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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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Asking the Vet to change the meds....

September 3rd 2012 5:59 am
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The past 2 nights and days haven't been good. We think the Prozac isn't good for Natalie. We went back to the vet yesterday....Sunday vet...she suggested we talk with Natalies doc who returns from vacation this week. I already emailed her about it.

Natalie gets agitated at night. Now shes not attacking her tail, but us. During the day she sleeps. We have been giving her the meds during the evening.

If anything, this is worse and we hate it. We are going to ask for her to be switched to gabapentin.

my poor Natcat

From Mommy


Day one: prozac

August 24th 2012 5:54 am
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Natalie got her first dose of prozac. She didn't like it-quarter of a pill. But awhile later she curled up and went to sleep.
She slept most of the day, waking now and again to have a bite to eat-we always leave food for her to have.
We noticed she watched her tail, but did not attack it. She actually let me rub her belly, something she doesn't usually allow. All the sleeping is more than usual, though.
But at least she wasn't at her tail.

I wish we didn't have to give this to her..she was actually playing this morning, and appears to feel well. The medication makes her very sleepy, i think.

but we have to give it a chance to even out.

Natalies mom: Deb


Cornell Feline helpline...

August 23rd 2012 6:18 am
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Cornell Vet School has a hotlne. They were nice! They waived the fee for us, as mommy works doing rescue!

Mommy told the nice doctor in training about me. She sent my picture. This is what the nice doctor in training said:

1) Natalie looks like she is part Abby. They can sometimes be more prone to FHS.

2) Suggested to try the prozac, and if that did not have the desired effect, to try the Gaba. Both have been used, and both have been effective.

3) Said that its not from us keeping her in one room, most likely-in his words: 'she has windows to look out of, a scratch post, and you guys in the room to entertain her at least when you're home-did suggest getting cat stairs to the window. Doe NOT think it's from the other cats: she originally had other cats in the room with her...does not think it would be a bad idea for Rufffy to be in her with her on occasion....'its not bothered her in the past'.

4) There is still discussion in the Vet community as to whether FHS is a neurological condition, a stress contition, or a psychiatric condition.

5) Said that her posture could indicate that she has either arthritis, had an old injury, or this might just be the way she walks, but there might at some point have been an injury that could have caused some damage...since he did not examine her, he could not say for sure. that she has not reacted before this to that would indicate that perhaps thats not the case. (?)

He suggested:

Medicaiton-he said prozac has been shown effective in some patients, as has 'Gaba'. He said try the prozac, then, if this doesn't have desired effect, or side effects (he said side effects would mainly be her being over tired for the first few days) then try the gaba....

Cat interative toys: Anything that draws her attention away from her obsessive behavior is good....we got her the ball in the wheel with the scratching post in the middle. She will play if I play with her. I'm trying to think of other things, does anyone have any ideas?

Cat steps to the window so she can see out if she wants. She has and can jump up to the window on her own, just doesn't much.

Walks or rides in the car! He said that anything that gets her attention out of herself is good....

Cosaquin-in case of arthritis.

If we could find and afford it-accupuncture has been shown to be very helpful.

He said we are good cat mom and dad...that sadly, some people even Euthanize their cat when this starts because they can't deal with it. I told him I thought that was awful...and he said that alot of people don't have patience to cope with too many things.... :(

We are picking up her meds today. Her vet called me back last night, said she would change prescription to Gabapentin if we wanted, but suggested giving this a try, being the prescription is already in.

Will keep everyone posted,

Natalies mom Deb


Finally!!! Mommy and Daddy are getting medicine for me!

August 22nd 2012 5:47 am
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Daddy had it. he called vet 4 times yesterday. He is a Southern Gentleman, and never yells, but told receptionist that it was urgent he speak with Big Vet. He told her that neither he nor Mommy were getting any rest, and that he was worried about me, as my tail attacks were becoming more violent and vocal.

FINALLY!!!! Big Vet called him back. She apologized and stated she had one emergency right after the other this past week, and her associate was on vacation. Daddy told her what was going on.

She agreed to try me on medication. She agreed that it does sound like FHS.

