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Zoes secret dreams made public

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why can't it be done with love

January 7th 2012 7:14 am
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Mom was sent a petition today about a Skechers commercial featuring greyhound racing. At first mom being business minded and schooled in Advertising Mom just couldn't see the problem. To her the connection made great sense and was a perfect parallel. But then she started reading and realized, it wasn't about just promoting dog racing it was about the horrors of dog racing itself. Mom thought they had quit killing the dogs, for some reason she thought they were being watched and fined by animal groups and the government. She really has missed the boat on this one. Mom said she loves watching Greyhounds race, just like she loves watching the Derby or Dogs running agility courses. It's such a delight watching the little terriers race, or frogs try to out hop each other.

So I asked Mom, why can't it be done with love? Like with the majority of the horses or the dogs running agility courses? Why does greed have to hurt everything with a heart?

Mom says attacking an ad scheduled to air during the super bowl that there isn't even real proof that they are using the footage taken at THE dog park in question is a little extreme. That's the glass half empty side of Mom showing. And Mom has never been big on boycotting. Mom believes boycotting should be used only when a company has knowingly done something wrong. IE: Tyson, Walmart, anybody that supports Micheal Vick. Mom is also very, very sensitive to companies such as Budweiser being sold to foreign companies out of greed. Did you know the share holders sold Budweiser without the family agreeing to the sale? It was basically ripped out of their hands. A great great grandson tried commenting suicide right after the sale because of the overwhelming feeling of stress and failure. Sad and for what Money you can't take with you!!!! Where's the American Pride? We once was the Industrial mecca and now we are nothing because of Greed and High Taxes.

Mom get off your soap pedestal! Back to dog racing!

Mom says our best action is to go against the Dog Racing Park owners and gamblers themselves. She sees nothing wrong with running a Greyhound but she sees everything wrong with how these dogs live..they might as well be in a puppy mill. They feed them D grade meat! As in diseased, downed, dead livestock meat! And they should have happy homes and be loved as a pet and ran as sport on a limited amount.

Mom isn't saying by the way that all horse racing is good. Some owners treat their horses like a meal ticket but if anyone has ever drove through Kentucky you would see that the horses are very much loved.

So, how do we go about trying to stop this? How do we go about independent owners running their dogs in pride like with the horses? How do we do this with love? Any suggestions?

PS- If you wish to sign the petition or read the documents about dog racing that accompanies the petition Look up and search for Super Bowl Ad promoting dog fighting.


Buddy, the new dog is a dare devil!

January 1st 2012 5:07 pm
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Grandma and grandpas dog Buddy, the beagle, still thanks he wants to chase us. So when he's here we split up the time. Part of it we stayed locked up in Mom and Dad's room, the other part he's locked up in his crate which Mom covers up with a blanket cause if he sees us he starts barking. It seems to work out okay but Mom wishes she had time to work on his social skills and discipline training. She says he seems to be stubborn like a terrier or a bulldog. With them the training is about a stern "me human you dog". And have lots of treats.

Anyway to my story, today Grandma called Mom and said "you aren't going to believe what Buddy did today" Now Buddy got closed in fence for Christmas. That way he can come and go as he pleases. Plus Beagles will track a scent for miles and get lost. Well, they built the fence so it wouldn't allow access to the pool deck.

Grandma and Grandpas' back yard is slopped so the back of the pool which is not decked is about 6 feet of the ground. Well, some how not only did he figure out how to get on the pool deck but he was walking on the pool cover. Grandpa put all the lounge chairs up against the decked part of the pool thanking that would stop him from getting on the pool cover. It worked but then he walked a plank that was on the unfinished side of the deck, to the pool and proceeded to walk on the edge of the pool. Grandma said she looked outside and there he was standing on the section of pool that is 6 feet high! The edging is only about 2 feet wide! He's a dare devil for sure! Gotta keep an eye on that dog.

Mom told Grandma that "we might as well invest in that doggie ramp for sure now." They trained Diamond to go to the steps and climb out last year but Mom would feel better if there was a ramp. That way you know for sure that if they got in the water with out you knowing that they can get out.

Crazy Dog!


December 31st 2011 9:20 pm
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Happy New Year! 2012 here we come!

Now a grip...will do people insist on shooting their guns after the new year. Cause it gives them an excuse to do so. IS it just because men have to be annoying. I thank these are all good answers. Off and on all night we have heard gun shots but my lord! Right after the clock struck it's been non stop.

Poor Diamond, she finally escaped Mom's eye site and got under the bed. Have you seen the new Thundershirt commercial where it shows the dog trying to get between the wall and the loo? Diamond does that and she knows she can't fit but she insist. Honestly, she can some how get under the bed but can never get back out without someone lifting it up. Beats me why she goes somewhere were she can't get back out when the coast is clear. On rainy days, she stays under there for the whole day just waiting for Mom or Dad to come home and let her out. NUTZ!

