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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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Bring Back Baby and Mr. Spot!

July 26th 2011 5:19 am
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To the Human who believes they 'own' Mr. Spot and Baby:

This is Natalie the Natcat speaking! What? You don't know who I am? Ask anyone here! I am a formidable Elderwise kitty. I have large ears, a tiny face, and tiny paws. I have sharp little teeth.

I am not happy that you have left, taking Baby and Mr. Spot with you! This is not something that is good for Ingen! Ingen is my little friend!

I don't like that this has happened. We enjoyed reading about Baby and Mr. Spot. We don't know what happened, and we are really exasperated with humans. If only they would just hiss at one another, maybe a little swat, and each of you go to the other side of the room and groom the base of your tail or your paw. Then have a bite to eat and forget it. Thats the way to work things out.

I wonder if you have thought about how it will effect Baby and Mr. Spot. They have grown used to Ingen. They'll adjust. Maybe. Mommy and Daddy have a 'Cat House' cat in the hospital who's very ill becuase she starved herself-we think because someone seperated her from a cat she had grown up with. Cats have deep feelings for their people, but also for the other cats they come to know.

I am not sure what happened, but there is a reason I am a Nat Cat. You really need to return those kitties to Ingen. She misses them.

I am hoping that this matter will be resolved. I am purring for all involved.

Ingen, make sure Jen gives you plenty of extra attention and treats.

Natalie the Nat Cat


Lovebug tag...ah, Kit-tahs, the musings of the Elderwise- Natalie the Natcat

July 22nd 2011 12:51 pm
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New Game- Lovebug Tag! To play, copy the 6 questions below and paste/answer them in your diary! Then tag some friends to play, too!

1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?
I'm very vocal. I am a little deaf sometimes so tend to SCREAM AT MOM AND DAD IN THE MORNING OR WHEN THEY DON'T PAY ATTENTION WHEN I WANT THEM TO!

2. Litterbox! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover? I cover. Sometimes though I'm a bit constipated and take a bit back to the bed with me. This does not please either mommy or dadd.
3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?
Being petted, spoken to, snuggled with and played with. I love to play and grab things in my little mouth.

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?
Having to take any sort of medicine.

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?
I expect them to come in and dote on me, of course.

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?
I do not, unless they are my catster friends. 'I vant to be aloooone dahling.'

So everyone...consider yourself tagged. The game is rather amusing and spreading acorss Catster far and wide.


A warm 'rrrow' to a cat I didn't know....Cats Speed Miss- Charlotte

July 21st 2011 10:07 am
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Just a little sad word:
Miss Charlotte passed to the Bridge.
I will have my work cut out today later cheering up mommy and daddy.
I didn't kow Miss Charlotte...and I have a reputation as fierce kitty.
But I salute and honor all Feline Elderwise gone before.
And with a gentle meow I salute you, Gentle little Kitty.

Purrs please for the many humans who loved her at the Cat House, including the volunteer who was going to take her home.


Ask Miss Nat-Advice for the Catster Furs!

July 20th 2011 7:57 am
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Hello, Kit-tahs!

I have been having a warm summer, but don't mind. Actually, mommy leaves the air off for me during the day and puts a fan on. They she gets worried and tells daddy, who gots home earlier,t o run home and put on the air conditioner for me because 'that room gets hot'. Daddy says he notices I don't seem to mind much, often I am yelling at him when he comes in, but on occasion, I have been streched out on the bed. As I don't hear too well sometimes I don't hear him, you see.

But I have been thinking...because of all the drama around here, that I would author an advice column for the Kit-tahs.

Below are from my first writers:

'Dear Miss Nat-Cat,

I'm a really lovely smart young cat who is being forced to share my domain with other cats. I was not here first, but I am of royal Russian Blood, and resent these commoners. What ever shall I do?"

A lovely Smokey grey cat.

Dear RB,

(I'm not dense, I did figure it out!)
There was once a young woman who claimed to be a Princess from Royality. She had a lovely name and was Russian. She was the last known real Russian royality that might have been that I recognize.
Contrary to popular opinion, you are not the Center of the Universe, just a legend in your own mind. Good thing you're not in this room. Get over yourself.

Natalie the Natcat

Dear Natalie,

There is a very adorable and funny little kitty on Catster that I like so much! He's a 'special needs kitty' and Mommy even thinks he is cute! I would like to know him better, but I'm shy! What shall I do?

Princess Antonia Llewellyn of Kew Gardens

Dear Dustmop,

There is nothing wrong with 'Special Needs', believe me, ROO, the most handsome cat in the world, a model of Feline Greatness, is 'Special Needs'. 'Special Needs' means SPECIAL! Just send him a little present, drop him a note, and let him know that you like him. Oh, and it might if you vacumed your fur before hand or he'll think that there is a dustcloud lingering over your correspondance.

