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Happy birthday momma! I'm a good boy!

December 26th 2011 4:51 pm
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My mommy has been sick since Saturday afternoon. Not fun for her at all but me and Lacey gets her full attention. She's been great though all last week, playing wiff us, snoozling, brushing me! And I LET her! She only had to use the calming collar thingy on me twice! She found a big old knot under my armpit though and it was a doozy. Very close to my skin. She said "that's it Finney! you have to let me cut all these knots off before it get out of hand or I'll have to bring you to a groomer". GASP! A what? I don't actually know what that is but it doesn't sound good by her tone.

I'm still not 100% again wiff her but pretty darned close. She's been good about paying lots of attention to us, telling us she loves us A LOT and telling me I'm a good boy too. Lots of treats, YUM! Mom went out today for a little while and joined something called a gym. Who's gym and why is she joining him? She said she's going to be trying to get into shape and needs to get out of the house more often. The membership signup was actually a birthday gift from her friend Rick. Cool huh?

We got some nice gifts from a couple of our furriends here and on our website and of course the Secret Santa that gave me the nice collar that makes me go "aaaaaaahhhhhhhh". MOL. It's furry cold here! BRRRRRRRRR. So we've been snuggling on mommy's bed with her taking care of her while she's sick.

Hope you all had a good holiday. Mom says she's already counting the days until spring. jeez! MOL. she HATES HATES HATES winter. She wants the longer days back, shorts and t shirts weather and wants to get back out in her garden. She can't wait!! I have to admit it's furry boring not having all the birdies to watch all the time in the yard. BURDS! WHO SAID THAT! MOL. Sorry Tabbies.

See ya everybody! Gotta go snoozle!
Luv Finney


It's a Christmas miracle!!!

December 21st 2011 9:07 pm
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Santa Paws came early to my house but only for me, not Lacey. I don't know how I feel about this gift he gave me though. I mean it looks nice on me and it calms me down big time and helps me love my mommy again but it smells awfully strong! I think Santa is trying to drug me. Anyway this purple collar thingy came in the mail today from a "secret Santa Paws" and mommy got super excited! She took it out of the package and her eyes started watering and she went PHEW! That's strong! She aired it out for a little bit and then put it around my neck! I don't usually wear a collar but she insisted. She said she's sick of me being such an Oscar the Grouch.

So anyway, mommy had her doubts about how well this thing would really work. But she put it on me and not even a half an hour later I was in la la land and I let her brush me, I rubbed on her, I lay down in my cube that's right next to her and I even let her kiss me. Well DUH mom! I'm stoned for gosh sakes! MOL. Anyway, I have to say I do like it. It even lasted a long time after she took it off but tonight she put it back on me and I'm wearing it for about an hour because I started getting furry grouchy again. This time I'm not coming to her right away though but I guess I'm taking baby steps. So after I let her brush me, mom kept telling me what a good boy I was and she gave me and Lacey treats. YUM!

She says she feels bad like she has to make me pretend to love her again. I hope someday I want to be with her again without having to wear this. Do you think? Mom says she loves that this is working, she feels like I'm myself again. But she hopes this doesn't have to be a forever thing. But for right now we're both furry happy and loving Santa Paws for bringing this. Want to know why we picked purple? Because Pipo & Minko did that furry cool picture of me for one of my recent DDPs and we loved it so much with the purple background, that mom thought the purple collar would look great. And it does!

So that's the news about me. Want to hear some more good mews? Cousin Midnight was playing up a storm tonight and had everyone laughing downstairs. Mom went down there to give her medicine to her and she bolted! She had mom chasing her down the stairs to her room in the basement and back up again and finally under the table. She NEVER does that! And it wasn't like she was scared, she was like "I am darned sick of this! I don't want no stinkin' pills in my mouff!!!" As Ingen would say "LEAF ME ALONE!" MOL. Then she spit the pill out about 5 times and she was making everyone laugh because she was really funny when she did it. She was in a the mood to play big time, big black eyes! Then mom rubbed her toy mousie in some catnip that uncle John (Blizzard's daddy) sent us and oh boy oh boy! That did it! She was going cuckoo! They were really lovin' it. She looked like a kitten again. Can you believe it? Two Christmas miracles on the same day.

