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Turning Seven Is Fun

January 29th 2009 6:46 am
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I sure did have a nice birthday yesterday. Many thanks to my pals for the gifts, rosies, email, ecards, real cards and pmail. I was a busy guy. MOL! You all made my birthday very special. I will thank each one of you individually as soon as I can. My mom has to hurry out today to do some stuff. Yesterday we got 10" of snow and the roads were very bad. So she did not go out. I didn't get a birthday cake either due to the snow. Luckily we had half of an apple crumb pie in the fridge and my mom put 7 candles on it! So I had a birthday pie. I didn't get any of it though as while I do like apples, this had way too much sugar and bad things for me to eat. I got some tasty cat treats though so please don't think I was deprived. MOL!! I also got a Star Chaser and love it. I have been playing with it almost constantly. One of my pals told me about it and I dropped a big hint for it for my birthday. Or so I think I did. Mine has 2 lighted balls because the one that came with it didn't light at first. My mom had ordered a spare and so used it instead. It's one of those things you hafta pull the paper out of it to get it to work. The paper tore off a bit in the one that came with the Chaser. Then my mom used a safety pin to poke around and got the paper moved and the ball worked. So now my Chaser has 2 flashing balls and makes this VERY cool to play with. Louis loves it too and we can both play with it at the same time. Oh no I see more of those snow bug flurries starting so I guess I will hafta go and let my mom get her errands done before the roads get too bad again.



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