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Poopy pancakes and other mews

November 19th 2011 7:02 pm
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So yesterday mommy was having what Tink calls "an UGLY cry" and it started long before we got the news that Tigger had gone to the bridge. Mommy had to let out all sorts of stress and stuff, there's been so much going on and STILL going on! Never mind, it's about her health insurance and she says she doesn't want to talk about it. She's too mad and wants to forget about it for awhile.

So anywho! Mommy went and lay down on the couch for a short nap around 4:30 pm. Me and Lacey were furry concerned about her so we followed her into the living room. Lacey went and laid down on the chair across from mom and I went and lay down inside my little pink cubie (yes, real men like pink too!).

Mom was really tired and fell asleep fast but she kept waking up and doing the sniffy. "what is that SMELL!! Finney is that you? Who did that!?" I did not say anything and neither did Lacey. Well, it still smelled and mommy just rolled over and took her short nap. Then she got up to go downstairs and give our cousin Midnight her nightly medicine. She came back upstairs and said "it SILL SMELLS! where is that coming from?!" Couldn't find it. But I was in a foul mood and she thought it was because I didn't like her ugly cry so she just ignored it.

Then later on after talking with Tigger's daddy for awhile on the puper and crying some more (jeez mom give it a rest!), she decided we needed a wipey bath which she had been putting off. I had a nice surprise waiting for her. She went to rub my bum with the kitty wipey and there was a nice, big, dried up, poopy pancake stuck to my buttocks! YUP! And boy did it stink too! I flattened it good. She even found some of it I had wiped on the floor HOURS earlier, just for her! MOL.

So of course in true fashion I did not want her to get it off my bum even though that's what I was trying to do all day. Don't ask me why, I have no idea why it bugs me but it does. Well she was having none of that catitude. She went into the bafroom, got her little hair cutting scissors, spun me around backwards really fast, lifted my tail and cut that sucker off! PLUNK! On the floor, my cute pancake I had made for my mommy. "mom I spent a long time on that! don't throw it away!" But she did! How ungrateful! I mean really! I know she was grouchy but I was just trying to give her something else to do and think about. What's wrong with that?!!!


Mommy's uncle just died

November 9th 2011 6:36 pm
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Hi everyone, mommy is crying. Her uncle that had MS and was in the hospital recently for a mild stroke, they diagnosed him also with lung cancer, he just died at home. Grammy and grampy are gone to their house now. Mom knows he was suffering but still...that was grammy's only sibling. Mom doesn't know how she's going to get to sleep early tonight now for her shot tomorrow morning. Ugh. Stupid full moon! We told you! That dumb thing makes things happen. Anyways, we just wanted to tell you guys in case mommy isn't on the computer much tomorrow. I gotta go give mommy some kisses.

Luv Finney

From Finney's mommy: This isn't one of my better poems but it's fitting for tonight's developments. RIP uncle Ray! You can run and jump and soar through the clouds, fly anywhere and as fast as you want now. May you enjoy every star that shines on your beautiful soul:

New Life

Death has held it's grip on you
And now I see it's finally through

It took so long, I don't know why
I'm confused if I should smile or cry

The suffering you had to bare
We all know just wasn't fair

But thank the Lord you're now at peace
And all your pain has been released

You were an angel here on earth
We were so blessed to feel your worth

Rest, enjoy your life with God
We'll take comfort in knowing, you're watching us all

We'll meet again, of that I'm sure
I'm so glad I knew you on this side of the shore


Shorts & snow

November 7th 2011 3:27 pm
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The crazy weather continues. Today was 65 degrees. Mom was in shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt and there is still some snow on the ground. MOL. She went to the store and the guy was like "Jeez!" Mom just said "HEY! I am fighting this to the last hurrah!" You go mom!!! We're actually supposed to reach 70 tomorrow and may get thunderstorms on Thursday. The weatherman just threw his hands up in the air and said "I have no idea what season this is, let's just call it fallter." MOL. We're not complaining! Windows wide open all day!

