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January 1st 2011 8:48 pm
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WHOA!! I have my own page. Mom kept saying she was going to do this for me but everybody else except for me and moe had a page now all of the catser faimly for alley cat is on here.
I was the "baby" MOL so they called me Tiny Tot cause I walked like a little human toddler when I was really little. wow that ws a rough time. The drs and some of mom's friends said I was prolly the runt of the litter and wasn't gonna make it. You can see from my baby pics. it didn't look good for me. Mom said she just new from the moment she cleaned my eyes (they were badly infected and I hadn't seen anything for a long time)and our eyes met she knew I wanted to LIVE and so she determined that as long as I would fight to live she would help me. Now I am like the biggest kitty in the house LOL we fooled them. I gotta nap now mom was up till 3:a.m on new years eve and so of couse I was up with her and I haven't had my 13 hrs of cat sleep today. MTUL


poopie scoopin

January 25th 2011 8:19 pm
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My mom always does this silly thing every night and every morning and sometimes during the day if she is home.....she plays in our bathrom boxes, the poopie box aka the litter boxes. She alwasy gets this little tool thingy and runs it thru the litter in the box and all the poop and peepee balls are gone when she is strange to play in the pee and poo she calls in cleaning the boxes, so the other night just for kicks I thought I would help her with it, so when I saw her by one of our boxes I got in there and scrapped around like she does and she said "tiny you gotta go potty?" but I just scrapped around in there like she does with the tool thingy nad looked up at her to see if that was good enough and she said "tiny do your business and move" after she cleans the boxes , she always gets a "broom" and "scrapes" all around the boxes, so I got out and started scrapin the floor for her too I looked up to see if that was good enough and she LAUGHED at me......I don't like to be laughed at it is kinda emabarrising so I left her to it. She picked me up and told me she loved and thanks for the help. hey Newman if you read this maybe that's a good ideal for ur poopie book maybe a chapter about mom's playing in the poopie....IDK???


scardy cat

February 15th 2011 7:56 pm
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My mom was kinda being a little blue this eveining she always said that all us kitties helps her focus on what she has rather than what is gone, but she misses skids and alley. Last night and tonight were a little tough on her and I can always tell when she's not feeling just right so I purr really loud, I am a loud purring kitty and I love on her real hard. Well tonight while she was on the computer I laid under the desk lamp where it is warm and her little phone kept buzzing and it scared all of us everycat left the room cept for me and she gently touched my ribs and said "it's ok tiny" then I turned around in this tiny little spot under the lamp so I could head bonk her and nose rub her, then "SLAM BAM" a very loud noise I ran for cover (sorry mom) usally I just growl real deep at scary noise but I ran. Then she said it's ok and put the lamp back on the desk and invited me back up there. But I went to check out the spot where the lamp and fallen, and then laid on the floor not to interested in teh desk space at this time.
good night catster kitties.


I was wondering

February 16th 2011 9:41 pm
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Ok so mom and I were thinking abut this: When a furmomcat has kittens is it true that they could all be from differnt dads? Well I mean you know if they were like my furmom who was ditched by her family after she got pregnant cause they never cared enough to fix her. (rant) Anyway so she was on the streets wonder if all of us or some of us had different dads even from the same litter? My brother wylie (he was adoted out) and I looked almost the same. Moe and alley were kinda the same color but everyting else was different. callie weeel....she's a calico so she looks waaay differnt and moma ivey (our furmom) was kinda like alley in color but a little more white on her tummy. My now mom's furiend that took care of our furmom at the "colony" said there was a Tom cat that looked just like me haning out there but there was also a very friendly and tame Tom that looked a lot like moe hanging out there too. Just wondering what anycat knows or thinks about the subject.



