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"Natalie my Angel"

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Sex: Female   Weight: 5 lbs.

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Natalie our love Thank you Calvin for the wonderful wings!

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"Natalie our love Thank you Calvin for the wonderful wings!"

Natalie memories   Thank you Aunt Dana!

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"Natalie memories Thank you Aunt Dana!"

Nat in hat

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"Nat in hat"

A stylish angle...

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"A stylish angle..."

my bed-the folks sleep in the little bed at the foot of this one now.

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"my bed-the folks sleep in the little bed at the foot of this one now."

naps are our friends.

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"naps are our friends."

A lovely bed on a chilly day, what could be better?

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"A lovely bed on a chilly day, what could be better?"

Natalie and Ruffy

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"Natalie and Ruffy"

yep....let me smell that again

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"yep....let me smell that again"

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Natcat, 'Granny' Tiny Natalie Terror (TNT), Grumpytinyface, Tiny One, Tinypaws

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-deaf

Gotcha Date:
November 22nd 2010

May 5th 1996


cuddling with her in bed, eating, putting her paws over your hands and looking into your eyes.

Other cats. She wishes she were the One and Only.

Favorite Toy:
She loves Mr. String, and loves good catnip toys.

Favorite Nap Spot:
Her little cuddly bed on our bed, or between us at night, with her paws on us.

Favorite Food:
She'll do fish if she can, but we're being careful of her diet, as her stomach seems sensitive. She will eat Fancy Feast chunky chicken and turkey without incident.

She meows very loudly!


Arrival Story:
We baked a cake for a local rescue group. When we went in to deliver it and say hello, there was a very sad little orange cat sitting in the cage, alone. She seemed oblivious to the other cats around her, and she appeared very depressed. But when we went over to say hello to us, she was all over my husband, and crawled up into his lap. It turned out they only knew she was an 'Owner surrender' and she was a Senior. They thought 10, but we believe that Natalie is older. When we walked away from the cage, she grew very depressed, and curled up in a ball, her head drooping dejectedly. We simply couldn't leave her there, and despite 3 cats with special needs, we adopted her. She hates our other cats and growls at them all the time, but as they are all at least twice her size, this is somewhat funny. Update: Late January 2011 Natalie had been found by our vet to have a small lump by one of her teats. Our vet operated and found in a very short time the lump had become 2x it's size from Late Dec. (we had to wait for Natalie to recover from ringworm and a digestive issue before we could schedule the surgery). The biopsy came back as positive for breast cancer. The report also states that all of it was gotten. We have a follow up vet appointment next week, and then will get a referral to a Specialist. 8/19/11 Natalie completed her round of chemo and is due back the end of this month or the beginning of next for a recheck. She appears to be doing well, and has taken over our bedroom since a fight with Smokieboo that put her in the hospital for a few days. It was the vets suggestion that she be seperated from the others. She spends her days stretched out on our bed in a patch of sun or curled in her little bed. Attempts to re-introduce her to the others haven't been successful, and so for now, she remains the 'Elder in the Bedroom' 9/2012 We moved to a railroad flat in Ridgewood, Queens and in doing so, the dynamic shifted. While Natalie will never be happy with the situation, the other cats can now walk through the whole apartment and Natalie comes out into the other rooms as well. late December 2012-We took Natalie in for a check up as she appears to have lost some weight. She was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney disease and is now on Subq fluids 100-150 a day, after a three day hospital stay to stabilize her. As of today, Natalie remains on fluids, azodyl, pepcid as needed and an appitite booster to help her appitite.

Natalie loves attention. Whoever had her must have loved her, for she loves being with people. *** After I published a blog on the rescue website about Natalie, one of the 'Cat people' who had actually been the one to accept Natalie into the rescue told me Nat was not an owner surrender, but was found by a lady wandering the streets in Richmond Hill Queens. She stated the lady who feeds strays had Natalie come up for both food and attention, and Natalie was so friendly she took her home to try to find her owner. When no signs posted bought any owner forth, she contacted the rescue. Natalie was not spayed til the lady had it done, and the 'guess-timate' at her age then was 9 years. Our vet feels she was indeed older than that. Natalie was 'vetted' by this lady, who took her to a local vet who sadly, did not catch if she then had a lump, and who also left Natalies ears with polyps and infection which our vet has treated. The good news is we believe Natalie may have regained a tiny bit of hearing back as of Feb 3, 2011. We love our Natcat very much, and are glad to know that someone else kind rescued her from the streets. We will never know I guess what happened to Natalie, but we are so happy we have her with us to love and Cherish. January 7, 2014, I came into the bedroom to find Natalie collapsed on the floor. She could not stand, but crawled under the bed. I pulled her out, put her on the bed, she crawled off under the dresser. When I lifted her, she was panting and making very strange gutteral cries and was in distress. Husband had called me,I told him what was going on, and with the help of my neighbor Daphne and my friend Deb, who is Founder of CATS IN THE CRADLE rescue and had been working at the rescue who took Natalie in originally, drove us to Ruffy's vet as Natalies vet was closed for the evening. After an initial exam by the tech, who assessed that Natalie could not stand, but was not dying at that very moment, and who told us that for 'extrodinary measures' we would have to go to an ER vet, we elected to wait to see Ruffy's vet. We waited an hour and a half, which gave my husband time to get there. During that time Natalie calmed and wrapped in her blankie and a soft towel, did not appear in pain, and kept looking around. When my husband appeared, she relaxed. When the vet came in, he examined her, and she couldn't stand and when he examined certain areas she seemed in pain. He took her temp, which was dropping rapidly. He felt she had something happen like a stroke, and expressed that he thought she was dying....and though he himself believed in fighting when he could for a cat, told us he felt that 'extrodinary' measures would buy her hours at the most. After some time holding her and making our farewells, Natalie left our lives in physical form as she had come, in my husbands arms, with me stroking her face. Natalie survived abandonment, a bad rescue experience, breast cancer, and fought chronic kidney disease. Her body could no longer fight, but I am convinced my little fiesty Abby-Mau mix will never have her spirit broken. 'See you Later' Miss Nat, my little Miss Tiny Paws.