Well gotta run, I hope meowmy takes this off soon. My eyes are waterin' big time. She took some pictures so look for them! She'll put them up shortly.

Keep purring for us! Mommy says she wants her Finney Winnegan back. I want him back too.

Luv Finney


Oh doodyhead oh sit in purrfect tantrum!!!

December 18th 2011 4:56 pm
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So I am being a big doodyhead again. YUP. Mom dropped a cheezit on the floor last night and instead of me rushing to get it, I started acting afraid of her again. Something is clearly not right with me. Mom says someone loosened up my screws. I don't see any screws what is she talking about? Anyway, I'm mad at her again. She's been playing with us, cuddling, putting on music and dancing and singing with us. But I figured out that when she's not here most of the day because she's got to go downstairs and take care of Midnight, I can get mad at her and take a baby tantrum.

She told me she's had enough and if that's what I want then I'm going to miss out on some great stuff. She emailed Santa Paws and told on me!!! What a rotten mommy! How could she do that?

MOM: I really didn't do that but I want him to think I did. He's really lost it.

Finney: sigh. I'm a big boy and I shouldn't be behaving like this but I don't like her so much anymore. I guess she HAD to go to the store and also clean downstairs because Midnight's mommy doesn't do it and it was filthy. I can understand that I guess. But I don't have to like it. I just don't understand why I suddenly get so mad. All of this never bothered me a bit before. She thinks I'm taking her for granted because she's here all the time. She's not furry happy about this bad catitude of mine. She said she's not falling for it anymore. I don't like the sound of that.

On the Midnight front the poor girl threw up this morning which she hasn't done in 2 months!!! But it's the Baytril and mom figured that would happen. Stinks because Middy was finally feeling better with her appetite and eating better and now this is disturbing her tummy. We kitties can never win.

Well, gotta go. Mom says I can't stay and fool around cause I'm bad. Plus I'm hiding anyways, stupid Cheezit! that orange thing ruined everything!


A year ago today, our Moufasa --- & good news about me!!!!

December 14th 2011 4:24 pm
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A year ago today we lost our cousin Moufasa to cancer. That's cousin Midnight's brofur. He was such a pain to her, he drove her nuts. But the day he died, when momma came home and went downstairs to feed him, Midnight knew something was very wrong. She has a tiny squeak of a meow, mostly you can't even hear her. Not this time. She stood in the stairway meowing like they never heard, while mommy had him in her arms wrapped in a towel waiting for his mommy to rush home from work. He was dying, but that boy was hanging on so he could say goodbye to everyone. Mouffey was SUCH a character, a Flame Point Siamese with a GIANT big mouth! In the summer when the windows were open you could hear him from downstairs going "woo woo? woo woo?" MOL! and sometimes "rerow? rerow?" Just like Astro in the Jetsons. He was so so so funny and had eyes that went the opposite way instead of crossed inwards. He was a giant love bug and mom saved his life. When mom's sister moved back home, Midnight and Mouffey were not in good condition, not at all!!!!! Oh my god did mommy cry the day she saw them come home. But she took over and started feeding them the good stuff, gave Mouffey alternative medicine for his kidneys and wow he was great after that! Mom could not go in the yard and work on her flowers without him yelling as loud as he could through the window to her. What a mouth on that guy! I could hear mom say "Mouffey SHUT UP!!!" MOL. The neighbors must have said "what on earth is that?" Sigh. Mom loved him dearly and he loved her back. He knew she saved him and he gave her endless, ENDLESS headbonks and purrs for it. He was a pain but mostly a good boy who loved everyone. Not a mean bone in his body. Cancer ravaged his poor body but he ate like a horse until the end and was never in any pain. The day mom came home to find him barely able to stand up and hold his head up, barely conscious, she lost it. She knew that day would come but still...she'd given him an extra two years. Mom is trying not to cry writing this but it's hard. She always loved Mouffey from way back when he was a kitten. He was such a big boy, she called him King Moufasa. Midnight changed after he died. At first she was as happy as a clam! Probably thought he was just gone for a little while. But then she became depressed and sick. And now mom is helping her. For now she's doing much better than she was. Mom's been giving her Moufasa's all natural kidney support pills twice a day for the last couple of days and what a change in her! Stretching out, eating like a horse, playing! wow! She'd forgotten how well those things work. We know today is a tough day for several of our friends. We're thinking of you also, Tigger's daddy and Kally Kat's mommy. We love you both.