Anyway, the sad thing about it is, we know of about 5 dogs on this road that I bet are all doing the exact same thing.

Stay in your houses my's just not safe with all the fireworks and gun shots.

Again...Happy New Year! from all of us including Bob.


Elf names? Did you see them

December 30th 2011 7:41 pm
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Just realized some of you might not have seen your Elf Certificate. I sent them out in the freebie mistletoe. Sorry if you didn't see it in the mistletoe frenzy.

Mom said I needed to mention it days ago and I kept forgetting.

Don't forget to check our pages out if you haven't. I'm very sad my gorgeous page is going away. I want Mom to take a screen shot of it so I can see it later on.

Also don't forget to stop in and say hey on Zach's party diary. He has big news about a change on the Mardi Gras!


Mom said we are surprising her everyday!

December 27th 2011 7:12 pm
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Mom says we keep surprising her. She's starting to thank she's got us mixed up in her head. Here she was worried forever about Zach and how he would react to Gris. Turns out Gris adores Zach and Zach adores him. I've just now started cuddling with Gris. Just hard to relate to a ball of frenzy feed fuzz.

Now, it's modeling time. Our New Years Eve outfits came in today, along with two cards, one from Canada and one from Cali. Silly Mom left them at Grandma and Grandpas when she went in to visit and show Grandma our outfits.

Turns out Zach loved his but it was a little uncomfortable for a second or two. Personally, I have no pity for anybody anymore after wearing that stinky itchy rental bunny outfit for Easter last year....opps this year. Me, I loved looking pretty in my New Years Eve outfit and ran around the house just a strutting my stuff. Now I have a collar similar to Diamonds!

Mom finally found the camera. Guess where it was? Under the mountain of pillows on the bed, where she was laying this morning. MOL! And Gris said I hid it! Ha! He was right about one thing..Mom did look everywhere for that camera tonight. She was about to call ghostbusters when she found it.

Don't forget, purr for Gris. He's losing his manhood tomorrow. Poor boy. I remember when I got fixed I pulled my stitches out, twice. The second time it was only days from when they were supposed to get taken out anyway. Saved Mom some money, cause Doc said it was fine and she said "there's only but three stitches intact still, I'll just snip them myself" He said as long as everything looks good then that's fine.


Great friends have Christmas every day!

December 24th 2011 6:54 pm
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As you guys know, our videos is as much about the music and the beat as it is about us. Sorry we just can't help it. And on that note I made a Christmas Video for all our friends to enjoy. At first it seems really super duper country but the song picks up the beat and it is a favorite of mine. It is Cyndy Lauper's "It feels like Christmas". The song is about when you are truly content and in love in your relationships it feels like Christmas every day. How great of a statement is that.

Now Gris is working on a video too but at the rate he's going it will be done in 2012. MOL! His is actually videos of him and Zach playing together. It is set to "Run Run Rudolph." He'll let you know when it is uploaded. Maybe tomorrow.

Zach decided not to do a video instead he's adding a kick butt playlist of some of his favorite songs old and new. He said it's for everyone that is tired of Christmas music already. I've heard some of the songs and there is non stop great music. He has everything from The Kingsmen's Louie Louie to our favorite from this year "Pumped up Kicks". He's got CCR, James Taylor, Queen, Foo Fighters you name's there! It will be online in seconds after publishing this diary.


Mom noticed something interesting today

December 18th 2011 4:06 pm
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Grandpa and Grandma came over with Buddy today. This is his third time here and he still thanks we are squirrels! Mom decided to take some pics which in return made her decide to make his page. Mom said it needs some serious tweaking. But guess what she realized....Our pages are gigantic! It's like they have gotten bigger. At first she was thanking Buddy's page was small then she realized the problem lied in our pages. Weird huh? Wonder how that happened? The dog pages are right, ours is wrong. Just thought it was a little weird and wanted to mention it.

Could it had been a code flea?

If you haven't signed up for being an Elf see mine and Zach's old diaries. I don't want you to miss it!


What's your Elf name?

December 17th 2011 1:59 pm
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Living in Lapland

At one stage it was thought that the elves live in Father Christmas‘ (Santa’s) village in North Pole. However, in 1925 it was discovered that there are no reindeer in the North Pole but there are lots in Lapland, Finland. Nobody has actually seen their village because the passage to it is a secret that is known only to Father Christmas and the elves. We know that it is somewhere on the Korvatunturi mountain in the Savukoski county of Lapland, Finland, which is on the Finnish-Russian border.

