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DAY #4

February 17th 2011 6:37 am
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Feeling much more like my old self, though yesterday there were a couple of accidents for both Sleeper and I - trying to jump up on things and not qu-i-i-i-te making it. Whew – that kinda hurt! But not enough to keep us from trying to jump up the next time and making it! Determination, yeah. Pays off every time.

Mama kept trying to feed us something every time we turned around. She cooked broiled salmon last night and saved us some little bites (without the sauce). I liked them fine, but Sleeper ate them and threw up! Made Mama feel bad, so I cornered Sleeper later and gave her a few bites of my own!!! 

Mama says there has been no swelling around our incisions – I could have told her that. They do feel a little warm to the touch – I could have told her that, too. And we had a good breakfast this morning. Well, good for us – we never eat that much at a time anyway.

Now if the fur will just grow back…


DAY #2

February 15th 2011 8:11 am
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Sleeper may feel like jumping all over the place; me - I think I like it fine right here on my red blankie in front of the space heater. Would you set that up another notch, please? Thank you.
As I was saying, I'm doing as well as can be expected, but hey -I've got less fat to sustain me - well it's TRUE, Sleeper! You've got a good half pound on me. Which I totally don't get, since you eat about twice as slow as me, and you must be sneaking food on the side or something - I hardly ever see you eat! Hmmph! Mama says we just have different metabolisms - whatever THAT means.
Well, whatever that vet did to me, at least it doesn't itch. I can pretty much ignore it, except for the weirdness of having no fur on a big patch of my body - yucchhh! Hope it grows back soon, so that once again I can be "the sleekest in the land"!



February 14th 2011 12:30 pm
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Can I wake up now? Whew - I feel funky...
Sleeper and I went to the vet today and got spayed. They neglected to tell us that they were going to give us our next set of vaccinations, including rabies, too. Seemed like alot to deal with, but then Mama said she guessed it was just as well - it might slow us down for a little longer till the incisions had more of a chance to heal.
The incisions are so small; it's surprising. If they hadn't shaved my side, I don't think anyone would know. Mama and Papa say they'll be keeping an eye on us for the next few days.



February 7th 2011 7:55 am
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So – now I’ve been tagged by my new friend Samsara. I gather that the way this game is played I’m supposed to list 5 pet peeves and then tag 5 of my friends. Hmmm…I hadn’t really thought about it before. The way I look at it, if there’s something I don’t like - I try my best to avoid it, and if there’s something I want – well, then, I just keep trying and trying until I finally get it! Like with my sister, Sleeper. I knew if I kept trying to get her to play with me, eventually she wouldn’t be able to resist me, and I was right! I mean, how much could she hurt me with biting and scratching that I hadn’t been through before? And let’s face it, I’m faster than she is – I could dodge those swipes, no problem!
And like when I want to get out the door, if I keep at it, I usually make it out. I can’t even list that as a pet peeve when my Mama catches me and is mad; I just give her a little lick on the hand to say “Hey, no hard feelings!”, and - sometimes – she smiles. :)

1. Well, I could list taking all that medicine when I was a baby. I didn’t like it, but I knew I couldn’t avoid it, so when Papa would hold me and Mama would put the dropper against my mouth and say “Open up, please!”, I would. That usually got me lots of pets and sweet talk, and often a food treat – yum! They always seemed so surprised that I didn’t fight it (like my sister!), but - oh, well – if you can’t avoid it, you just deal with it.

2. Getting sprayed in the face with the water bottle when I’m up somewhere where I shouldn’t be. But how can that be bad? If I can get to that place, it should mean that I’m supposed to be there. Except like maybe when Sleeper was balanced on the edge of the painting frame last night – I’m not even sure how she managed to do that. I was impressed. Mama looked like she was going to have a heart attack. I don’t think it was very fair that Sleeper didn’t get sprayed in the face then.

3. Not being let out of our room in the morning as soon as I wake up. I mean, Sleeper likes to sleep, but I only sleep if I’ve been playing extra hard, or I’m full (I wonder if that’s why Mama feeds us just before bedtime?), or if I’m bored like when Mama and Papa go to work at the shop. I don’t understand why Mama says “It’s only 5:30 in the morning for Cripe’s sake!” I’m awake – shouldn’t everyone else want to be? I’ll just keep trying and eventually they’ll open this door.

4. Getting my claws clipped. But that’s another one of those things that can’t be avoided, so I only complain a little bit. Sleeper is a real baby about it, though. You’d think Papa was trying to kill her or something. Mama says she can’t do it – it makes her too nervous. He’s never hurt me, though, but it’s a lot of work to get them nice and sharp again. Don’t they know that? Geez!

5. Wet food that has been sitting in my bowl for too long. Like 10 minutes or so! But I’m getting better about it. Mama says she’s tired of feeding all our leftovers to the birds outside. BIRDS ARE EATING MY FOOD?!!! Can they do that?!!! That made me think twice…and besides, I’m hungrier these days. I think it’s because I’m growing.