In other news!!!! Dr. Conrad Murray found GUILTY in the death of Michael Jackson. Whoo hoo! Justice for MJ as our new background on our profile pages say. "YOU'VE BEEN STRUCK BY A SMOOTH CRIMINAL!" MOL.

All these kitties are putting cute pictures of themselves sleeping together on their pages lately. Me and Lacey don't cuddle anymore. All I have is the new profile page picture of my big tongue touching my nosey. Will that do? Although I have to say that picture of Zach and Griswold was A-DOR-A-BALLLLLLLL!!! Don't get used to hearing me say that Zach, MOL.

Lots of new kitties joining Catster these days. Let's try and welcome them and show them how much fun we can be here! If you're not a member of Purr it Forward, please join and make some new friends!!! We need to bring the fun back to Catsterland!


A horrid beast

October 27th 2011 11:11 pm
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That's what mom is calling me tonight. A horrid beast! I don't know what my deal is, if I'm hot in the floofy pants or what. But I can't control myself. All night long I've been after Lacey, wrecking the house, going after mom's curtains again. OH! Wait a minute, here comes Lacey. I have to go and bite her in the bum. Why am I being this way? I don't know. Mom says maybe we're bored because it's so cold we can't open the windows anymore.

I have to say though she gave me a BIG time out. Something she hasn't done in a long time. She was sooooooo mad at me! She was trying to eat a bowl of cereal while watching tv and because I would not stop trying to rip those drapes down, she got up fast and spilled half of it on the floor. OOOOOOH! She was beyond POed.

She even tied the drapes way up so I can't reach them just while I'm in there and I keep going after the blinds now. I'm banging them against the windows and trying to break them. Mom yelled at me, pointed the bad boy finger at me and told me to GET OUT NOW! And that was it. For an hour and a half me and Lacey were confined to the kitchen. Lacey and I have to both be punished because we'll just claw at the door to see each other.

So I waited and waited and waited for what seemed like FUREVER and finally my mommy emerged. She still looked mad but she bent down and gave me a few chin scritches and said "I'm still mad at you, you're being so bad". But the look in her eyes was "I still love you Finney, do it some more!" So I was good for about a half an hour and now I've got Lacey joined in.

Mom says as long as we're driving each other crazy she doesn't care! But to leave her out of it. I don't think I can do that. I really don't. It's not my fault mom! I'm possessed! Maybe I'm just so excited about Newmie's Poopology book coming out. I'll blame it all on Newmie! Okay now I'm running around trilling and jumping on Lacey. Mom says there must be a storm coming. The weather guy said we may get a nor'easter here on Saturday night. Oh boy, that's not going to sit well with mom. It's only October!!!!

Purr for me kitties. Purr that I don't make mommy so mad she bans me from the bedroom all night and doesn't speak to me! I can't take the silent treatment, anything but that! Oh the horror!

A horrid dare she! MOL

P.S. Now mom is laughing at us because we're scaring each other and jumping like 3 feet in the air. OH HERD OF ELEPHANTS RUNNING AND IT'S 2 AM! MOL. See? I told you she can't stay mad! What power I have. Gotta go! I see another curtain I can rip!


Just call me trouble

October 26th 2011 4:20 pm
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I am currently resting myself while mommy does our diaries so I can be the best possible pest and teaser I can be tonight. I am VERY good at it and since she's been feeling better I've been letting her know it. I LOVE to drive her cuckoo in any way shape or form that I can. I have been feeling like playing a lot so me and Lacey have been doing some funny stuff and she loves that. She laughs like crazy which is the main goal. But if I can possibly throw in my boyisms and make her go bananas so she pays FULL ATTENTION to me...then I've done my job. She opens the door to the hallway at night so we can have zoomies up and down the stairs. Although last night I tried to pound on grammy and grampy's door "let me in, let me in"! They're asleep so she tells me "SSSSHHHHH FINNEY SHAT UPPPP!!" How dare she shhhhsh me! I don't know why she cares, they're deaf most of the time. Although mom says it's something called "selective hearing".