Hope this helps and makes you think twice before sniffing under MY DOOR,
Natalie the NatCat

Dear Natalie,

I am worried about Mommy. She has little leaks in her eyes sometimes at night. I know she is worried about me. And about EveryCat that is out there, that she wants to help. How do I help mommy feel better?

Mommas Precious Kitty Girl,

Dear Bella,

Oh my dear,

Cats can do one thing no other creature can. We can Purr. Just purr Bella. Use the Power of the Purr for all it's worth. It is our gift to the less furred.

Purring with you,
Natalie the Natcat

Dear Natalie,

I have all these Gircats that like me now. I...well, I love them all. I want to take them out on dates, and share some chicken (got any chicken?). I love Ingen, because she's so little and precious. I lay my kittyheart down at Kaci's paws, because she is so lovely. I have a secret Admirer who's royalty and really so pretty....and then, there is the sweet little baby that isn't even a year old yet....and, well, I'm simply so in love with the furrs...and even now there is a little annoymous kitty that I don't know!!! What do I do?

Dizzy and confused and in love,
Orange Ruffy

Dear Orange Ruffy,

Firstly if you go near that under age kitty, you will go to Kitty Jail. You won't like it there. You will have large, mean cats like the CatFather to put you in your place there. You leave that babycat alone! And as for the rest, well, I guess they don't live with you and don't know. Send them here. I'll give them an earful about what you're really like...

oh, and have a nice day. Hope that helped.

Natalie the Natcat

So what do you think, kit-tahs? Would I not be the best advice columnist on Catster?

love and deep throaty purrs to you all!
Natalie the Natcat Tiny Face Tiny Paws


Hello Kit-tahs, and a special request from Natalie for a- Senior Blind kitty in NY in need of a home

July 12th 2011 11:09 am
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Dear Kit-tahs,
Every once in awhile something happens that makes me realize just now lucky I am.
Mommy and Daddy work with a local rescue. Well, at one of the rescues locations, a very pretty, Elderwise kitty who is also blind was left in a box on their lawn.
She is about 18. She came in to their location in bad shape-matted and malnourished.
She has been loved back to health by shelter staff and everyone at the Freeport location, and is much loved. But I remember too, how frightening it is to come into a shelter with so many animals, when you really need a home of your own...elderwise kitties...and with the double whammy of having to deal with not being able to see. Yet this kit-tah uses the box and is a very affectionate little lady.
Mommy and Daddy would love to have her, but we know the situation here. Even I, if I could have the RB go, would offer her a home. But alas, the RB is here to stay.
The kitty's information is here: =710&type=cat.

Her name is Nevaeh. She is at the Freeport Shelter.

We know that many of our friends have many cats, and are at their 'capacity' as well. But if anyone can help, please feel free to contact me, and I'll forward the message to Mommy, or you can contact and go to adoptable cats list and see her for yourself...and consider.

I believe in the Magic of Catster. And I believe no little 18 year young elderwise blind kitty should have to live in a shelter.

with love,
Natalie the Natcat


We know how to be cute-coming to you from the sunny window- ledge with a tiny little 'mew'.

July 8th 2011 3:55 am
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Mommy put me up here. Every once in awhile I say 'mew' or 'mrow?" in a very cute litel voice. I'm laying on the sun in my window sill, screened of course. And mommy is typing for me. But every once in awhile she comes over to cuddle me and talk to me and pet me.
It is no more than my due. But it's pleasant, just the same.
Sometimes when she puts me up here she watches the squirrels and birds with me. Sometimes I watch alone. Sometimes I just stretch out as I do now, and relax and enjoy the slight breeze, the sun, and the air.
Kit-tahs, we all know how to wring that attention from our folks, don't we? It's something of the inner kitten.
Bella does it by a little 'rrrow' or 'rrrpt?' and stretching out to mommy. I just sit here and look out.
Ugh oh. Mommy now noticed I rubbed at the sore from the feline acne on my chin. Now she'll come with that peroxide stuff...ugh.
Star at her cute...but it makes no difference.
Mommy! Enough! But she's determined to wash it now.
Well, I hope all of you have a wonderful day there and enjoy all the attention you can get...without getting your chin washed.

love to you all, Kit-tahs,
Natalie the Natcat


Hot summer days-way too cold nights...or, mom and dad, why- do you put on the cold box?