Mommy told Daddy about the Gamapentin, but he couldn't remember the name. Mommy write Big Vet an email, and sent along Chiquita's pmail to us about it.

Last night was trying. Mommy said that she is worried because it is like a little kid with night terrors, I wake her up and am restless and pawing at her and Daddy.

I was given some tramadol, but Mommy thinks it dopes me up and she really doesn't like that. Her friend suggested putting me on cosaquin as well, in case I do have arthritis anywhere, as I sometimes do walk funny. Her friend said that I look part 'Abby' and 'Abbies are prone to FHS. She also said that it's not impossible I had something happen before I was found.

In any case, Daddy has to go and pick up something for me....and then he and Mommy are hoping to sleep...

I sleep during the day...but nights are scary....

hoping this helps...
Natalie the Natcat


Mom's had it-she is going to call another vet tomorrow for- me.

August 20th 2012 8:03 pm
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she KNOWS I have FHS.
Tonight she put my harness on me, trying to get me used to it, so I coudl go out...I've worn it before, she was also brushing me softly...well, I guess it hit a 'spot' and all of a sudden I was hizzing and growling and at my tail and grooming....and her camera died before she could film it.

she's frustratd...big Vet has not returned her calls...nor Daddies..and Mom is angry, says she can't be running back there every week because they don't seem to understand what's going on!!!

Mom got really upset tonight. Every time she'd try and get the wicked harness off me I would go to attack her. Finally, she just managed to get behind me and release the clasp.

Now I'm having a nap...after an hour of hissing, growling, spitting, howling at her, and being upset....

Mommy is so upset.

She is also upset because the cat she tried to rescue from the kill shelter went to the Bridge as a result of 'old age' and a 'cold'.

Mom has been having a tough time of it...

not to mention me having a tough time...

that tail is dangerous!

Where did it come from?


increase in tail attacks...

August 16th 2012 7:38 am
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Mommy and Daddy are tired.
I wake them at 4 am. I walk around, my tail goes wild...I see it, I growl and hiss, I nab it. Somtimes I start to bite it, sometimes I lick it.

Mommy told Daddy he has to call Big Vet.

Ddaddy does NOT think it's my anal gland. He does not think I need tramadoyl. He thinks I n eed stuff for whatever is causing this...

Daddy and Mommy wake up, soothe me, sometimes I am anxious and pace around...and sometimes I just am crankly. othertimes I'm needy.

What does seem to help is when I get to lay down in their space when they get up and they put the comforter for me to lay on, or even cover me up.

I'm better during the day. It starts mainly at night...stops at 6 or 7 and then in the late afternoon.

Daddy said he's going to try and geti t on his cell phone, or mommy on her camera to show the vet.

I just know that Tail is an Alien.

I must guard against it.

Natalie the Natcat


Big Vet gets her hands on me again...

August 12th 2012 6:36 pm
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Mommy thought for sure I was surgery bound. I am still attacking my tail.


As per Big Vet, who talked about her vegatable garden and goats while I languished in my carrier on the table, making squeaky meow sounds that tore Daddy and Mommy up.


I am doing well!

Mommy thought I would have to have surgery. But I got a shot of Conevia..that antibiotic stuff...and that was it. I have to stay on the painkiller and the other junk....the flagyl. Big Vet explained to Mommy what Mommy didn't really understand it. The antibiotic shot was a 'just in case' shot. And Big vet says I'm looking and doing well.

So! They have to let her know if my tail attacking continues...because it may not be my anal glands at all in that case.

Mommy doesn't know why I'm doing it...but is very concerned. Still, things are looking up gland wise!

Natalie the Natcat


jWelcome my Goddesskit, Zeus, Big Harry's legancy of love.

August 4th 2012 11:32 am
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Dear Kit-tahs,
I would be deeply honored if you would say hello to My Goddesschild kit Zeus, who is Big Harry's little brother, and his legacy of love. There are angels responsible for this miracle, and magick is afoot!

Zeus was rescued from a shelter. Take a look at him. He's very handsome and walked right into the hearts of his pawrents and fur sibs. I have a feeling that Big Harry had a paw in this.

As I gaze at his picture...I know I am looking at another Soul kitty. And I thank the Angel kitties here for making Magick.