Since I am a boy I like to do things in phases. For awhile I will tease the heck out of mom doing everything I know that irritates her and gets her out of bed to come after me. I'll keep doing this until she gets really FURRY FURRY mad and shuts us out of the living room. Then I know she's had it. Then after awhile she'll let us back in...I'll do something bad again and we repeat! Then after about the 3rd time, I think to myself "hhhmmm, Finney, I think that's enough now. Better try the other approach".

So I get on the bed with her, I rubs my big head and nosey all over her hands and face and I give her a sandpaper facial, some toesy kisses and cuddle up next to her. MR. LOVEY DOVEY NICE GUY like nothing ever happened. YUP! I am an expert at this and I got mom in my MOOOBY pocket. Thanks Inky, now I can't stop talking about it! MOL.

Anyone who wants lessons on how to be a giant pest and still be treated like a king, see me at


Ingen is going home tomorrow!!!

October 8th 2011 4:33 pm
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Since Alex has some serious bridge duties today, and Lacey wrote about my poor momma's back, I'm going to give you the good news! Ingen is leaving tomorrow to go home! She's being picked up by a great company called Precious Pets Transport Services. Jen researched all of her options and frankly I'm very glad she chose this one. She talked with the lady all about their company and her concerns and felt very satisfied and good about her decision. Me too, I have a good feeling! It will take a couple of days but this way Ingen doesn't have to be in the belly of a plane or be left at the airport with total strangers, or anything like that. She's going to be well cared for. And Jen can even call the drivers to check on her. Although I hope they don't talk on the phone while they're driving!!!

Anyways, we're so excited that Novi and Lil' Bear will see their sisfur again and Jen just cannot wait to hold her girl in her arms. My mom will be sending out a newsletter with the details tomorrow about where the money went and thank everyone. But we're thanking you all here as well because you all did a TREMENDOUSLY WONDERFUL THING by helping Jen and Ingen out. I'm so proud to call you all my furriends. You are all so loving and generous! I'll say it again, the way everyone rallied was just the most pawsome thing I have ever seen.

Now! Mom is going to make herself something to eat now that her new friend mr. Valium is helping her be able to do so without hurting too much, MOL. I don't know who that guy is, but he's nice. I like him! Mom's not crying or yelling OUCH anymore! And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the kitties and their momma who read Lacey's diary and donated some money to IBD kitties to help out my mommy. Jeez you guys are so unreal! Mom hopes someday she's in a position to do the same for others. And if she ever can, that's a PROMISE she'll keep! Pay it forward guys! Anyway you can, pay it forward cause it feels darned good to give to others.

NOW! I am also furry excited about Newman's Poopology book coming out. Whoo hoo! I'll finally have something to read in the box when I'm doing my bidnezz. MOL.


I'm a lover and a very social boy. And pics of- Ingen

October 5th 2011 5:23 pm
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Hi everyone! What a nice visit I just had with my grammy and grampy. I did something I've never done before. I went over to grampy and rubbed all over him, let him pet and scratch me and purred up a storm. I never did that before. Boy was he happy! It made his day. Grampy and grammy love animals, specially us kitties. So this was like a big deal to him. I thought I'd give him a little taste of some Finney lovin'. Lacey didn't even come downstairs at all. Sheesh! She's been bad anyways. She kept walking on mommy's head all night. She kept her awake so much mom slept most of today. She was not happy about that.

But anyways, did you see that Bella has new pics of Ingen on her page? OH MY CAT does she look fantastic! Ingen looks furry calm, content, happy and beautiful! Wowzers! What an adventure she's having. We're so happy for her! Yaayyyy!!! here's Bella's page with Ingen pics.

I wonder where everyone is tonight? HELLOOOOOOOOOO out there!!!

Oh, I don't know if any of you just heard. Steve Jobs of Apple passed away today. What a brilliant mind! He is the Thomas Edison of our times. RIP Steve. We appreciate all you've done to catapult the world into new technology.

