm
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So Mom and Dad be hunting baby rabbits all week. Finally last night they caught the little black and gray one in the drop box. I wasn't sure what to think. They put it in the downstairs bathroom and gave it green stuff to eat. I was going to do the mama thing and give it some of my yummy tuna, but green stuff? Then tonight they came home with two more bunnies. Kinda adds meaning to "breeding like rabbits." Now we have a black one, red one, and white one. Nice diversity there, mom. Astonishing, that they all have homes already! They shipping out tomorrow with Vicky and Miah when they get to Petsmart. Two more bunnies left to catch. I'm not gonna spoil the secret, but one of them has been eating the swiss chard in mom's garden. For those of you in the bunnies, there are pictures on Little Sweetie's page.


Operation Cotton Tail

July 15th 2013 6:14 am
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So, this is a really new one. Mom letting me tell the story cause it involves the chikun peeplz!!! Sadly the chikun peeplz relationship fell on hard times. They split up. Female chikun person took the kids, the goats, the dog (thank goodness!), and --- the chikuns!! BUT - took a mama rabbit and left 10 little bunnies behind!!! These are cute little black and white bunnies. Two are a pretty red color. Definitely not your garden variety bunny. They been hopping all over the neighborhood for about a month. There now be just 8. Mom has found a rescue that will take them. So, operation cotton tail is under way. Collecting traps over the next day or two. Hopefully we get them all.


Milestone Day

March 1st 2013 8:02 pm
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One of those days that doesn't seem to be like others. Dad started taking the wall apart in the kitchen - and that be interesting enough. We all had to check it out multiple times during the day. I personally took it on to keep Phoenix out from under foot. But tonight a big truck pulled up in front of the house. Sean got out of it and so did a bunch of guy humanz I had never seen before. They all come into the house bringing snowflakes with them. Everyone stood around for awhile talking peeplz talk and I began to sense that although they were smiling and laughing this was a sad moment. Then all the man humanz went outside. Mom and Dad and Sean went outside to. Sean shook Dad's hand then hugged Mom tight. Then he got into the truck with the guys and they drove away as the snow fell. Mom and Dad came back inside. My kitty sense said I needed to go them. And I learned that Sean has moved away. His new church be two hours away, close to where Natalie (the future Mrs. Sean) lives. This is part of how life is in the lives of all. Mom and Dad be proud of Sean, but they gonna miss seeing him all the time. Time for me to hang close to them tonight.


Today be my Birthday!!!

February 19th 2013 6:15 pm
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What a cool and fabulous life to far!!! Eight years ago I be borned in the phys plant building of Asbury University. I learned all about how wonderful college kids are! They all miss their kitties back home and loved on me soo much. I learned that when they went to the green when their hearts were broken and their eyes leaked I could jump up on the park bench next to them and somehow my headbonking and purrring would make them feel better. I lived that way for almost two years. Then the school torn down the phys plant building and I lost my home. But right about then, I met Stephanie! She took me to her dorm apartment and hid me there. Inside! Wow! What a place! Then she realized that I was with kitten. She and her roomie decided to keep me inside so nothing bad could happen. Lots of hiding from the RA went on. One day Stephanie be standing outside and the RA talking to her about dorm rules. Steph look over the RA shoulder and I was hanging from the screen in the window! So fantastic were the days!

When Stephanie graduated, we moved into Mom's house for the first time. No one knew for sure when my babies were due. I lived in a bedroom and didn't like it much cause I wanted to explore. A week later, Stephanie got her first apartment and I went with her. Such fun! There was a dog there and Tippsey the fish (yeah the one Miranda scared to death). I had my babies on September 15. Four cute little furballs. Two black and white tuxes (girls); one gray tux (the infamous Linus!) and one tortie who looked just a like me. Sadly, the little tortie crossed the bridge when she was less than a day old.

So, when Linus was about three months old, he went to be Suzanne's cat.But ended up being mom's cat (another story!). Steph brought Milo to live with us but he got very depressed. Steph have never seen something that bad, but this isn't Milo's story, it's mine!

About a year later, I got out of the house Steph lived in and was lost for three very scarey days! After that, I didn't want to go out much.

When I was six, Steph, Milo and I moved back in with Mom. So, now except for the chicken wars life has been very cool!

I am, and will always be, the mom kitty to all these cats here! And I still jump into the laps of peeplz when they are sad and their eyes leak!


Valentine's Day Coming

February 10th 2013 8:11 pm
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Seems things are way too quiet around here for Valentine's Day being just a few days away!!! Time for Valentine's Pairs to make themselves known. Hopin' Littleboy will be my Valentine once again! Knowin' my boy, Linus, and his sweet Lacey are a pair! Meow out, everyone...declare your luv!


Ooooooo - Me First!

October 12th 2012 10:52 am
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Oooooooo...Ahhhhhhhh...Mom came home at lunchtime today. Not the usual. Then a big truck came to the house. Hum. Then a strange man got outta the truck with a paper. Interesting. Mom signed the paper and pointed to the family room. Then she locked all of us in the back room. What the hey! I heard the door, I heard scrapey noises. Phoenix started playin' with my tail. Really, kid, can't you see this is somehow important? Then, quiet. Mom opened the bedroom door. I smelled something new-- gotta check this out. I ran for the family room. There, sitting all pretty-like, was.....a new couch! I ran and jumped onto it - got onto it even before the peeplz got to sit on it. Possession is nine-tenths of the law. It's MINE!


My Gotcha Day!!

August 11th 2012 8:06 pm
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Thank you everyone for my bootiful gotcha day zealies!!! I have had a wonderful day remembering the day that Stephanie took me into her dorm apartment. I had always been friendly outside with college students who would give me bits to eat, and pet me, talk to me, but she was the one who brought me home to a forever family even though I was pregnant with four babies. That was five years ago and I have never forgotten. I am still the first kitty at the door to greet the hurtin' peeplz who come to mom when their lives are a bit messed up. I curl up right beside them while they talks to mom. I always make them feel better. Phoenix may be going to see granddad, but I am the original therapy kitty around here and I plan to keep the title for a long time to come.

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