On January 6 the elves light up their torches and come down from their secret village in the mountain to play in a secret field to celebrate the last day of Christmas.

The names of the elves

The elves are the children of Gryla and Leppaludi, their father and mother. Some people say that there are 13 elves, some say 9, some 6. They are very clever and help Father Christmas to design the toys that children and grownups order by post, email or textingl. We know at least 6 of the duties they have, including looking after the reindeer. Here it is with their Westernised names:

Bushy Evergreen is the inventor of the magic toymaking machine.

Shinny Upatree is Father Christmas’s (Santa’s) oldest friend and cofounder of the secret village in Lapland.

Wunorse Openslae designed Father Christmas’s sleigh and maintains it for top performance. (It is believed that the reindeer reach speeds faster than Christmas tree lights.) He also cares for the reindeer.

Pepper Minstix is the guardian of the secret of the location of Father Christmas’s village.

Sugarplum Mary is Head of the Sweat Treats, and assistant to Father Christmas’s wife, Mrs Claus, also known as Mary Christmas.

Alabaster Snowball is very important. He is the Administrator of the Naughty & Nice list.

Now we need a vote...would you like us to give you a traditional Elf name or would you like to come up with your own? Even if you come up with your own names we can still give you a duty at Zachy Paws Land. To make up your own name this link has helped us a lot...

Generated Elf Names

Remember this name will be on your Elf Certificate! So pick wisely.


Thank God for Susie! Please will make you happy

December 15th 2011 5:27 pm
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Back in the spring we started a group. Sadly to say it died. Well, never even hit the ground running but the group was called Small Victories against Animal Abuse. It was supposed to be a place were pet lovers could celebrate laws being put into place to save animal lives.

No, we aren't trying to make you feel bad, not at all. Most groups you look at are dead. Mom is a realist so this doesn't disappoint her. I thank she would have been more shocked if it became a big group. MOL!

Anyway, here we go again talking about animal abuse on Gris's diary. Mom just can't help herself and the beautiful thing is all the Mom's and Dad's in animalster land feels the same way. We do love you guys and love being here with you!

So, with the discussion moving to abuse and laws Mom wanted to share this video clip and article with you all. After all Susie is the reason she started the group in the first place.

Susie's and Chamberland's laws Sorry about the commercial you have to sit through.

First Susie's law court outcome

Just wanted to share this with you. After all it's time to look back at what good has happened in the year.


For the secret dog lovers- Diamonds trip to see Santa Paws

December 7th 2011 6:50 pm
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So,Saturday Mom came home from work and she ran to get our tree. At 3:37 she realized she forgot to take me to get my picture taken with Santa Paws. So we rush over to Petsmart. Good thing we live around the corner, 4 min. ride tops if you hit the lights wrong.

After getting slung around in the car, I then had a close and counter with a rott. Spooky! He was so big! Then because Mom didn't want my harness in the pic she left it off. Was this smart? No. Within five steps of the door I slipped out my collar and ran to sniff the butt of a very handsome Pit. His Mom joked about us knowing what to do. My Mom was trying not to panic as she grabbed me to put my collar back on. I know sometimes Mom wonders to herself why she takes me anywhere. Mom says me in Petsmart is a crap shoot. You never know how I'm going to act. There was probably 20 doggies there.

Mom finally figured out where Santa was. I waited till a big shy Golden Retriever got his picture taken and then it was my turn. I sniffed, and sniffed and sniffed some more! The teenager with the camera was asking if I was shy. Then Santa said he was peed on earlier. What???!!!! Somebody peed on Santa! It's coal for them! BOL! I jumped up on the seat with Santa but then Mom left me! Where you going Mommie??? She then got behind the teenager and started squeaking the toy. What the heck was that supposed to do? Anyway they took 6 or 7 shots.

Mom picked one and then we had to walk up to the front to pay them walk back to the back to get my pic. The pic they gave me was not the one Mom picked. She looked for the one she wanted on the camera and it was gone! So she took the one they had. As soon as we got in the car Mom said "Teenagers!"

Mom said we would go back this Saturday with either Buddy, CS or Lucius. She said it would be so cool if we all would get a good shot together. She also said "Fat chance". Man what a ugly clan we would be. Heehee.

Oh! And before we left I got nose to nose with an English Bulldog. I started to growl. Mom kept pulling me back saying "that's not her, that's not Harley" She knew that dog scared me and that was proof. All the dogs that was in there. Little dogs in carts, a big big big grey Pit named Sarge He probably weighed 85 pds easy, a little girl dog with red bows in her hair just dogs everywhere and I minded my own business till I seen the Bulldog.

PS- I embarrassed Mom by pooping in the parking lot. BOL!

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