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Climbing Ivy


December 11th 2010 4:19 pm
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On wednesday of this past week I was adopted! Isn't that great everyone? My new owner is perfect for me. She's a little old lady who lives by herself and is very quiet and needs a quiet girl! I'm perfect for her. Her daughter also came along for the adoption and promises if anything ever happens, I will live with her, so I'm all set! I'm so happy. I get to spend the holidays in my new forever home. They renamed me too! My new owner didn't like the idea of me being named for what I was thrown in when I was abandoned, my new name is Missy! They showed foster mommy a picture emailed to them on Friday of me in my new home, I'm all ready out and hanging out with my own collar, tags, and bed. They stocked up on self feeders and toys for me, oh this is the best holiday ever. Best catmus present ever, a forever home!


Still Looking for a forever home

December 7th 2010 1:49 pm
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Oh my, it's been forever since I had a forever home. I would really love one before Christmas. Wouldn't you love to spend the holidays with a little girl like me? Why is everyone afraid of me because I'm deaf? I'm such a good girl.

Foster mommy had to pass me off for a week or two. River was getting fiesty and I was getting nervous so she sent me to a different foster family for 1 or 2 weeks. It's all right, this house is pretty good too. All these foster families are so nice to me and they all try to do what is in my best interest, but I'd really love a forever home. Check out my craigslist adoption page, maybe someone will find me and come take me away to a forever home. I hope they do. While I love foster mommy and daddy, I hope I don't have to go back with them after this weekend because I will have a forever home! l


Day 2 Adoption event - no luck again

November 7th 2010 3:37 pm
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Oh kitties, no luck again for me I'm afraid. I REALLY didn't want to go this morning. I hissed when the tried to take me out of the carrier at the adoption event, it took 2 people to get me out. They put me in a cage next to a hissy kitten. That upset me a lot. Then it rained all day so not very many people showed up. I'm so sad. At the end of the day foster mommy and daddy came back to get me, but I was just so tired. A nice family came by to pet me and things were looking up, but I tried to play with the daughter and she thought I didn't like her and started crying. I don't think that family will work out for me. Oh well. I'm home again now and they are putting up some online ads for me to see if that helps. Paws crossed kitties, adoption events are no fun.


Day 1 Adoption Event - no luck

November 6th 2010 7:50 pm
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Well, I went to my adoption event today. I wasn't happy about it, but I went. I spent all day in a cage at petsmart trying to avoid the scary people, and no one adopted me. I just slept with my back to everyone all day long. I don't know why they made me go. Foster mommy and daddy came and took me home at the end, I was so happy to see them. They had to pick up some extra things while they were there and they just carried me around like a baby while they did their shopping and I slept contently in foster mommies arms. She's great sometimes. Rumor has it I'm going back tomorrow again... sigh. I don't want to do that. I hope someone wants to keep me forever and ever.


sleeping with foster daddy

November 4th 2010 8:31 am
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Hi kitties,

I'm going to take a moment to introduce myself on here and tell you about what happened last night.

My name is Ivy and I'm an adult rescue. They aren't entirely sure on my age right now. I was in a pound in a cage and set to be put down for space when Animal Outreach took me in. Thank catness they did too. After the pound I moved to a big shelter with lots of other kitties and finally found myself in a cage at petsmart. Every weekend people come in and look at us, but no one adopts me. All week long people come by my cage and wave at me, but no one adopts me. After three long weeks in the cage at petsmart foster mommy and daddy came along and took me out of the cage for a better life. I'm so happy. I wish they'd keep me. It's so hard to think we won't be together forever. I love them so much all ready. Oh yes, did I forget to mention I'm deaf? Sometimes I forget because I hardly know that I am! If you happen to be reading this and looking for a great companion animal, you should really consider me. I'm a sweetie. I'm a real gentle soul who needs someone to shower with loves and attention. Don't let the fact that I'm deaf startle you and scare you off, I swear I'm a perfect feline.

Well anyways, last night I was out of the foster room walking around the house and I sensed it was getting late. I didn't want to be locked back up so I hid under the bed. Foster mommy couldn't get me to come out so she stayed up with River and Simone (they don't really like me much yet) and let daddy go to bed. Later that night she came back in to try and catch me, only to find me snuggled with foster daddy, right up next to his head. I loves me my foster daddy. He's so great. I just wanted to crawl right under the blankets with him and stay. I ran away from foster mommy twice, only to come back to foster daddy both times in the hopes of getting to stay. Foster mommy says this is a no go right now though and finally caught me and put me back in the foster kitty room. River and Simone get the bed at night. They both sleep on Foster mommy though, can't I have foster daddy? The foster kitty room is fine, but I really love being with daddy for snuggles and loves. I'm so lonely for loves. Maybe Simone will learn to like me today and I can stay out at night.

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