Well, that’s my list, so now I’ll tag these friends:

Colette Sidonie-Samantha







February 7th 2011 7:12 am
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It was a dark and stormy night…Alright, I lied; it wasn’t dark and it wasn’t stormy…yet.
But it was COLD, and Mama had disappeared, off hunting I thought. But she never came back. First my sister was gone, now Mama – I was so lonely and scared! And the Bad Thing had happened. I can’t remember now what it was, but I had a scar on the top of my head, and my eye actually had a little hole in it, and was cloudy and felt red and sore. And every time I breathed, I snuffled and snorted. And I was HUNGRY, too!!!

Mama had brought me back to the place we’d been at before, back when I had a sister, back before the Bad Thing happened. I sort of remember that day when we left. This big animal (now my human Mom!) had heard my sister crying and came to look. Mama growled at her and she went away again. That’s when we moved to a new spot, but she left my sister behind! I missed her beside me; she was warm and smelled good, and when Mama was hunting she would be there beside me and I knew everything was alright. But then she was gone, and Mama was gone, and I didn’t know where I was. Things were scary then, and colder and I was hungry all the time.

When we came back to the corner of the big house, the place where Mama left me for the last time, I could smell where my sister and I had lain, but it was an old smell; a moon had passed since then.

In the house I could hear happy sounds; I think I heard mewing! And there were good smells, and the corner felt warmer there and somehow safer. But night came and it was so cold. I was scared again, and Mama hadn’t come to feed me in so long I couldn’t remember.

I could see light coming from the windows; I thought if I just went a bit closer, I could see what it was…maybe there’d be food, too. But I couldn’t get in, and I couldn’t help myself – I cried!

Then it happened, the thing that changed everything. A door opened and the big female animal came out and saw me! I wasn’t sure what to do, but instinct took over and I ran. She didn’t chase me right away; she was talking to me, but I didn’t understand what she said except she didn’t sound scary. Well, not too scary! But life had taught me not to trust. Everyone had left me, and then there was the Bad Thing, too – the thing I couldn’t quite remember. Better not take the chance.

Later she put some kitty milk out for me, and when I came to eat, she did chase me! I ran as fast as I could all the way around the house and into the tall grass. That’s when she caught me, ‘cause I couldn’t move fast enough through the deep grass. She took me back to the house and put something gooey in my eye; it was weird, but it felt sort of good, too. Then she made me a nest in a big box by the door and put food and water beside it. I was afraid and ran away again, but when she left, I came back and went in the box. It was so warm! Mom says now that’s because she put a hot water bottle in there with me. She didn’t want to bring me inside yet, because she was hoping my other Mama might still come back for me.

By the morning Mama had not come back, but I was still in the box that my human Mom had made for me. When she came to check on me, I ran and hid. But she waited and caught me when I came out, and put more gooey stuff in my eye. I was happy to see her, but afraid at the same time – isn’t that funny?

Mom took me inside and I saw my sister!!! But I didn’t get to play with her then. Mom and Papa put me in my own room, with another hot water bottle in my bed and all the kitty milk and food I could eat! The day after that we went to the vet, and he looked at my eye, and listened to my chest, and weighed me. He said I had a bad cold and an ulcer in my eye. He gave my new parents some medicine to feed me with a dropper, and some more of the gooey medicine like what Mom had already been using with my sister and then had used for me. I had to stay in the room for 6 whole days so I wouldn’t make my sister sick, too. (Mom says it was supposed to be 7, but they just felt so heartsick at leaving me in there alone, they decided they couldn’t stand even one more day. Me neither!) Mom and Papa came and played with me in the room – that part was fun. At first I hid, but I didn’t really want to – I wanted to play! Pretty soon it was easy to not feel afraid, and I really wanted to get out and play with my sister, too. I think Mom and Papa were keeping her away from the door in the beginning, but towards the end, we were playing “paws” through the crack under the door.

When they brought me out it was so exciting!!! But my sister didn’t recognize me, and didn’t want to play. I tried and tried, but she hissed and growled at me. I even rolled over on my back for her so she could attack my belly, but she didn’t want to, she just wanted to get away from me. Mom and Papa were concerned that she’d never accept me, but I just knew if I kept trying, she would – and after a week, she did! Then we play-fought all the time. And we still do, except sometimes we like to hug each other and lick each other’s faces and fur. And when it’s nighttime and Mom and Papa say it’s time for bed and turn out the lights, my sister is there beside me, and I know everything is alright.

But I forgot to tell why I’m named Samhain! Mom says it’s Gaelic for “summer’s end”, and is what some people call Halloween, and that’s when they took me in – on the eve of Samhain. Oh, and she pronounces it “sow – in” , though there are other ways to say it.

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