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Zoes secret dreams made public

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Update on human sis

June 24th 2011 4:43 pm
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She had a 4 hour delay just leaving NC! Which made her behind on her flight out of Atlanta to Athens Greece. The other girl she was supposed to travel with had caught that flight to Athens. So the rest of the trip she had to go solo. Her rescheduled flight was the next day at 2 in the afternoon. So, she had to stay in a hotel all by herself in Atlanta. She didn't like that at all.

When she got to Athens, her ticket to Jordan had to be repurchased. She said she thought the people at the airport was rude. It's probably more like she was annoyed and spooked. Poor thing.

She finally made it to Amman, Jordan this morning. Mom says welcome to the world of traveling! (Mom has spent more time running through airports trying to catch connecting flights than she has had eyebrow waxes that she was happy with) Mom said at 18, she was pretty brazen. She really thought she had the world by the tail. But, she said she would have been spooked big time if she had to take a trip like that by herself.

Kudos to Haley! Her adventure began in NC.


Purrs needed!

June 21st 2011 7:54 pm
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Stresser number 3 has arrived. My oldest human sis, Haley, is flying out Wed. morning to intern in Jordan (the country, as in the Arab Spring). To make it worse, she's got a 6 hour layover in Greece. She was talking about taking a site or two. Mom being a big news junkie is so worried for that poor child. She keeps thinking her Mom, the ex has fell and bumped her head to let her go over there. It's so super dangerous. I've seen the videos on TV myself and looked at Mom like WTC are they doing rioting in Greece? And don't even get me started about the middle east! Those poor animals over there.

Haley told us the other day, that all women have to be in their residence by 7 every night and most always be fully clothed. Veil included. Mom is so worried. She can't even tell you how Dad would react if something was to happen to Haley. I know her Mom better not answer the phone. He and the ex barely get along and they do only for the kids.

Sis will be gone till late Aug. She starts College in Tennessee then. Please just keep purring. We will be keeping touch through Skype so I will be able to update you, hopefully often.

Stressor 1- Diamonds knot is getting smaller

Stressor 2- Moms Mom is still doing fine, just enjoying her free time before the surgery.

PS- We love our friends and we just wanted you to know.


Tink, Blizzard, Finn we are here!

June 16th 2011 3:41 pm
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My dear friends,
I miss you guys and I want to talk! We can talk about anything!

Two of Grandmas' Docs are going out of town so the Surgery isn't till July 14th. That's a great thing and a bad thing too. I hate waiting, it gives you too much time to think.

Tux is just being Tux.

Come talk to me.


Is Mom doing the right thing with Diamond??

June 7th 2011 2:15 am
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Mom decided sense her and Diamond was going out to Grandma and Grandpas today and you drive right by the vets, Mom decided to make an appointment for Doc to check her paw.Mom also had some down time to day at work so she did some research about lumps in dogs. Mom jokes about being one of their panicky Mom's at the vets. Mom always thinks the worst, but I say that's a good thing because Doc gives her props for catching things on us early. I'm going to let Mom tell you...

I did a little research today and read up on symptoms of cancerous lumps in animals. I learned a lot. I decided to talk to Doc some more and also get him to check her paw. Her paw is fine. He said they make a spray that can be put on their paws to protect from wear. They were out though :(

Sense I got one of the very last appointments, we had the time to have a heart to heart, he said personal, he would wait and keep an eye on it to see if it changes. He said it was a good sign that it's not painful and doesn't seem to be attached. He said so many of these aren't cancerous. He said if you can't sleep at night cause you're worried then do it be he recommended waiting and see strategy.

I'm such a panicky person, I know I have a tendency to blow things bigger than they are in my head, especially if it's about my animals or work. I knew that I had agreed to go ahead earlier without really knowing the odds. And the Doc did tell me last week that I could wait.

I decide today to wait. So, I guess it's good news, that the surgery is off for right now. Was that right? I'm thinking that if it's still there with change or no change having it cut off maybe Aug or Sept. anyway. BUT If it changes or starts feeling like it's a danger I'll give Doc the green light to go ahead.

