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Ivy's Tales

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In Memory of Sweet Ivy

August 21st 2015 10:03 pm
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It’s been almost a year since Ivy crossed the Rainbow Bridge and it is only now that I feel I can write about her.

When I was 20, I had just come home from Cornell University for personal reasons and was battling depression and struggling to find my way in life. I was living on my own for the first time and wanted a companion. Even though I was allergic to animals, my family had always had a cat and a dog and I had learned how to cope with my allergies and asthma. I went to a shelter one day just to look at kitties. I didn’t know then that “going to a shelter and looking at kitties” meant bringing one home MOL
But the moment I saw Ivy, I knew we were meant to be together. She was six months old and had been in foster care but returned to the shelter because an older female cat was picking on her. We went into a room to play together and she completely ignored me MOL But I wasn’t deterred. I knew she was mine and I was hers.

I vividly remember bringing her home and watching her explore the apartment. My asthma was very bad that night and the night after, and even though I adored her, the thought entered my mind that I may have to return her to the shelter. Fortunately, I did not have to. I seemed to adjust to her and my asthma settled down. The people at the shelter recommended not to let her into my bedroom to help with my allergies, but the first night I shut the door to the bedroom, she cried and cried and there was no other choice but to let her in. I’m so glad I did.

Ivy was a loving, loyal, beautiful and sweet companion who stayed by my side through my wild 20s, through a move to a bigger place, through 3 roommates (one with a dog!), and eventually to my current house where I acquired a live-in boyfriend (who brought a cat!), the addition of 2 dogs, and more cats. I always felt a little guilty about the many changes I put her through but she handled them beautifully. She was always okay because she was with me, and our special bond was never disrupted by anything.

I always expected Ivy to live to old age and though I hated thinking of losing her, I imagined it would be a peaceful crossing at the vet’s with me holding her paw. Unfortunately, her crossing was traumatic and I am still haunted by the last 24 hours of her life. The vet wanted her to have a dental cleaning and I was nervous. We had a blood test done first and discovered her thyroid was off and she needed medication. After stabilizing her thyroid, she went in for her dental cleaning and all went well. She came home and was happy and frisky, racing around like a kitten as though she felt great having clean teeth. But two days later, she suddenly stopped eating her Fancy Feast. I knew something was terribly wrong because she had always been obsessed with her Fancy Feast. She deteriorated quickly through the weekend and I brought her in as soon as the vet opened on Monday. They didn’t know what was wrong but tried to get her fluids balanced and temperature up. In the afternoon they called me and said we needed to get her to an emergency vet. It was 45 minutes away. My boyfriend drove and the drive there was a nightmare because she couldn’t seem to breathe. The 45 minutes felt like an eternity. The emergency vet did everything they could but her lungs were full of fluid and then she had a seizure. I felt that even though she did not want to leave me, her body was worn out and giving up. I made the decision to let her go.

Even a year later, I miss her more than words can say. Although I know I will love other cats in my lifetime, none of those relationships could replicate the one I had with Ivy. I love you Ivy, always and forever. Thank you for sharing your life with me.


Happy and Doing Well

July 10th 2014 11:14 am
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Hi everyone! I have been doing so well lately, Mom says I've really been changing. I used to hide in the bedroom a lot and sleep in my cave-like area in my bed under the bench with clothes on it. I felt safe there from my wild brofurs. Especially Jax who likes to chase me. But lately I've been coming out more, napping on the cat tree in the living room, and following Mom around everywhere. She is happy about that, she says that is how it should be. I've become more assertive with my brofurs and stand my ground instead of running back to my cave. I will even approach the dogs and sniff them if are laying on the floor in the living room. They're not as scary as I thought they were. And Mom has started feeding me my Fancy Feast in the kitchen with my brofurs instead of in a separate room and they don't even try to steal my food anymore. When they're done eating, they sit and wait patiently for me to finish mine so they can lick the bowl, but they don't bother me while I'm eating.

Mom says it was hard for me to adjust to not being an only pet and it took me a long time but she is really happy to see how well I am doing lately. I still don't really like it when Jax chases me but I tolerate it. I swat at him and hiss a lot but he is persistent. Little brofurs are such a pain!

When Mom is in her office, I like to sleep in there with her now. There is a bed for me under her desk. Yesterday Mom put out some pillows right outside her office and that's my new favorite spot. She said she was getting rid of the pillows and that's why they were sitting there, but I've claimed them as mine.

Here I am with my new pillows

I hope you are all having a pawsome summer! Thanks for stopping by to read my diary!


New Tag Game!

April 5th 2013 11:41 am
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My friend Tink started this tag game. If you would like to play, copy the questions and put them in your diary with your answers, then tag some furiends!


1. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY CUTE.

My mom sings little made-up songs to me. I love it and follow her around happily when she does.

2. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY LAME.

She keeps some doors closed in the house (closets, the laundry room, sometimes the guest room) and it drives me nuts! I need to be able to have access to EVERY area in my domain!

I am tagging:
Daisey - 1009154
Tutti - 1032064
Calista - 1282124
Emily - 855516
Colors - 1052183


Spring Tag!!

April 4th 2013 11:17 am
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My sweet furiend Calista tagged me in this game. If you would like to play, copy my diary, change your answers to yours and tag some furiends!

