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My burfffday!!!

September 15th 2013 8:23 pm
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Except for getting them yucky pills and boootiful burrfday at home. Laying in the sun -- playing patty paws with my mom! Thanks everyone was sharing with me!


Home to My House!

September 13th 2013 7:20 pm
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So good to be home. Mom brought me home this afternoon. All the smells of my house, the noises, the other kitties. So good to be home. Still watching my pee-ability and taking----ugh!----lots of pills again. But tonight I am laying on the carpet by my mom and dad and giving myself a bath!


Mom came to see me!

September 12th 2013 10:17 am
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Knew she couldn't stay away....was hopin' she couldn't stay away! Mom came to see me. At first I was just laying all sad like -- then I realized it was her! I got all purry, rubbing her hand and telling her how much I was glad she was there. Was hoping she'd take me home, but we both knew it wasn't going to be. Not today. I am eating a little dry food (mom doesn't like me to eat dry food, but I loves it!). Dr. Dan is gonna remove my catheter tonight before he goes home, then see in the morning if I have peed. Hope so. Never thought I'd be missing those silly little kittens and Bob, and Lottie, and Phoenix, and Miranda, and Milo. I even feel a little bad about fightin' with Milo! And my mom, Lucy. I miss sitting in the window with her!

Thank you, everyone for your purrs and power of the paw zealies and emails -- it is good to know I have such wonderful furrends out there.


From the Kitty Sick Place

September 11th 2013 6:59 pm
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I pretty much asleep most of the day. Dr. Stacey called Mom and told her that my pee lab test come back pretty much messed up. Maybe the antibiotics I was taking all this time not workin' on the bugs. Waiting for the culture to grow the bad things, then see what kills 'em. Meantime I have the catheter thingee draining my pee and the IV putting the juice in, so things stay flowing. Dr. Stacey suggested mom come to see me, but she decided not to because I would think I was going home, then she'd have to leave me behind again. If I am no better tomorrow she gonna come see me anyway. She worried that this may go badly. She had a kitty die from this years and years ago. We both know kitty medicine has come a long way in 20 years, and she trying not to worry. Thanks to everyone for their purrrs and get well gifts. Hoping we have some good news tomorrow.


Terrible bad awful day!!!

September 10th 2013 8:16 pm
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Just when we was thinking things doing better... Mom had arranged for me to go for my followup today, but this morning she was pretty sure something was wrong. I did not feel good, but neither of us could figure it out. My peepee hurt, but my bladder did not seem full. Dad took me to Dr. Stacey and they started to check me out. They gave me a bunch of fluid in my skin (youch!!!) but I did not pee. Looked for little rocks in my bladder with a xray machine. Nothing showed. I was not interested in peeing for Dr. Stacey at all. So late this afternoon Dr. Stacey decided to give me more pills (!!) and send me home. This time Mom gonna be putting those IV bags of fluid in my skin at home. Not my idea of a great and they started me on a new wet royal canin food the I did not like (neither did mom's wallet!). Bur at least I was going home to my house. I went to the quiet sick kitty room and refused the new food, but licked mom's arm and decided to take a nap. Mom went to a meeting and came back an hour later. And I was glad she did.

While she at that meeting, I started to really hurt. I kept going to the litter box, but nothing would happen. In thirty minutes I tried to go three times. Mom knew something really not right. She called Dr. Stacey who said she would meet us back at the office. Mom and Steph and me go out into the night and it's dark and I'm afraid and crying. It's 9:00.

Well, after I got to Dr. Stacey's she gave me this funny mask to breathe and things got all fuzzy. Maybe that be good thing. Dr. Stacey and mom found that my peepee was plugged with white puss-like stuff. Actually looked like a long tapeworm in my peepee that Dr. Stacey just and kept mashing. The plug was over an inch long!! Really nasty. The pee that followed was very bloody. So, I am now asleep on IVs with a catheter sewed into my bladder. Serious pain med and a collar of shame. I so sad that mom had to go home and leave me behind. Looks like I be there till Friday. And right now I feel pretty bad.

Mom wondering how we gonna pay for all this, but she knows I am worth it.


Thank you for all my DDPs!!

September 9th 2013 8:10 pm
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Wow, I have been Diary Pick a couple of times! Tomorrow I go back to Dr. Stacey for my follow up visit. I think I doin' better. Every so often I get hissy which isn't my usual good nature, so Mom not sure I'm completely better. Hoping the word is I am all better.


Feeling more like Myself

September 4th 2013 6:26 pm
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At last! Been a long week, but starting to feel more like myself. A little more playful, back fighting over the window perch. Not hurting to pee anymore. Thanks, everyone for your purrrs!!!!


Slow Day

August 28th 2013 7:51 pm
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Did not have to go back to Dr. Stacey today, but oh those pills!!! Mom gave me 3 1/2 pills at breakfast and pain med! My goodness! Then I got pills again tonight and more pain med. I making pee, but it be a slow business. Someone told mom that a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in my food will help. Anyone heard of that?


Purrs Needed - What Goin' On?

August 27th 2013 1:08 pm
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Well, after a pretty quiet time (especially after my great adventure in 2011), I suddenly having mysterious trouble. This morning mom came to feed us and I did not want to eat. That saying a lot for a 21.5 pound cat! I kept walking around meowing-yowling and would then just lay down. Because of my UTI history, mom called Dr. Stacey right away and at 7:30am I was whisked off in a cat carrier through the pretty morning mist that hangs over the Kentucky hills in late summer, and deposited at the vet's office. No fever, bladder could not be palpated. Hummmmm. Maybe I have a UTI without a blockage. So, they gave me fluids under my skin (OUCH!) and some gotta-pee medicine and waited. And waited..... Mom had gone on to work and at 3:45 this afternoon the office called saying I still had not peed! So now they gonna take some pee with a needle (Double OUCH!) Not real sure what's goin' on here. Mom worried. I wanna go home! Purr for me please!!


What Do I Dream About?

February 28th 2013 7:55 pm
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It be a cold dark night outside. Dad sitting in the recliner watching TV. Fire in the fireplace. Mom sitting at her computer. Kitties sleeping around the round (except my mom Lucy who is scratching on the carpet). Mom watch my little white feet wiggle while I sleep in a big round ball beside her. So comfy, so warm. Whiskers wiggle. Little feet flex..... just what do I dream about? Butterflies to chase, the old days when I played in the yard.... I seem so happy and at peace. Just what Do we kitties dream about? My sweet Lacey of course.

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