And I thank Harry for all his wonderful love and light....for I have a feeling this was Divine Providence.

so welcome Zeus! We love you!

love always,
Your Goddessmother Natalie the Natcat
Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs,
Big Harry's Wallaby twin forever.


Advice, feeling a little better, and mom is frustrated.

July 31st 2012 8:09 am
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Well, I was attacking my tail and behaving last night in an odd manner.
Mom called her vet tech friend in NC. Mom poured out the story to her.
Vet tech told mom to give me the pain med. She said she thought my displaced aggression toward my tail is the result of my butt and anal glands being messed with for 2 weeks now, and that my butt is probably way way sore. She said that the pain med isn't pleasant, but I will drool because it's based in almond oil, but though it tastes bad it won't harm me.
She said that mom and dad need to speak with the vet before giving me the flagyl, but she thinks it was presribed in case I have an infection in my anal area, though why that is beyond her.
She said that the pain med would make me feel better.
So...Mom snuck up on me when I was on the windowsill, hissing and growling at my tail Mom said it was freaky because when she came over I looked up all nice and happy and said 'Maaah?" in a very pleasant 'oh, excuse me, I can go back to attacking my tail in a moment, did you want something?'
So mommy gave me the medicine and Jimminey Cricket! I leapt up in the air, over the big box, leapt down off the box, ran around the bed, ran under the bed, and then leapt on the bed, drooling. Then I sat and foamed at the mouth and guiltily sat there on my pillow, head bowed, looking sad.
This is a skill, kit-tahs, as we know. However, mommy didn't feel too badly, because of the way i had become so very active so fast. She actually laughed! She was amused that I could leap and move so fast when needed!!! Imagine that! The nerve of her!
So then she petted me and made much of me, but I let her know she was persona non grata. I huddled on myself and closed by eyes and slept.
Mommy went back to her work. An hour later, I woke up...and I appeared to feel so much better! I got down off the bed, went to my scratching post, scratched on it...went in the box and peed, came out, and went and stretched up and scratched the old wicker hamper. I was sitting down gingerl, so mom thinks my poor butt was probably very sore.
I had been given some baby food, I ate some, but vet tech told mom to give me fancy feast-since constipation wasn't found, she suggested giving me food I knew and enjoyed. She did and I ate! Oh it was lovely, instead of the 'healthy stuff'.
Mom had tried to call the vets office, and again, got put on endless hold. She called Daddy and told him. Daddy is going to call them today...
If mommy didn't like Big Vet so much, they would probably change. But they are considering doing something....

But I see Daddy this morning with the medicine...I am going to try and escape!

Natalie the Natcat


No answers, no anal gland blockage, no know by Vet-Am I- crazy? or is it IBD?

July 29th 2012 7:49 pm
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Sunday Vet who I had never met before but who was kind and gentle did the following:

Examined me. Said my belly was tender and sore. (stomachache and IBD are distinct possiblities).

She told Mommy and Daddy she recommended an abdominal xray to find out what was going on.

She told Mommy and Daddy she would sedate me so as not to stress me, and she wanted to xpress anal gland and see what was going on.

Well, bottom line, my anal glands were not filled up. She said they might still be tender. (no kidding? You have someone stick something up where the sun don't shine and see how you feel!)

X ray did show that I might have IBD. She gave mommy some pain meds which I hate, and some flagyl, because thats the treatment for IBD and she said my tummy was definately sore. Mommy is just so not sure about doing either med, but doesn't want me to be in pain. And my moods at night have been very werid.

Dadday said to mommy 'The vets don't know what the h...ll is wrong. They know there is something wrong back around the tail We know that it's between the ears!' (DADDY!!! HOW COULD YOU SAY SUCH A THING!!!!)

Tonight I am resting, talking, but have been at my tail, growling and hissing at it.

Mommy and Daddy don't know what the next move will be. I have a follow up appointment in a week.

Tonight I have just had some baby food to eat, as Mommy thought it was the most mild thing she could give me. PS...she was supposed to wait til 10. That didn't happen. An hour after I was home, she fed me a bit...I was starving.

If anyone has any suggestions, Mommy says she's all ears.

Having my beauty sleep....


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