July 6th 2011 12:14 pm
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Hello Kit-tahs,
I love the heat, when I can stretch out in the sun on the bed, and ah, the warm is good for my muscles. I do miss having people around, I get lonely during the day now that mommy is back to work. She was off for a week,and I got to spend a bit of time with her, though it was hectic for her...she stated she didn't get to spend half as much time with us as she wanted to.
I do like it when mommy and daddy come in and put on the air for a cools the air. But I don't like it when it's on for too long. They get hot quickly, and I don't. And it gets cold and I have to snuggle down next to them so they can warm me up.
Mommy bought me a little house bed that is fleece and warm inside, but I would rather sleep with them.
The RB sometimes screams at the door to come in, but when daddy has taken me out in his arms, I hiss and growl and he worries I'll fight, so I have the room to myself. I like it...but I would rather have more space and alot more company. Mommy still hasn't gotten me a harness yet. She got one, but it was too small, so she'll probably use in on that BUB.
So today I'm relaxing here...and enjoying the summer...and feeling and smelling rain in the air.

Aren't afternoon naps lovely things in the warmth of summer?


Happy 4th weekend from your Elderwise Kit-tah!

July 1st 2011 4:45 am
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Goodness....I can hear that RB scratching away in the box out there. I'm resting in my patch of sun. My daddy 'did' a yacht cruise for the rescue they work with and mommy helped. Daddy went to work and didn't have much sleep and mommy got up with him because....well, I have warned mommy about having that air conditioner on! I like it warm and I love the sun on my fur in the morning!

Mommy and daddy are looking into getting me a harness and lead, Mommy thinks I'd enjoy getting out for a bit, but safely. And now the RB is having a temper tantrum because mommy is taking dictation for me in here.

Mommy had the week off, but it was such a busy week that she was always on the go. She said she was 'home' but she was busy and alot of it was 'out'. Hmmm. Well, I'm going to claim my few hours, even if the RB does cry.

Mommy told me she'd like to go back to sleep, but that none of us let her...the RB will cry and cry. She said she may go lay on the sofa for a bit. Of course, I want her with me, too.

It's so sunny and warm, and I so love laying in my patch of sunlight.

May all of you have a wonderful 4th of July, stay away from the noise, and enjoy all the Goodness of being Cat!


Elderwise star kitties take heed...

June 24th 2011 11:45 am
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Hello Kit-tahs. Have you missed Moi?
It's been a long few weeks, I know. I'm feeling quite well. In fact, I love the huge box with clothes they haven't gotten out of this room yet, as it enables me to sit upon it and gaze out the window at squirrels and birds. I talk with Mommy alot, sit on the computer desk, and help.

I go back for my rechceck soon. I feel good. I need more freedom, and mommy thinks I'm bored. She and daddy are looking into getting me a harness. She had one that is just a bit too small, she's going to try it on the Bub.

Dear friends, I should like to know if anyone here is creative, and would like to create a video with me? I should like to have someone collaborate with me on 'Noms Cat Dance'. Daddy laughs when Mommy tells him I am a Star. Daddy says he knows it.

But we have been thinking about this.

Mommy thinks I would be fine on a harness and leash. I don't know. But maybe it would be fun. Mommy said she would probably just see how I did for car rides with my carrier and take it slow. Mommy at my next check up is also going to ask about micro chipping me.


For the Elderwise and their people.....

June 10th 2011 12:22 pm
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As I lay in a sun patch and snooze up a storm
In the heat of the summer when it's nice and warm
I think of my friends that are Elder wise
That come in all shapes and colors and size
And you pet pawerents, you lucky one's you!
Because being Elderwise is a blessing to you!

Yes we can be cranky, yes we can be sore
When a small,furry paw meets a cold hard floor
Sometimes Arthur-itis rears his ugly head
Making us stiff when we get out of bed
And next thing a pill is shoved in our jaw!
So can you blame us when we get Smacky Paw?
And then sometimes water is put in our skin
Or sometihng in our food so we won't get thin
Yes, being Elderwise can be a challenge you see
But we still have fun and play with great glee!

Being Elderwise, we're wise and we Know
We purr in great wisdom, we engage the flow
We puff up our furr and dance sideways at dawn
Across a kitchen counter or a lush fenced lawn
We place our furry paw on your human hand
You see we know you're ours to command!

Being Elderwise, we snooze where we please
We growl at the youngers, or you, when you tease
We pace across counters, taste your dinner plate
Share laps with your company to show that we're great.

We contort into yoga, our leg above ear
As with graceful style we lick at our rear
Elderwise kitties, we strech on the floor
Then make a mad dash for an open door

I open my eye, and consider it all
It's grand and I'm happy and having a ball
I'm an Elderwise spirit in light topaz fur
As I knead and I 'rrrppt' and rumble a purr
And with Power of the Paw I toss blessings afar
Be proud Elderwise Kitties of all that you are!

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