On the ME front, guess what? I picked today to let my mommy pet me and kiss me!!! She came home from running errands and I jumped up on the bed asking for luvies! I haven't done that in well over a week. She still has to be a little cautious and slow but I couldn't stand it anymore and Moufasa came and whispered in my ear how lucky I am and to stop being a giant doodyhead because he'd haunt me. He means it too! MOL.

OH! And thank you everyone for my second DDP in a row! Almost forgot that. I'm hoping I'll be okay now mom is going to stay cautiously optimistic. She told me she missed me and loved me and kissed my furry head a million times. Then she whispered in my ear in a sweet voice that I was a big old farthead! MOL. That's nice meowmy, I deserve it.

Here's a video mom made of Moufasa begging for his treats during pill time:
King Moufasa


Update on me and update on cousin Midnight

December 12th 2011 4:00 pm
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Well, let's start with cousin Midnight. The vet feels she probably does have Feline Urological Syndrome (cystitis). My poor mom spent this afternoon trying to hold Midnight and make her pee in her box with only those stupid charcoal pellets. She did pee but not enough I guess so after Midnight's mom rushed those things to the vet, they said (it's not enough). I don't know that they can get her to do it again. She wouldn't, mom had to hold her there and then she went up the stairs and took an explosive SMELLY poop at the top. She was furry nervous I guess. Poor thing. Poor mommy almost passed out. But they didn't give her any medicine for it until they test her urine and again, don't know if they can get her to do this. So we'll see. But the vet said her kidneys look good, her bladder looks good, etc. So we don't think she has an obstruction.

Now for me and my never ending doody-ness. I was starting to really come around on Saturday but then yesterday I became a poopy/doody head again. I ran away from mom after I let her pet me and I upset her when I did this because I looked at her again like I hated her. Then last night she said "the heck with you, I can't deal with you right now" and because she was ignoring me, I kept going into the living room and trying to take down the curtains and make her come after me. Today when mom got home she was trying to take a nap with Lacey on the bed and I went over and tried to scratch the mattress and bug her as if nothing ever happened.

You know when the tabbies said I was yanking her chain? That's what mom kind of thinks I'm doing. I don't see any chains hanging off of mom anywhere but she still says I'm yanking them. You tabbies give my mommy all sorts of ideas!!! MOL. Anyfur, we still don't know what's going on with me but I'm not being very good. One of mommy's good friends online said that recently she wore her sneakers in the house, which she doesn't usually do. And she rubbed them up against her kitty Ozzy accidentally. He freaked out and didn't come near her for THREE WEEKS! She didn't even hurt him, she just rubbed her shoe up against him and she didn't even know he was there.

We kitties can certainly be a little on the cuckoo side don't you think?



December 11th 2011 3:17 pm
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I am no longer a doody/poopy head. Not completely anyways. Last night I was in my little beddy next to the puper while mom was typing away. She kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye and I started kneading my bed and giving her the eyes saying "okay, let's try this". So she slowly came over and scritched me and blinked a lot and told me she loved me and missed me. She did that for about 5 minutes and then gave me treats, YUM!

Then afterwards she kept talking to me all night in the sweet voice and kept blinking a lot (is there something stuck in her eyeball?) and then I felt so good me and Lacey had massive zoomies together. I hadn't done that in DAYS. This morning I was a little apprehensive again but I got over it quick cause I was hungry. She gave me more scritches and loves and all through today the same thing. I am still a bit skittish but not nearly as bad. She's being very cautious with me.

There's a lot of tension in the house today. Downstairs everyone is mad and fighting and mom is trying furry hard not to bring it up here to us. She's furry worried about Midnight. She's still very sick, still bleeding. The antibiotics did not take care of it. She's going to the vet tomorrow and mom is hoping that they can figure this out and get her well. She might have an infection that's resistant to the Clavamox. Let's hope that's what it is. Please purr for her. Mom is the one who's been caring for her. My mom and grampy and grammy love her so much. Midnight's mom, well...we don't want to say anything about her. Let's just leave it at that. Mom does the best she can with what she's working with. And it's very frustrating.