February 19th 2011 8:57 am
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WOOHOO YIPEE Just look at me (jump roll flip, bunny kick the nanner) I got diary of the day! This is so exciting for me and mom I think the others cats here are a little jealous hehehaha well ok maybe not callie and skids cause they got diary honors before me. We are gonna send special thanks to everyone later today. Thanks for the pawsents I have recieived and my most pawsome picture and for reading my diary and to the diary lady for chooses me, and of course to mom for making my pge and she got us zealies too!! Wonder what else she will get me for being in the spotlight today..umm can't wait to see..maybe some treats.....oh yesss!! I love em.


Thank you to every cat

February 20th 2011 6:11 pm
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I am still so elated over having been DOTD yesterday I want to say thanks again to big Harry and Family for my photo and for my winners cup. I also want to thank Milo, Smokey Joe, Sam Timmy n Lizzy for my blue ribbon, thanks to Grace, Casey, Leo & Frankie for my heart, thank you also to Finnegan, Lacy & Alex, for my other heart, my page looks so pretty. Thank you Tyson for my brussel ball!!! oh I do love to chase those and bat them then I take them to MOm so she can pitch them for me. I had a good day but mom forgot to get the treats, but she has some now and we can have some tonight right after play time like an apiititizer (something mom said) before supper, oh and she got us two new toys, I can hardly wait till play time!! For now I will occupy myself by watching the budgie in the cage he is chattering and chirping at me, but mom said DON"T touch him, oooh I just want to get so close to him.


I almost forgot

February 20th 2011 6:16 pm
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I got so excited about playtime and treats, I almsot forgot, I also got lots of cards and letter, I mean pawmails and comments from lots of cats thanks to everyone that helped celebrate my day! Momo said her phone went off lots yesterday with emails from catster saying, I had a comment or pawmail. It was all so great. Now I shall carry on this conversation with this little blue budgie..I am not touching him though.



February 22nd 2011 10:40 pm
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Wow I been invited to be a memeber of the MAN CATS AT WORK, yep that's right I am a man cat OK not yet but my mm said maybe (I am so a mancat moe) I think the other kitties here are jealous specially little boy he was beating up on me earlier he always thought he was the man cat around here. Well I seen a bunch o kitties in hard hats on here but I didn't know I do, I am gonna be one!! Oh well I am pretty sure I wlll be one mom said she will check into it and maybe I can sign up tomorrow and even get a hard hat and sutff. Mom said if it is for man cats only then mabye dad will have to take me oh sad sigh that's not gonna happen, dad is not going to take me there I know him he doesn't like that kinda thing. Anybody reading my diary ever ben involved in "MAN CATS AT WORK" does it require a dad or a male human or will moms be allowed? Mom said maybe we will pawmail YOLO tomorrow and find out more.


keeping a clsoe eye on mom

February 23rd 2011 11:13 pm
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I am a Man Cat now but I am not working tonight. Tonight mom finally made a diary for alley, She is my sisfur and the reason we all ended up here on catster. I saw mom letting her eyes water and then she let alley say Good bye again in her diary. Now maybe mom can let alley write about some of her happy times with us like skidss does. I heard mom and dad talking with tears in their throat earlier tonight as they rembered alley and skids. Mom said she never knew before catster there were so many other humans that could love a kitty so much that it sill hurt years after they were gone.


Tiny MANCCAT ia a DDP oh thank you all!!

February 28th 2011 8:36 pm
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Dear Diary, I am a ManCAT at work, been building some stuff and using lots of heavey tools and now I think we are about to start some demolition!! yea I am so very good at that. So I gotta get back to the MCAW site pretty fast.
I justwanted to tell every cat thanks for helping to make this day so pawsome. today mom had to work but it's like she is physic (spell?) we spent most of the whole day together yesterday snoozing and then a little snacking and snoozing and playing it was great and tonight extra treats are on me. Thanks for my gifts Sammy and family and Alex and family and for all the comments on my diary oh Lumi thanks so much for my pic doesn't it look just pawsome?! I met new friends Kaci sunsine and family. Thanks catsters we really love it here.
Ohhh thanks for making me a DDP. Ok I am off to do some mancatatwork stuff.......whoa I think they got that wrecking ball ready to go!!!

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