And Blizz's brofur Tigger is HOME! He's HOME, HE'S HOME!!! What a good week for a change huh? Lots of great stuff happening! Let's enjoy it all while we have it! I think I'll go chase Lacey around, I suddenly have a case of the zoomies! VVVROOOOMMMM!


More Ingen support

October 1st 2011 5:33 pm
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Hi everybody! We are a great bunch of kits I'll tell you what! We have all been working non stop since yesterday morning to try and think up ANYTHING to find Ingen and get her home. We are GONNA get it done! I refuse to believe anything else.

So! Our beautiful friend Kally Kat has started a candle lighting page for Ingen. Please stop by and light her way home for her: Ingen's candles.

Also, we've been keeping track of all of our resources, messages, brain stormings, etc. here: Purrs for Ingen

Oh and please stop by Spooky's page and friend him. He has graciously offered to try and help look for Ingen as he lives in Madison, WI!!! He only has 5 friends but I already know that he's gaining a bunch of new ones! Very cool of him.

Keep up the good work kittehs (as Orange Ruffy would say). And Monida is right, THIS IS WHY WE LOVE CATSTER!!!



September 28th 2011 12:20 pm
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OMC OMC OMC!!! Momma is so excited she can't stand it. Guess what! We have the nicest furriends on the planet!! Mommy was telling her bestest friend of almost 30 years (yikes she feels old) all about her back and the lousy bed. Well this bed she has now is actually the bed he gave her when he moved into his new house about 10 years ago. That bed was left there by the previous owner and it was in good shape then. He wanted to keep his own bed so he gave mom this one. It sure didn't last long though!

Anywho, she was telling him about it yesterday on the phone and he called her back later on and told her he wants to take her tomorrow to get a new mattress set. He's going to put it on his credit card and she can pay him back in 2 installments. The bed mom wants is a very good price for both the mattress and box spring so she's going to just get both now. They have to go and get it themselves though cause the store doesn't deliver. That's why it's so cheap. But she's got her ex boyfriend across the street who will go with them and help.

Hurrayyy!!! Oh man, mommy just can't believe it. She does not have many friends at all but the ones she has are lifelong friends and there's a reason for that. Because they are furry cool doods! So tomorrow night mommy will have a good night's sleep! She said something about putting a cover around it so I don't scratch and claw it. That's no fun! Jeez! Oh well, I'll cut her some slack if it means she'll be back to her old fun self again.

He doesn't know it but she's going to treat him to lunch after they come back and bring it in. It's the least she can do! I'm going to do my happy dance now! I'm so furry excited for her. Just wanted to share some good mews with you all!

Luv Finney


OH NO!!!!! Mom messed up!!!

September 14th 2011 9:32 am
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Oh boy, this is not good. Well, nothing we can do. Tomorrow our Plus subscription runs out and mom forgot to set aside the money for it. It looks like we'll lose all of our pictures and stuff. So just in case you're all wondering, we were going to renew it for sure but WHOOPS! Time got away from mom and she forgot. Sigh. We'll have to start all over again next month. That stinks.

Anyways, we were talking with the Tabbies yesterday and we all think maybe I'm part Maine Coon and part Norwegian Forest cat! How cool is that? Reason being because I'm SO muscular, big and strong. Quite tigerific! My arms are super wide and muscley, my mane does get big and floofy although I don't shed it like a typical Weig. But I shed bundles period! I've been getting knots on my back towards my fanny. Mom's been after me with the scissors. I don't like those things. Mom doesn't know why, they're only the little hair cutting ones and she's never cut me! But you know us kitties. We make no sense to humans. I think I make purfect sense to me!

Well, I know everyone is having issues with their accounts again. So if you see out pictures, backgrounds, captions and all that stuff is gone, it's not an accident. Well, it is...but it's a mommy accident, MOL. My darned mom!!! Sheesh!

See ya
Finney Winnegan

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