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. Laying by the screen door and smelling the spring air
2. Watching the dogs play in the yard
3. Sitting outside the bedroom door in the sun
4. Playing with the bugs that get inside
5. Eating grass

I tag anyfur who wants to play!
Have a pawsome spring my friends


Not Feeling Well

March 16th 2013 6:18 pm
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Hi my friends. I haven't been feeling well for a couple of days, I have a kitty cold with watery eyes and some sneezing. Mom knew I wasn't feeling well but yesterday I really gave her a scare. She came to bring me my Fancy Feast dinner -- I always eat in the bedroom away from my pesky brofurs who steal my food...So she brought me my dinner and I started going towards it, then sat down and started falling over sideways, like collapsing. Then I lay on my side and yowled so loudly, like something was hurting me. Mom was so scared. She was screaming for Dad to come and then she immediately called the vet. They were so great, they said they'd fit us in immediately, and so off we went to the vet.

In the car, I meowed and cried loudly because I hate car rides. But Mom says at the vet's office I was such a good kitty. I didn't complain much at all and let the vet handle me. I didn't even resist them taking my blood. So the vet lady examined me physically and tested me for kitty diseases like FeLV and FIV and those came back negative. Then they did some blood work and the vet called Mom today with the results. The good news is that the blood work was healthy! But we still don't know what caused the episode, which could have been a seizure.

Mom is supposed to keep a close eye on me, so she has been checking in on me in my bed all day. If my cold doesn't get better, or if I have another episode, the vet wants to see me again. I know my mom is really nervous that I will have another one, she keeps telling me how much I scared her. She also doesn't like seeing me with my watery eyes and knowing that I don't feel 100 percent well.


Lap Cat

April 30th 2012 6:37 pm
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Hi Diary,

I've become a lap cat! Over the past couple of years, as Mom added my fur-sibs to the household, I have had to look for ways that I can snag Mom's attention! I've found lap-sitting to be the most effective!

I like having fur-sibs, although the years alone with Mom were very special. I don't mind the others, especially Mac- I play with him sometimes. But I refuse to sleep on the bed at night anymore because Legaly and Mac are always hogging it! So I sleep in my princess bed now, right near the big bed so I can keep an eye on Mom! When she falls asleep, I roam the house and check on everything. I'm the Night Guard.

Anyway, like I said, lap-sitting is very effective for getting Mom's attention. The best time is when she's using her computer. I lay over one of her arms so it's more challenging for her to type- that way she pays attention to me and not the computer! I get lots of pets and kisses on my head when I sit on her lap! It's the best!

It's also nice to be right here when she's on the computer, so I can dictate what she should write for me on Catster!



New Spot

May 13th 2011 1:07 am
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Dear Diary,

I’ve found a new spot. Mom sits in the lazy-boy chair, and I sit on the top, near her head. I like to sit there when Mom has the computer on her lap, because then I know she’ll be there for a while. The dogs can’t reach me in my new spot, and I can keep a close eye on what Mom is doing.

It’s been raining a lot. But on the few nice days we’ve had, Mom opened the slider door for me and I got to explore a little bit outside. I wait until the other animals (especially the dogs) aren’t nearby, and then I creep out the door. I don’t go far, but it’s nice to get outside. I love the smells of spring!

The new dog, Zoey, still gets on my nerves. She always wants to know what I am doing. The minute I come out to the living room, she runs at me. You know what a scaredy-cat I am, so obviously I don’t like it when she bounds towards me. I am getting braver though. I’m learning that she’s nothing to be afraid of. But I still think she’s annoying, and I hiss at her a lot.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m in my new spot right now and have to keep an eye on Mom. Talk to you later, Diary.

Love, Ivy


New Kitten

September 17th 2010 5:22 pm
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Dear Journal,
Mom did the unthinkable--she brought home a kitten!!! I can't believe it! That day--it was late May--she brought that damn thing home, and she came to say hello to me and I KNEW it already. Even before she told me, I was staring at her with a knowing look. I didn't need to be told, I was perfectly aware that she had brought that THING into my home. After I acted perturbed, hurt, and miffed for a while, I started noticing that this new addition (Mac) has some interesting qualities about him. For one thing, he plays a lot. And it's nice to play again, and to have a playmate. Sometimes he doesn't know when to quit, but I'm not afraid to tell him when I've had it. Another great thing is that I have a pal to run around the house with at night. We chase each other up and down the long hallway, making all kinds of noise and keeping everyone awake. It's great fun! Of course, I still pretend, for Mom, that I don't like the new cat. But I think she has an inkling, because she's caught me a few times starting up a play-session with Mac. That's all for now. Love, Ivy


My First Real Mouse

September 17th 2010 5:13 pm
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(June 10, 2008)
Mom left for a few days but I had a present for her when she got back...I caught my first real mouse! I think I'm really beginning to like this new house. I've always loved playing with my mouse toys but there's nothing like the thrill and satisfaction of a real-mouse chase. I was so proud of myself and I think Mom was too. I left the mouse as a present for her on the hallway floor so she would be sure to see it when she got back from her trip. I met her at the door, telling her about the mouse, and she followed me down the hallway so I could show it to her. She was definitely surprised. Love, Ivy the Hunter


New House & New Friend

September 17th 2010 5:09 pm
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(June 1, 2008)
We've moved to a new house and it was very upsetting at first. I hid in the big new closet amongst Mom's clothes for a week. She put my food and litter in the bathroom so I didn't have to venture far. But then I started exploring the house and it's so much bigger than my old one! I'm starting to like it and come out of the closet more. Then Mom got a new roommate and he brought a cat! Its name is Legalos and I have been very curious and cautious about him. He's mostly an outdoor cat but I've noticed they sneak him inside sometimes. I first met him through the screen door and we hissed at each other a bit, but we were just saying hello. He's on a special diet so he likes to sneak in and eat my food, which I don't like very much. But I like him and want to continue getting to know him.
Love, Ivy

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