Poopyhead/Doodyhead update

December 9th 2011 12:07 pm
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Well, he's SLOWWWWWLLLLY coming around. I did try laying on the floor last night and that was a no go for him. He took off. Lacey on the other hand walked around me and stuck her tail in my mouth. PLAH!! MOL. I ignored him completely yesterday and played with Lacey and eventually he kept staring at me but I wouldn't look at him. Usually at night when I go to the bathroom he comes in there and gets on the chair that's next to the toilet. He always kneads his paws and puts his head back looking for luvies. He did it last night but I was terrified to touch him and make him run away so I just slowly looked at him and did the opening and closing of my eyes and looked away and did it again. I didn't give in and pet him because I didn't want him to go running. He wanted attention last night and I just figured if he really wants me to touch him, he'll have to come to me. I went about feeding them normally and did everything normal except I didn't give in to his moods this time.

This morning he was a giant doodyhead again but I left him alone and figured if he's hungry he'll go and eat and he did. I just got back from Petsmart and got a Feliway, I plugged it in right next to his bed here in this room so hopefully that will help. Darn those things are expensive!!! I got the Farnam one which is the SAME COMPANY AND SAME THING but cheaper! That doesn't make sense. Next time I'll buy it from, it's much, much cheaper. I needed one now though. Anyway, if I have to, I'll get him a calming collar next.

We've had a lot of company here all week but they don't come upstairs at all. I'm sure he can hear them downstairs though, they make enough noise. And maybe he is jealous of all the time I'm spending downstairs with Midnight, I don't know. Moody little brat! Lacey couldn't care less. She's just glad when I give her any attention. So we'll see, I'm trying not to jump the gun, I just don't know when it's safe to go ahead and touch him. sigh.

Thanks for all of your help and support everyone. It's really helped me to hear that you've all been through this. I don't feel so bad now. I'll try starting the clicker training tonight.


I don't know what to do anymore

December 7th 2011 11:00 pm
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Finney's mom here. I am besides myself. As some of you know a couple of days ago I was sitting here at my computer and had my hand down beside me by the chair arm. Finney was running up to me and ran into my hand poking himself in the eye with my finger. This was over 3 days ago and he has been running away from me ever since. I did nothing to him and he's acting like I beat him! For a week straight before this he was massively lovey dovey with me and now he's the complete opposite! Like I'm not even his mom. I have been doing everything I can to get him to forget about this but he won't. I give him treats, I even managed to pick him up and kiss him continuously for a few minutes. But he will not stop this! He looks at me with horror and it's killing me! I have been crying because I don't know what to do. I don't understand this. I honestly am ready to lose it. I have so much to worry about around here and nowt this! I have no idea what his problem is and what I'm supposed to do about it. I've tried leaving him alone. He acts like he wants to come over to me and then the minute I look at him he goes running. I call him sweetly and move slowly but he runs. I am so so so upset. I just don't know what to do but I cannot have a cat that hates me. I just can't. And over something as stupid as him poking himself in the eye with my finger! I would never in a million years hurt him.

I trip over Lacey all the time and she could care less. She comes running right back to me. I'm downstairs several times a day popping pills into Midnight's mouth, sticking a needle in her for sub q fluids, all kinds of things. She comes right back over to me and wants me to give her more kisses. But this makes no sense! None!!! Ugh, I just can't say enough how upset this is making me, I don't know what else to do. I've tried catnip, treats, leaving him alone, speaking softly like I always do and trying to get him to come out. Nope. He hates me. Finnegan hates me now and it's killing me.


New friend, aliens and I'm weird

December 6th 2011 10:03 am
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Hey everyone, please friend Charlie and his family. Wait until you see the picture of him and his daddy, it'll melt your heart. Charlie recently went to the bridge. They are lovely people and caring pawents and have 2 little kittens now to love on.

