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Diary of a Lean Mean Sock Theif!

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Sock times!

February 3rd 2011 6:22 pm
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Which is weird because I first started playing with socks after I was named Socko. I even go into my one of my guardian's bedrooms and drag socks out of her open sock drawers and bring them downstairs. Then I throw them up in the air and tackle them. I will try to catch it on video and post it on Catster if I can since Mom finally has her own camera.
I also try to get socks off of people's feet when I can. If someone sticks a sock on their hand, I will make an effort to treat it like I'm killing prey! >:)


I've been tagged.

January 30th 2011 6:56 am
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Five things humans do that bug me:

1.) They ignore me when I meow a lot of times.

2.) They put socks on their feet when I would like to play with them.

3.) They won't go where I want them to go and they expect me to go where they want me to go.

4.) They stare at the computer screen way to often.

5.) They keep mixing in that health food with the good stuff!

I'm generally a pretty easy-going cat though, and deep down, I just love those two-legged creatures!




January 10th 2011 3:01 pm
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There is nearly a foot of snow outside: the most I have ever seen. Strange because we live in Tennessee, or in the south. It's interesting because the two legged creatures keep going out there and then they come right back in freezing and shivering. They have also just put down the tree and lights recently. I just don't get it! They put it up there and then just put it right back down. The older kitties say they do this every year. Do I believe it? I can't decide.



December 30th 2010 11:29 am
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Okay so we've all been assigned to be in conflict or in a certain relationship with another cat. We are all in conflict with somebody. This is a family thing so let me just tell you the basics:

I am in conflict with Daisy because she thinks I have "stolen the house." Which is weird 'cause we actually live in the same house!
Misty is free. She is sort of in conflict with me, but we don't fight about it quite as often.
Mr. Big and Morris are best friends now. They are both at the rainbow bridge now.
Speedy and Chloe are in big conflict with each other. Every time Speedy sees Chloe, she puffs up and hisses at her. You have to be in great caution around the two of them when their togather.


Cat of the Day

December 21st 2010 6:24 pm
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Oh yeah! On December 21, 2010, Socko is officially Cat of the Day. Mom and I werre afraid this day would never come, but it did! I can't believe it! This day will always be remembered.


My Many, Many Nicknames

October 7th 2010 9:35 am
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Real Name: Socko

Sock Man
Sock Theif
Little Sock-a-Baby
Hey Little Sock-a-Boy, what's-'ya-doin'
Lil' Socko
Lil' Sock-a-Boy
Sweet little Sock-a-Boy

My mom just can't seem to stop giving me such wierd nicknames, there is a particular beat that she uses when she says each of these names too, but it's hard to just write down here. I like some of these better than others, but believe it or not, I've been called each AT LEAST about 15 times! I guess my names just fun to say.


The Cozy Inn~Come On In!

October 5th 2010 3:23 pm
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Mom was gone almost all day, and it was really sad and boring when she was gone. However, before she left, she told me that she would bring home a big surprise when she got back, which at the time I had a bit of a hard time believing.
Actually though, when she got back, she brought this big, pawsome looking thing up the stairs. And wowie wow wow; it was huge! Once it was carried to the living room, I couldn't help not sniffing and checking it out. She says that it could be called a cat condo, a cat tree, a cat tower, or whatever! It has four layers: The stand-it-up layer, the dark sleeping caved-in layer, and two bucket layers with a hole for us to reach from bucket bunk to the other. One time I reached through that hole and smacked Daisy right in the hindquarters! She did not like that one bit, but I thought it was so funny!
But anyways, we call this "The Cozy Inn" and our motto for it is "Come On In!" MOL, you gotta love that!
Other than that though, I'm not meowing anymore when I go to the litterpan, Mom thinks that's a good sign, but she still plans on having me taken to a vet. If anyone has any tips on how to keep things under control until then, you can just either p-mail me or post a comment. Either way, your help will be greatly appreciated.
Goodbye Diary,


Fall is Finally Here!

October 4th 2010 8:46 am
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Autumn, my theme season, is finally here! A while back it was so hot that it was getting up to the 90s, or more! Now temperatures are really dropping big time. This morning it was in the mid-40s, and now it's almost noon and it is exactly 59 degrees. And it's about to get even cooler! *Knock on wood.* The leaves on the trees are quickly changing from all green to shades of yellow, orange, and brown. We are able to see all of this because we live in the woods. There is only one problem though, my mom is scared that I may have UTI, and she is planning on getting in touch with a vet very soon. Let's pray it's nothing too severe. I don't have any symptoms of it for the most part except for meowing in the litterbox when there is no one with me.
If anyone has anything to say, then you are welcome to comment on this entry.
Goodbye Diary,



September 3rd 2010 8:26 am
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I'm really sorry that I didn't write an entry yesterday, I guess I was just a little too busy. Well, sorry, I guess things like this just happen. To make up for it, I am going to write TWO entries today! My mom was just doing other things too, and she just forgot to help me. Yesterday was a little boring anyway though, and there wasn't really much to write either way. I feel energetic today though, so maybe I'll have something interesting to write about by evening.
To Be Continued Today


Five Things That Made My Day... Not The Best Day

September 1st 2010 4:45 pm
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1.) The other two cats wouldn't pay much attention to me today.
2.) My mom left me by myself for quite a while, but at least I still had my gram grams.
3.) My fancy feast did not taste good, and Daisy agreed with me some how, it just wasn't a very good flavor.
4.) My mom was doing a bunch of homework and all I could do was sleep.
5.) I was tired.
Hopefully today will be better.

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