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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

Lots of new cats finding homes!

March 31st 2014 4:45 am
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Hi all,
Well, March has been a busy month. I'm so happy to see that many of our Angel Guides here have sent their human families new cats. As many of you know, each day cats die in 'shelters' and this doesn't have to be. If each person who wanted a cat could just take one, what a difference that would be! And we're seeing that many families have done just this-taken in new feline family! THANK YOU ALL!

Mommy's friend who was in hospice passed to the other side. Mommy was very sad, and I did my best to cheer her, making a cameo appearance at her friends funeral. Daddy didn't see me, but did feel me, and I was glad Mommy knew I was there, as I said I would be. I can't give answers, but my actions are answers, dear family....

Our new feline is getting spayed on Thursday. Mommy is hoping her sneezing is completely gone by then. In the meantime, I am watching over her!

She's not like me, I walked in and owned my pawrents. Mommy and Daddy suspect Miracle has had much mistreatment, she's afraid of many things, but on the plus side she is eating well and has taken over, at my bequest, one of my little beds.

Do we miss you, human families? Do we miss your petting? Of course, of course-we always do. Yet, what a joy to bequest another into your gentle care, knowing they will no longer starve and shiver....

And what can top that gift?

I'm purring for all out there-and keeping my eye on the RB....I'll sort him if he bothers Miracle. But so good...she is still seperate as she's being spayed Thursday and is just about over her occasional sneeze. We are hoping she will be well enough for her spay..and I will be watching over.

I am looking over all of you..and purring!

love and light
Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws


A view from the Bridge-and-Trust that Miracles Do Occur...

March 6th 2014 5:07 am
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Dear Kit-tahs,

Good sunny morning to you from Rainbow Bridge Outlook:

Do you beleive in Miracles?

We do-heheheheh!

The other day, I was sitting here, chomping on some lovely trout with Big Harry. Harry said to me 'You know, Natalie, it occurs to me that it's time for you to do your thing."

And I said: 'Harry, what would that be? I've already annoyed a few cats here this morning, and am enjoying this trout and am planning a nap."

And Harry said 'Ah-you know what I mean-it's time for you to effect your first Miracle...'

And he led me over to the portal.

Mommy was at the computer-and she was 'blurbing' for 'Urgent, Cats on Death Row'. Mommy gets 'urgent requests' via email and one popped up.

Mommy sat back in her chair and her eyes opened wide. She made a sound. She sat there stunned.

She was looking at a cat that looked JUST LIKE ME.

Except this little cat was absolutely terrified.

Harry looked at me. I looked at Harry. I looked at this little cat....

and her name...


And I knew. I leaned foward and breathed into the universe. And I felt the energy go out...

And mommy called Daddy and told him. Daddy was excited, she sent him the picture and they both felt terrible.

Mommy called the rescue. They called the 'kill shelter' where this little girl is. She asked about the little cat. The rescue emailed her back. They had done another behavioral assessment. There was a good chance this little 6 year old female might be feral. Did mommy and daddy really want her? This would not be me. This would be a very frightened cat that might not know people.

And Daddy said 'Miracles Occur-and she has."

And so....

Miracle will be going home. She will be spayed and vetted and then she will be delivered to Mommy and Daddy.

And so...yes, this little one will be safe.

Don't worry Miracle-you will be just fine. I can promise you that.

and what do you think of that, Kit-tahs?


Natalie the Natcat

Natalies Mom: Hi all. The last thing on our minds was taking another cat. But I volunteer for an organization that posts profiles of cats on death row...and I get the 'urgents' before they hit the 'kill list'. I got this little cats profile on Monday, and I was not able to get her out of my shows a small orange cat with bright green eyes, cringing with mouth open, terrified.

She may be feral, or she may simply be terrified. If she is feral, she will be safe here, with a ready made cat family.

