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Thank you

November 10th 2010 9:12 am
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I want to meow a thank you to Fluffy and Alex for being such caring friends and talking Mamma into putting my page back up and not leaving here. You guys made me feel special.
I am sad to see so many have made their journey home too soon.
So I wrote a poem, not haiku this time for our angel friends. We miss you all..your purrs and meows will live on in our hearts, till we meet again by that big cat nip patch!

Tears falling like rain
we meow our farewells
knowing you are no longer in pain
our hearts still ache.

You spread your new wings wide
flying free up above
coming back down to be at our side
when we need your touch.

That shining bright star above
you feel your gaze drawn to
is our way to share that love
our bond is eternal.

No more tears now, smile
and remember me with joy
we will be together in awhile
let me live forever in your heart..

Jasmine Bollier November 10-10

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