What would you do? Go ahead or keep an eye on it. Remember Doc said keeping an eye on it over the next two months is what he would do.

I also want to apologize that we weren't around yesterday to be able to respond or update you.


Diamonds booboo.

June 5th 2011 11:51 am
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We are all a little worried about Diamond. It's funny but even Zach keeps checking on her. See, she's going in to have that knot cut out Tues. but she went and tore the pad of her front paw last night. It's fileted not cut. She won't let Mom clean it good and Dad isn't here to help. She was able to get some Neosporin on it. Mom is tempted to take her in tomorrow for the Doc to look at it. She knows if an infection sets in her surgery might be delayed.

Diamond is just not herself today, which is probably throwing us off too.

I just wanted to say "I'm worried", hoping maybe some how, it will make me feel better.


I want to tell you...NO ZACH!!!! I'm going to be the one- telling them!!!

May 26th 2011 5:17 pm
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The new playlist are done. We are a little disappointed in the American Idol playlist, turns out they keep there good songs under lock and key. But we were able to find some really good ones especially the first 6 or 7.

Now, what I'm really excited to mention is Finn and Lacey's birthday playlist is done! All the Micheal Jackson you could want, with some Janet too. Now, Zach told Tink he was going to find some Heart for her, so we added a few Heart songs too. It kinda breaks it up a little, which is good.

Happy (a little early) Birthday Finn and Lacey.

Don't forget Gump's birthday party and Guido's charity drive birthday!


OMC!! It's so hot!!

May 22nd 2011 10:37 am
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Last week it was a purfect upper 60's lower 70's all week. Now, it's 89 degrees with 60% humidity outside. Tonight the humidity is going up to 75%. Good pool warming weather but bad for outdoor fun.

It's hard to explain Mom's job, she's office support/ her dept. data entry person but on the plant floor. Which means in the heat, with fans pushing hot air in her face all day long. And don't even get her started on humidity and Mosquitoes. Mom choose 11 years ago to make a bunch of money on the floor over being able to be cool and pretty in the office. She even has better benefits too. But the heat about kills her every summer. Her Doc. said she suffers from seasonal depression and taught her how to cope with it. Look it up Summer seasonal depression is real and there is some good tidbits you can learn to help. One is to stay in a dark room, crazy huh?

So, just like our snowed in friends during the winter, I will report how our weather is doing. Technically, this is all a good thing for us cause unless she's in the pool at Grandma and Grandpas she's with us hiding in the house.

P.S. Mom went out on the boat this morning with Dad and Diamond. She said it was fine as long as there was wind in her face. As usual she got a little burnt though. She said that the water is getting warm.


Mom has a vacation day today! No tweets from me.

May 20th 2011 9:26 am
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Zach's tweets were really cool even if it started with him telling you guys how much of a breakfast pig I am. I decided not to tweet but just have an open diary.

Mom said my Sugar Patch has been producing more sugar lately.
pic of my suger patch if you haven't seen it

Do you have a cute something on you that your Mom or Daddy has named?


Please read if you live in or around PA or Va.

May 16th 2011 4:23 pm
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If you live in or around Pa please read this, this is very important. This is a plea for help. Daniel lives in N.Y. and needs help with his grandma. tures/722226

and this kitty needs a home he is in Va.

My Dad said no more kitties. I wish we could save them all.


We can't click on our prizzies!!!!!!!!

May 14th 2011 6:37 pm
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Look like all our friends we've learned to work around some fleas but how do I get around not being able to click on my prezzie. Zach was on one of his girlfriends pages and wanted to make sure his pic showed up good. Well, he couldn't click on it. At the time we were chatting to Blizzard, so we checked his page and the prezzies opened. Then ours and it was fine.

Well, we come back three hours later and Zach had got a reg. prezzie from Baltster. But no luck it wouldn't open. What does it say? I don't know?

Help HQ. I have been using Firefox for a year now, so the problems every body has been having I haven't had. I'm the lucky one on that. And yes it's annoying that you have to check your pages for photograph (good song, btw) comments, but at least you can check in a around your butt way.

I can't see my prezzies!!! They won't open!!! Help!!

Zach says M, help us please!

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