We weren't planning on this, but the look on this cats face got to me...they all do. It's not fair, they are given such a short space of time to find rescue, or a home. This little timid one would never see the adoption floor, because her fear would make her 'unadoptable' except by an 'experienced cat parent.'

I am apprehensive. She's not Natalie, nor Smokie, nor Ruffy.

She is Miracle.

And soon, she'll be Cat number Nine.

I think Natalie had her paw in this...

love you sweetheart. Love you-


A view from the Bridge, and some comforting words from- Natalie the Natcat

February 28th 2014 6:38 am
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Ah, hello Kit-tahs,

As I sit here, basking in the early morning warm of the Sun (yes, there is sun here, and lovely things) I became aware of something...

My mom has been feeling sad. She is missing me, and she is facing something hard ahead, a good friend of hers is dying of cancer. She went into hospice last night. This is tough because her friend is very distressed and upset, and has periods of anger and rage.

Last night, mom said to daddy 'Why?'

There are no 'Why's'. I can tell you that there is a reason, it's a reason that is wrapped in mystery. Do I know why?

Well, we cats know much more than we let on..and those who love us know this.

Dear Mommy,
When the time comes, I will leap out through the portal. This isn't so difficult as might be imagined, once one knows how to make it open, rather like throwing open a window I will do so. I will leap back over, a blur of sienna tangerine fur, and purr...and appear in a blaze of light, and healing...for yes, we can and do bring magick. I will not let your friend go gently into the night, I will appear as she needs to see me, and I will gaze back, and yes, see those who have gone over before come to her, and let her know that all is well.

Humans fear death, for it's the unknown. To us, it is Known. We cross over, if we choose, a dozen times a day, our energy changing as we do so, and sometimes, we send messages, for some of us know our people must be given the ever present nudge to move on with their lives, to dry tears of grief, and know we are close but we are, truly fine.

And I sense your frustration-with me, with your friend. Why? But that is the question you'll understand perhaps at some other juncture. For now, the best I can give you is the ability to know, as I rise to my yes, very present strong tiny paws, that I gather together all the will I have, and sauntering faster and faster, with absolute joy, leap through a circle of pure white light back to the world as you know it, but you, with your sense, know there is more to. And when the time is right, I will come close enough so you too, may whisper my name and know that I don't hold back for lack of love, but for love, for you, my dear, must simply learn the lesson of fate.

But for one who lays, frightened, and perhaps feeling alone, I assure you the portal opens and we may all, all she loves or who love her 'on the other side' come and go.

But this is a mystery everyone remembers with time.

I turn around and see a large white cat, and he comes to me, lays down, and gazes at me with all knowing eyes. And we purr in unison, as he weaves back and forth, every once in awhile he dances across the floor, after an imaginary toy, to amuse himself. His name is Comet, he is part of the welcoming group here, along with several others who I have come to know well-they will join me, and together, one of them a gentle large orange cat that perhaps others know as Calvin, leap up high and then there is an electric static in the air....and we are there.

I leap up onto a bed and gaze at the woman there, who senses, but can't yet see me...but peace is the gift we can give, and a sense of fun. For yes we remain joyous, and we frisk about, and knock things down and loll in patches of sun.

Calvin has found a place near a sunny window, and his purr is loud, so vibrating that someone from the hall looks in, and we amuse ourselves with the human looks of bewilderment. But our 'patient' is now somewhat calm, and the fear is dissipating. In time, she will be able to see through the 'between' and take pleasure in our antics.

And like this we will stay for awhile. As need be we will leap back and forth-there is no real barrier-simply a changing of energy, and in our immortal form, it is easy to do.

And after awhile, Calvin gazes at me, one mango sienna orange cat to another, our noses touch and I watch as he turns and stretches, arching his back. He leaps up to the bed, goes to the woman who lays there, and tenderly, touches her forehead with his paw.

The Power of The Paw is real, my dears, and with time, the fear will fade completely, for how can one fear such as us? And it is all too obvious, we are anything but ghosts, we are, as always, Cats.

Calvin lays down by her, and his purr vibrates and travels across the bed, a wall of pure melody that only we can affect. The morning light brightens with all our energy, and the room is awash in sun and air and light.

I curl beside your friend, and her hand touches my fur. At first she pulls back, she can't see me, but she knows...knows because she feels. And after awhile her eyes close and she rests, and even in the chill outside, birds sing, and twitter and the morning is joyous and peaceful. Yes, even here, all is right with the world.

I will be here as needed, there are enough of us, and her loved ones will come. She will remember that life is not one dimensional, that every human 'faith' has a basis in this, for all faiths are universal in love. Something we cats knew from the beginning...

So my human family, though you shed tears of loss, and sadness, breathe in the light and the love, and know, as I lay here, meeting the eyes of others who have chosen to accompany me, and as I add my purr to theirs, no one we love is ever really alone.

I love you,
Natalie the Natcat
Tiny Face, Tiny Paws

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