So this is the scoop on me. For the last week or so I have been sticking to mom like glue and loving on her big time because she's been taking extra care of Midnight and she's been furry depressed. Well, two nights ago I ran up to momma while she was sitting at her computer. She put her hand out for me to kiss it like I've been doing but instead I ran up to it and poked myself in the nosey and the eyeball. I got furry scared because I thought momma did it, even though she would NEVER do that to me on purpose! Anyways, I ran off scared and now I won't let her touch me. She feels bad and has left me alone and on occasion when I'm in my tower cubby she comes and pets me and tells me she loves me and I'm being silly, she didn't do anything. I purr and stuff but I still won't let her touch me otherwise. She's hurt, she hates when I get like this, I've done it before a couple of times.

I keep approaching her because I love her and I want luvies from her but even if she slowly comes to me now I run away. sigh. I know I'm being a poopoo head and she knows I'll come around but still...I'm hurting her feelings and I don't know why I am doing this. Oh well! Us kitties can be moody right? I just feel bad because I know she has enough to deal with.

On the upside it's 62 degrees outside and mommy's in shorts again!!! Whoo hoo! We can take a whole winter like this! All the song birds are in the yard eating the seed and stuff (yes, tabbies, we know!)

Speaking of the Tabbies!!! You want to hear something furry funny? We got a Christmas card in the mail from the Tabbies last week and they addressed it to our whole family instead of us or my mommy. So grampy thought it was for him and opened it!!! Well there was a whole letter written by the Tabbies and he was like "WHAT THE..."?? MOL!!!!! When mom got home that day he gave it to her and said "you got a Christmas card from aliens! I didn't know you knew any aliens?!" HAHAHAHA, that gave mom a good laugh. Good thing the Tabbies write in code because what if it was a big furry secret? Grampy would have found out our plan of world domination! That'll teach him.
Well, gotta go and continue being a poopoo head.

See ya!


Oops I did it again!

November 26th 2011 3:28 pm
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Lacey will be writing a thank you diary shortly for her gotcha day. She started one last night when I interrupted momma's typing with my stench. I am a creative boy, I must say. Me and Lacey had a serious case of the zoomies, running up and down the stairs and having fun. When I felt the need to empty myself. I went in the box and to my defense I did try to poop there. I got a piece stuck to my floofy pants (as usual) and momma came running with a paper towel. Boy she doesn't fool around anymore! She just whips me around now and plucks it right out of there. I wasn't happy and I let her know it. She said "Finney just shut up! You stink." WELL! I NEVER!

So because momma was so rude I got her back good. I went inside my toy cubicle and pooped a big one in there. She had no idea I did this either. I was in there and I was digging with my big paws and when she came over, there wasn't anything in there, YET. So later on when she went into the kitchen to get something, WWWWHOOOOOEEEEYYYYY! She almost passed out and gagged at the same time. She couldn't find it and then realized I dropped a couple of atom bombs in the cubie. MOL. Nice of me huh? It stunk up the WHOLE kitchen BADDDDD!

Boy was she mad! I warned her not to pick my bum!!! But she wouldn't listen. So then she had to get some soapy water stuff and wash my cubie. Lacey first tried to go in there and bury it like there was litter or something. She's so used to cleaning up after me. Mom was like "NOOOOOO, get out of there!!" She was nervous Lacey would step in it and get stinky. That was my plan ya know. MOL

So after that I sucked up to mom for hours and batted my long eyelashes, rubbed my face on her fingers and gave her knee kisses. Cause I know how to get to her, I'm a smart boy. She can't stay mad at me. She did call me a stinky boy all night though. Hmmph! The funny thing was that during the day it was 63 degrees and we had the windows open. I waited until it as night time in the 40s. MOL! Told ya I was smart. I plan these things out.

I wasn't done there! Then I went in the box about an hour later and pooped another big one. I did NOT bury it at all and left my stench there for her to enjoy once again. Aren't I generous? I'm a giver, I'm telling ya! After that mom was singing the song "You dropped a bomb on me" all night. MOL. Thanks mom!

Okay I gotta let Lacey do her thank you diary now and then we have to thank some kitties for the yummy turkey prezzies we got. Hope you enjoyed today's edition of the Floofy Poop Report!

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